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CSUS: B.S. M.E. Senior Project


  • 1. Tesla Turbine
    ME 191
    Fall 2010
    Raj Basuta
    Beau Camaren
    Monty Dhimmar
    Frank Keefer
    Lo Saetern

2. Review the Tesla Turbine
What is it?
Turbine with flat, encased, co-rotating disks
Extract energy from a fluid inserted tangentially
Converts kinetic energy of fluid into mechanical energy of a rotating shaft through frictional energy transfer
Why study it?
To explore why such a potentially green energy conversion device has not made it to wide-spread industrial use today
3. 4. Early Difficulties
Flatness of disks was out of specification with 10 gage 1018 steel sheet being warped
Tested 13 disks with dial indicator after having fabricated 20, and selected the best 10 for use
Using a lathe, flats were machined on the jam nuts to match the lightly ground and polished disks all relative to shaft to maintain uniformity of system
5. Test Setup
6. Sensor Calibration
Speed Sensor Honeywell 3010AN
Pressure Diff. Transducer PX771100WDI
Inlet Pressure Transducer Honeywell
Thermocouples J Type from Omega
7. Flow Testing
Used campus energy lab, compressor, and 9 ft3tank charged to 200 psi and discharged into the turbine
An orifice plate, thermocouples, and pressure transducers with Labtech software, were used to find inches of water
After running calculations to convert, a flow of approximately 5 lb/minute was found
8. RPM Testing
With the same tank and compressor set-up and charging to 300 psi and discharged into the turbine over a span of about 4.5 minutes
A speed sensor was mounted on the turbine endplate to count the 60 teeth of a sprocket fixed to the shaft as it spun
Maximum RPM was calculated as 4000
9. Power Testing
Could not use Dyno, so Power found through Kinetic Energy calculations using inertia of system and LabView
LabView sensors:
Inlet and Outlet Temp
Flow Rate
10. Power Testing
Using this information the fallowing graph was produced
11. Modifications

  • Decreased the gaps between disks

12. Decreased internal space


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