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This study is a global effort conducted in partnership by Google, Ipsos and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) to get insights about the mobile user and its mobile usage. Surveys were administered during March and July 2011. Survey Administration The survey data was collected in all countries via an online questionnaire (CAWI - Computer Aided Web Interview) Questionnaires were administered in local language for all countries surveyed Survey length was 20 minutes Data Weighting Weighting procedures were applied to the collected sample data along key structural variables of the smartphone population in each country The structural information necessary was collected using offline interviews in all countries surveyed in addition to the main interviews


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2. SmartPhonePENTERATION 3. 4. 5. BehavioursLOCATIONOFUSAGE 6. BehavioursSTATEMENTS 7. Activities APPS 8. 9. ActivitiesSEARCHENGINEUSAGE 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. MobileCOMMERCE 16.