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Reader Response Theory in Teaching Literature


  • 1. The learners ability to function successfullyFunctional Communicability within the specific communicative situations he or she faces.

2. Learners have a ability to use spokenEnglish successfully in real communicativesituations. 3. To elicit students needs andinterests by giving survey..The students InterestWhat are the features do we need tochoose and which pronunciationpractices should be focus? 4. Persons whoinfluencedFunctional CommunicabilityDalton andSeidlhofer 5. KEYWORDSDalton and Seidlhofer list sixcommunicative abilities related topronunciation:1. Prominence: how to make salientthe important points we make2. Topic management: how to signaland recognize where one topic endsand another begins3. Information status: how to markwhat we assume to be sharedknowledge as opposed to somethingnew.4. Turn-taking: when to speak, andwhen to be silent, how to yield thefloor to somebody else5. Social meanings and roles: how toposition ourselves6. Degree of involvement: how toconvey our attitudes, emotions, etc. 6. Referenceshttp://smp2wlingi-start english.blogspot.com/http://spaces.isu.edu.tw/upload/18518/9601/TEFL/Speaking.ppt 7. THANKYOU!GODBLESS!