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  • Terra Cotta ArmyXian, China

    By Weelang Tan

  • Xi'an, a city in Central China, is an area created by eight surrounding rivers and streams. Xi'an has a warm climate. The region has hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. Spring and autumn are brief in between. Xi'an receives most of its rain from August to late October.

  • In 1974, four farmers in Xian, China were digging a well for their village. They never thought that they would make a historical discovery that had long been told about throughout Chinas long history.

  • History says that about 2,000 years ago in Ancient China, Emperor Qinshihuang, the first emperor of China, was ruler of the Chinese Kingdom. He wanted to be the emperor forever, so he had his people build life-like statues of his army, which included soldiers, horses, carriages and weapons, and bury them with him when he died so that they may defend him in the afterlife.

  • Today, many visitors go to Xian to see the terra cotta warriors. They admire how EmperorQinshihuang was able to have such amazing statues of his army buried in his tomb.

  • This is one of the farmers, today, who discovered the statues. Shown here, he is autographing copies of his book.The terra cotta army as they stand on display in Xian.