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<p> 1. Moving ofine communities online Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen Vice Chancellors Research Fellow University of Southern Queensland Brisbane, Australia Based on paper: Sunderland, N., Beekhuyzen, J. Wolski, M. &amp; Kendall, E. (2012) Multiplex communities in place- based health promotion: A literature review of moving ofine communities online, Health Information Management Journal, 42(2) pp9-16 2. Context Enable health equity in line with the Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion (WHO) and the social determinants of health Focused on place-based health promotion initiatives in culturally &amp; linguistically diverse (CALD) low-socio economic communities (Logan/Beaudesert) Wilson and Petersons (2002) extensive review identied a missing link between the historically constituted sociocultural practices within and outside of mediated communication and the language practices, social interactions, and ideologies of technology that emerge from new information and communication technologies &gt; To situate current practices, we compare with previously existing media and communication technologies e.g. how social practices were conducted before the advent of digital technologies 3. SLR Systematic Literature Review - scoping review RQ What are the key concepts and conditions for successfully moving an ofine community online? 16 studies in literature between 1986-2013 Ofine - non-mediated via computer networks Virtual - purely online / no ofine contact Multiplex - interact across ofine and online 4. Three main themes for designing multiplex communities Characteristics of communities in online and ofine settings Issues in moving ofine communities online Designing online communities to match community needs Aim of review: Identify existing evidence to guide the development of an online platform to support complex ofine health promotion activities 5. Main Findings (1) Characterisation of communities (McMillan &amp; Chavis 1986) Strong membership base Sustained through loyalty and commitment to community. Loyalty is linked to inuence by peers to regularly participate and contribute Members perceived usefulness and sense of belonging = shared emotional connection strengthened through ongoing, shared experiences 6. Main Findings (2) Multiplex communities can produce signicant benets Strong and sustained community ties and attachment Enhanced engagement in online settings Shared governance extending across ofine / online Enhanced social presence within online engagements 7. Main Findings (3) Two main limitations of multiplex communities Those already well educated and connected ofine will be more inclined to connect online in sustained ways than those less well educated, less extroverted and who experience social isolation Groups of participants who do not connect online can separate from the main group and re-form as sub-communities in ofine settings which may weaken the value of the online setting 8. Lessons leant (1) Design strategies that appease non-experts and that encourage multiplex relationships can help improve the success of online communities Existing health promotion initiatives can benet from online platforms that promote community building and knowledge sharing Online e-health promotion settings and communities can successfully integrate with existing ofine settings and communities to form multiplex communities operating uent across both ofine and online settings 9. Lessons leant (2) Multiplex communities can result in positive improvements in health and the social determinants of health include: Integrated and holistic approaches Interventions that are fully implemented without premature discontinuation Use of community engagement, participation and ownership Focus on long term and sustainable benets Must continually to facilitate social interactions among members, creating loyalty and commitment 10. Contact Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen </p>


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