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Many thanks to the following teachers for the use of their web pages: Jennifer Call Lisa Cook Lisa Covert Jonathan Haag Walter Lewis Deanne Troff Rebecca Wells D. Willhite. Teacher Wikispaces. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Teacher WikispacesMany thanks to the following teachers for the use of their web pages:

Jennifer CallLisa CookLisa CovertJonathan HaagWalter LewisDeanne TroffRebecca WellsD. Willhite

1Teacher Pages Link the Classroom to the World!

Wikispaces provide administration, parents, students and teachers insightful ways to connect and interact.2 Home Pages

Teachers Wikispaces show what a colorful group of people math teachers are. The Wikispaces shown in this presentation are from teachers in Utah who have been part of the InTech Project. Here are some of their home pages


Jennifer Call created this website which focuses on the subjects that she teaches.4

This website was designed by Deanne Troff . Along with the subjects that she teaches, she also focused on key sites that would support her educational program. The layout promotes school pride with the promotion of the school website.5

Rebecca Wells designed this site providing multiple education links for students and parents.6

Designed by Jonathan Haag, this page provides a personal touch.Jonathan Haag created a Wikispace that connects personally while providing essential information for parents and students


Ms. Cook focused her homepage on support for students.8Wikispaces can provide Classroom Information and Forms..9

10The following two pages show ways that teachers linked to student Assignments.



13Links for parents and students to connect to Higher Education can be provided.


15Parents and students are always looking for Extra Credit. This Wikispace provides links to multiple sites.


17NCTM as well as other groups provide connections for Family Math activities.


19Gotta Test. Provide links to key information about the many tests that are given to students throughout the years. This one is to Utahs basic skills tests, UBSCT.


21Student love them and everyone has fun with the many Videos that exemplify math. Search TeacherTube, PBS, the Futures Channel, or YouTube for math videos.






27Parents and students have ongoing access to view your Grading Policies. This next page has a great example of rubric scoring.


29Math Tools Such as Calculators, graph makers, etc can be linked.


31Help!!! Students and Parents often need access to help. Here are a couple of ways that you can give them support through the Internet.



34Show casing Student Work gives importance to it. It provides one of the reasons that students put all of their effort into a project. Make sure you follow district policy when posting student work.


36I understand that Wikispaces are free. Where do teachers go to sign up for a Wikispace? Go to this link and make sure you click the box to mark yourself as an educator.http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers

37These web pages were dynamic. How do I see more of the pages in this presentation? Click below to go to their web page.Jennifer CallLisa CookLisa CovertJonathan HaagWalter LewisDeanne TroffRebecca WellsDru Willhite

38Okay, so I am hooked. Where do I find more information on how to set up my own Wikispace? Check out the sites below for more information and help with creating your own Wikispace.Wikispaces OverviewWikispaces Tours