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HCI Wikispaces. What is Wiki?. Web-based service which enables online collaboration of web pages in which each user can edit and save changes to web page content using a web browser. Serves as a powerful tool for facilitating mass collaborative authoring. Rationale for Wiki Private Label. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HCI Wikispaces

  • Web-based service which enables online collaboration of web pages in which each user can edit and save changes to web page content using a web browser.

    Serves as a powerful tool for facilitating mass collaborative authoring.

  • Current Situation

    Individual groups or teachers having already started using wikis for their teaching and learning

    Owners of these wikis will need to add in their own members and log in different wikis in order to access them.

  • Why We Should Consider Wiki Private Label?

    The school will have its own registered private domain and all wikis associated with HCI will be housed within.

    Users of the private label will only need to do a single sign-in and they will be able to access all their wikis.

    Wikispace private label has enhanced features such as unlimited storage, unlimited wikis and security & privacy.

  • TeachersWindows xp login name

    Password: NRIC (in upper case)


    Login name for C1 students: y06Login name for C2 students: y05

    Password: NRIC (in upper case)

  • wiki.hci.edu.sg

    Public access but protected. (only members are allowed to edit it)

    Contains general information about the use of HCI wikispaces.

  • campus.wiki.hci.edu.sg


    All students and staff are members.

    Contains information that is ONLY viewable by the whole school .

  • staff.wiki.hci.edu.sg


    All staff are members

    Contains information that is ONLY viewable by staff

  • Department / Subject Open to public viewing, editable only by subject coordinators, relevant PCs & DPST.

    Subject levelsOnly students taking the subject and at the level can view and edit certain pagesAccessible to teachers of that subject

  • Wikis will be optional for the following:Civics or Subject groupsCCAsCommitteesEventsIndividual teachersAct as a personal sharing platformIndividual studentsAct as a personal sharing platformPermission must be obtained from teachers.

  • Wikis may be appropriate for use as a tool IF

    Collaboration is needed to achieve an outcome such as a committee working together or

    students / staff working on a project together, or when ideas are needed from a variety of people around an issue.

    The content is of an educational nature

  • However,

    Confidential materials such as SPA & tests, are not to be placed in wikis.

    Intellectual property & privacy of users must not be compromised.

    For more information, please refer to www.wiki.hci.edu.sg.

  • A)Public wikispace websiteJCscience.wiki.hci.edu.sg - public website including physics, chem and bioJCphysics.wiki.hci.edu.sg - public website for physics

    B)Subject wikispaces by batch .wiki.hci.edu.sg 09JCphysics.wiki.hci.edu.sg (C1 in 09, C2 in 10) 10JCphysics.wiki.hci.edu.sg (C1 in 10, C2 in 11)

    C) Committees or special department wikispaces .wiki.hci.edu.sg JCstudies.wiki.hci.edu.sgHumanResource.wiki.edu.sg

    D)CT class wikispaces (to be created by CT).wiki.hci.edu.sg 10S60.wiki.hci.edu.sg

  • E)Subject class wikispaces (to be created by teacher).wiki.hci.edu.sg 10S60physics.wiki.hci.edu.sg

    F)CCA class wikispaces (to be created by CCA group).wiki.hci.edu.sgChineseDance.wiki.hci.edu.sg

    G)Event Organising Committees wikispaces (to be created by committees chairperson) Either .wiki.hci.edu.sg or .wiki.hci.edu.sgAPD2011.wiki.hci.edu.sg

  • An email from wikispaces has been sent to your hci email account, requesting for your confirmation of the email address. This step is necessary to allow you to receive email invitation to join any wikis created by colleagues or even students.

  • Copy and paste the relevant emails in the space provided.

    The next time the student logs into their account or checks their e-mail they will be able to view and accept the invitation.

    Once the invitation is accepted they will become a member of your wiki.

    Please note that you can only send 100 invitations every 24 hours.

    Students will be able to find your wiki under the tab My Wikis.

  • Students would need to seek permission from the relevant teacher-in-charge before creating any new wikis. All wikis created must be for official purposes.

    Please ensure that you know the purpose of your students requests before approving them create new wikis.

    For e.g.- SLproject (permission from teacher mentor)- PW project (permission from PW ST)- e-portfolio (permission from CT)

  • If you have any enquires, please directto any of the following people:


    Meng Leng.