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  • The Absolutely Fresh

    Difference People often ask us “What makes your products better than what we get at the grocery store?”

    The answer is somewhat complex. With a name like Absolutely Fresh, an expectation is set that

    we only provide the freshest, best quality products to our customers. But, what really sets us

    apart? Below are some comparisons of our products to those purchased at a regional grocery

    store chain. We truly believe you get what you pay for!


    While our raw shrimp does come to us frozen, that is a GOOD thing! They are flash frozen when

    fresh, packaged properly, and due to our volume, spend very little time in our freezer. We steam

    the shrimp directly from frozen to just the perfect temperature, chill immediately in a ice bath for

    crispness, and we repeat daily. Once cooked, our shrimp is NEVER frozen, and thus retains its

    moisture and texture.

    The shrimp in the picture below was

    purchased frozen at a Omaha grocery

    store. It is rated as a 26-30 count per

    pound. Be sure to note the “Best if Used

    By” date. We purchased it on July 13,

    2017. Not sure how long it was around

    before then…..

    Our “Jumbo Shrimp” which is a 22 -

    24 count per pound is the same size!

    No wonder grocery store shrimp

    “pales” in comparison. Our shrimp

    was cooked the same day. Notice the

    water from their shrimp when

    thawed (4 ounces!)

    Ever seen one of these at a party?

    We are convinced this is the reason

    people say they don’t like shrimp.

    The mushy texture, the frost on the

    cocktail sauce, and we couldn’t find a

    “Best if Used By” date anywhere!

    Why thaw, when you can just serve…?

    Not sure about you, but I would

    rather have this at my party. Made

    fresh that day, to order. The “Best

    if Used By” date is irrelevant since

    your guests will devour this anyway.

    No water on these trays! And who

    else has Canadian Grilled Shrimp?

    Our Our Our ShrimpShrimpShrimp

    Their Shrimp

    Fresh Fish: You can find the seafood counter at a lot of stores by following your nose. We prefer you find us online, or while dining at our

    Shucks Fish House. Once inside, we pride ourselves as being “The Fish Market that Doesn’t Smell like Fish”! Our own

    wholesale department delivers to us twice a day, 6 days a week, all while running to the airport and unloading trucks to keep

    up with the demand. However, we only order what we need, and rarely is it in our counter for more than 24 hours. In order

    to offer the consistent variety we have, some of our fish does come frozen. We have mastered the art of proper thawing on

    specialized trays daily to ensure that fresh or frozen, the product you receive is delightful.

    Would you rather buy a “pile” of Salmon priced by the piece (We think it weighs

    4 ounces…?) or from 15 + varieties of custom cut and weighed fillets & steaks.

  • The Crab: Our crab legs are caught, cooked, and frozen right on the boat direct from Alaska. We keep them

    frozen because that is the best way to preserve them until you are ready to enjoy them. Some

    stores thaw their crab legs for who knows how long. The result is a dried out, less than fresh

    product. Not to mention all of our King Crab Legs are pre-split, so you can eat them easily and

    with dignity - sans hammer and bib. Our crab cakes are made fresh in house from 93% real Blue

    Crab meat with just enough seasoning and filler to hold them together. There is no “Krab” in our

    store, only the real deal!

    “Real Maryland Style Imitation Crab Cakes” from

    the grocery store freezer (top). Our apologies to

    Maryland…. Might we suggest you try ours where

    you can see the crab., minus the frostbite.

    They get an A+ on display, but how much meat do you

    get out of those? We have nothing to hide in our

    freezer, and we stand behind our crab legs as the best

    in town! From Freezer to Steamer - The only way to go.

    The list of ingredients on the Imitation Cajun Crab

    Spread is staggering. After fake crab, water is the #2

    ingredient along with eggs and wheat…? Our #1

    ingredient is crab meat in our crab dip, and we make it

    here, not in Florida!

    Personal Touch: Our Fish Market Staff has a combined 42 years of experience in our business. We cut it, weigh it, package it,

    and ring it up at the register for you. We also have a large selection of entrées and appetizers that are made

    right in our store like Seafood Enchiladas, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Smoked Salmon. We know where the

    fish comes from, how you should cook it, and how much you need for your meal. We take pride in what we

    do, and we want to provide you with the best “Brick and Mortar Store” experience out there.

    1218 South 119th Street - Omaha, Nebraska - 402-827-4376

    Fake & Frozen

    Real & Fresh Blue Crab Dip Crab CarnivalCrab CarnivalCrab Carnival