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Download Tasks for today: Spot dictation Revision : words and expressionsRevision : words and expressions Oral presentation: My mum/dad is my hero Fun time

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  • Tasks for today: Spot dictation Revision words and expressionsRevision words and expressions Oral presentation: My mum/dad is my hero Fun time
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  • Spot Dictation Directions: You will hear a passage. It will be read twice. Listen carefully and supply the missing words.
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  • His foot ____, but it was nothing ________ with his ______, which made him go on until darkness ____. His blanket was wet, but he knew only he was hungry. In his troubled sleep, he dreamed of ____ meals. He woke up cold, ____ and lost; the small bag was still ____ him. As he ______ himself along, the bag became heavier and heavier. He opened the bag, ____ of small pieces of gold. He left half the gold on a ____. hurt compared hunger fell rich sick with pulled full rock
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  • I. Old to New seriously begin a journey surprise exactly join help force make sure severely start out amaze precisely engage in aid urge see to Words & Expressions
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  • II. Chinese to English keep ones balance embarrass coordinate miss keep free subject to engage in/participate in... kid
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  • 1. to be embarrassed to be seen with my father I always feel embarrassed to be made to give lectures in public.
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  • 2. ( ) to keep (the lower steps) free of ice He wished to live a life entirely free of trouble. Meals are provided free of charge.
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  • In Spain she had a good time swimming and sun- bathing on the beach. I had a hard time getting the driving license. She had a difficult time persuading him to accept the job. 3. have a good (hard, difficult, etc.) time + doing sth.
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  • 4. be/feel amazed ( ) In what situation do you feel amazed? The foreign visitors were amazed by the great changes in the last decade in China. I am amazed at the size of the campus. by/at sth. to do sth. that clause
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  • 5. complain about sth. complain to sb. to say that you are dissatisfied, or unhappy about sth. or someone The students always complain about the poor food in the canteen. They never complain about working extra time to anybody.
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  • BOOK1 Unit3 Check Yourself 1.The manager assured the customer that his complaint would be seen _____ immediately A.on B.at C.to D.with 2.The students were participating _____ an international energy-saving competition between towns in New England and Canada. A.for B.in C.to D.at Choose the best one:
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  • BOOK1 Unit3 3. The persons that have the greatest influence _____ children are their teachers. A.in B.on C.for D.to 4. I used to smoke _____ but I gave it up three years ago. A.seriously B.heavily C.badly D.severely 5. My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. A.treated B.adjusted C.accepted D.suited
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  • BOOK1 Unit3 6. Police have _____ for the public to come forward with any information which might help them in their inquiries. A. urged B.informed C.called D.told 7. _____ his great wealth, he always remained a man of simple tastes. A.Except for B.With regard to C.Although D.Despite 8. _____ the punishment was unjust, Helen accepted it without complaint. A.However B.So long as C.Since D.Even though
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  • BOOK1 Unit3 9. _____ that my head had cleared, my brain was also beginning to work much better. A.For B.Now C.Since D.Despite 10. If you happen to _____ my lost papers while you re looking for your book, please let me know at once by telephone. A.come up B.come across C.come to D.come over
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  • Watch the video clip and tell us something about your father or mother.
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  • My Angel My angel has a heart so precious. and sometimes her hair shines of gold. She is full of love and kindness. she makes my life meaningful and bold. My angel is so smart. always showing me the right way. Without her I'd be lost. I know she'll never lead me astray. My angel is beautiful. she is so special and like no other. I love her. for my angel is my mother.
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  • What Makes A Dad God took the strength of a mountain. The majesty of a tree. The warmth of a summer sun. The calm of a quiet sea. The generous soul of nature. The comforting arm of night. The wisdom of the ages. The power of the eagle's flight. The joy of a morning in spring. The faith of a mustard seed. The patience of eternity. The depth of a family need. Then God combined these qualities. When there was nothing more to add. He knew His masterpiece was complete. And so. He called it... Dad
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  • My Mum/Dad Is My Hero
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  • This is to mother you This is to mother you. To_________you and get you through. Through when your nights are_______. Through when your_________are only blue. This is to mother you. This is to be with you. To hold you and to kiss you too. For when you need me I will do. What your own mother didn't do. Which is to mother you. All the______that you have known. All the__________in your______. All the 'wrong' things you have done. I will take from you when I come. All mistakes made in_________. All your unhappiness, I will take away with my kiss. Yes, I will give you____________. For child I am so glad I've found you. Although my arms have always been around you. ________bird although you did not see me. I saw you. And I'm here to mother you. (Repeat) lonely dreams pain violencesoul distress tenderness comfort Sweet
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  • Listening practice on the website. Submit the answers. Deadline:Sunday 9 p. m. Check the answers of the exercises with the help of the PPT (keys to the ex. of section a4). Preview Section B of Unit 3 Assignments