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  • Tamfu R Fobi A Professional Engineer

  • Tamfu R Fobi is an engineering professional who has successfully undertaken many complex projects with his in-depth knowledge and exceptional skill-sets. The field of engineering fascinated him since he was a small kid.

  • Tamfu R Fobi's fascination with the application of mathematics; empirical evidence, and economic knowledge is perhaps one of the major reasons why he found success quite early in his career.

  • Purafil, Inc. is one of the companies that Tamfu R Fobi worked with at the start of his career. He served as the Project Engineer for this well-known company in 2007, when they sold an Emergency Chlorine Gas Scrubber to Aqua Ohio.

  • Tamfu R Fobi also got the chance to work on a project called Richland Water, where he represented Purafil, Inc. as an engineer. With his expertise and knowledge, he proved instrumental in the success of this big project.

  • Tamfu R Fobi was particularly appreciated for promptly addressing all project related issues and ensuring all the retrofit parts that were being constructed fit and work as designed.

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