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  • 1. Nevada Educator Evaluation Presented by: The Nevada Teachers and Leaders Council

2. Nevada Responds to the Need Legislature passed Assembly Bill 222 in 2011. New system to be based on four-tier ratingscheme: highly effective, effective, minimallyeffective or ineffective. Created Teachers and Leaders Council (TLC) towork out details of teacher and site-basedadministrator systems. First draft of recommendations due June. Final recommendations due December 6, 2012.Brief Overview 2 Version 2: April 24, 2012 3. Teachers and Leaders CouncilLinda Archambault Theresa Crowley Public School Administrator Public School Teacher RepresentativeRepresentative Heath MorrisonRorie Fitzpatrick School District Superintendent Deputy Superintendent of Public RepresentativeInstruction Dale NortonBarbara Surritte Barker Public School Administrator Public School Teacher RepresentativeRepresentativeSharla Hales Mary Peterson School District Board of Trustees Public Policy RepresentativeRepresentative Pam SalazarChristine Cheney Professional Development Dean and Professor UNRRepresentativeRobert McCord Theodore Small Public Policy Representative Public School Teacher RepresentativeKathleen Galland Collins Kimberly Tate Public School Teacher Representative Nevada Parent Teachers AssociationTheo Michael McCormick Representative School District Board of TrusteesRepresentative Brief Overview 3Version 2: April 24, 2012 4. Goals of a New System1. Foster student learning and growth.2. Improve educators effective instructional practices.3. Inform human capital decisions.4. Engage stakeholders in continuous improvement and monitoring of the system.Brief Overview4 Version 2: April 24, 2012 5. What the TLC is Developing The evaluation frameworks for teachers andadministrators: The categories of performance to be measured. The performance or evidence to be measured in eachcategory. The weights to be assigned to each categoryhave not been determined. Categories for teachers and administrators thatare aligned with each other.Brief Overview 5 Version 2: April 24, 2012 6. Some Important Factors Fairness is a value the Council is committed toupholding in the design of all elements of thesystem. The model for administrator evaluation will bedeveloped first. The Council is likely to recommend a phasedimplementation. Parent and student input will be part of bothteacher and administrator evaluations. Brief Overview6Version 2: April 24, 2012 7. Some Important Factors Test scores will be a part of every evaluation. The Nevada Growth Model will play a role. Other factors such as attendance, collegereadiness, and failure rates will have a role in theevaluation. Addressing the impact of all learners is a focusof the Councils work. Brief Overview 7Version 2: April 24, 2012 8. Some RealitiesThe Public May BelieveCouncil Faces Certain Demands The system will be fully Recommend v. Compelimplemented in the coming Loose v. Tight Systemschool year Local Control v. State Control Wholesale removal of 17 Loose Systems v.ineffective teachers and Statewide Systemadministrators State Capacity to Provide Data is available to fairlyAssistanceassess all teachers Dollars for Professionalregardless of their discipline Growth Non-Tested Evaluation Brief Overview8Version 2: April 24, 2012 9. Your Input is Essential! Questions. Do you have a better understanding now about thework of the Council and educator evaluation? What unanswered questions do you have? Please be sure to complete the feedback form and turnit into us before you leave today. If you want to contact us directly,bhbarker@washoeschools.netNote: To the extent possible, the Council will post the questions andresponses on the FAQ of the newly-designed Council website. Brief Overview9Version 2: April 24, 2012 10. A Work in ProgressThe work of the Teachers and Leaders Council is awork in progress and will continue to evolve basedon the recommendations of the council andstakeholders input.For meeting dates and progress, please visitTLC.nv.gov for the most current and up-to-dateinformation. Brief Overview 10Version 2: April 24, 2012


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