Technology Trends in Libraries for 2014

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Technology has changed the face of libraries, and is continuing to change how we work and how we deliver services to customers. This workshop introduces emerging technology trends, and how those trends are re-shaping library services. Examples of how to incorporate these emerging trends into libraries are provided. Attendees learn what trends to look for, the differences between a trend and a fad, and will have ideas on how their library can respond to emerging technology.


<ul><li> Emerging Trends in Libraries david lee king | topeka &amp; shawnee county public library | for 2014 </li></ul> <p> Whats NEW for you? 10 year cycles 1Consumer Technology stuff we use smartphones, tablets, laptops gaming - HUGE changes Television watching video music connected cars Batteries! Whats this mean for the library? wearable tech- nology 2 Google Glass smart watches health monitor bracelets whats this mean for the library? 3mobile not a good idea 56%of US Adults own smartphones Sept 2013 what do your mobile users need? what do they need? A LOT! design for mobile teens cell mostly BYOD Whats this mean for the library? Social 4 Why? because of mobile 72%of US Adults use social media 29%of US Adults use Facebook every day! pinterest vine instagram tumblr Whats this mean for the library? visual 5 photos and videos 78%of US Adults watch online videos Whats this mean for the library? update policies training how to act in front of a camera 6Grassroots Tech whats going on here? 3D printers &amp; makerspaces more than 3D printers drill presses vacuum cleaner CAD/CAM software computers CNC router normal shop tools scroll saws laser cutters power tools Digital Media Labs Co-Working spaces other cool stuff check out guitars! Whats this mean for the library? 7The Cloud webscale 8 Crowdsourcing examples MOOCs Whats this mean for the library? Trends vs. Fads Fad Trend how to prepare dont be held back by tech! thank you! </p>