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Download SYRUPS AND SAUCES Premium   Your Flavor of Custard Vanilla Chocolate Flavor of the Day Choose your Creation CONCRETE: Ingredients blended into your custard. Use a spoon!

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  • Choose Your Flavor of Custard

    Vanilla ChocolateFlavor of the Day

    Choose your CreationCONCRETE:

    Ingredients blendedinto your custard.

    Use a spoon!

    SUNDAE:Toppings poured over

    the custard and topped with whipped cream

    and a cherry!

    Choose Your Toppings Choose Your Size Number of Toppings:

    Size 1 2

    Small $3.68 $4.33

    Regular $4.44 $5.09

    Large $5.20 $5.85

    * Extra topping beyond 2 is 65 each

    Premium Specialties:

    Malts, Smoothies Shakes, Floats, and Freezes

    Snappy Turtle Sundae: Sundae with Vanilla Custard, Pecans, Hot Fudge, Hot Caramel, whip cream and cherry

    The Driller: Concrete with Vanilla Custard, Peanut Butter, Brownies and Hot Fudge oozing out

    Banana Tower: Sundae with Vanilla Custard, a whole banana, strawberries, pineapple, Hot Fudge, whip cream and cherry

    Mamas Mixin Bowl: Sundae with Vanilla and Chocolate Custard with Oreo, Marshmallow Cream, Hot Fudge, whip cream and cherry

    Brown Derby: Sundae with Vanilla Custard, a Fudge Brownie, Hot Fudge, whip cream and cherry

    Sweet and Salty: Fresh vanilla blended with Hot Caramel, Hot Fudge and pretzels

    Chocolate Allie: Fresh chocolate blended with Hot Fudge, Snickers and topped with whip cream and chocolate chips

    Banana Cream Pie: Fresh vanilla custard blended with bananas and graham crackers

    Butter Pecan: Fresh Vanilla custard topped with butterscotch, pecans, whipped cream and a cherry

    Crazy Cowboy: Fresh chocolate blended with marshmallow and almonds Golden Hurricane: Fresh vanilla blended with blueberries and bananas Grasshopper: Fresh vanilla blended with crme de menthe and Oreos Katie's Krunch: Fresh vanilla blended with English toee and pecans Razzmatazz: Fresh vanilla blended with raspberries and cheesecake Route 66: Fresh vanilla custard topped with strawberries, Hot Fudge, whip

    cream and a cherry Sooner Spooner: Fresh vanilla custard blended with strawberries and

    bananas Wacky Walker: Fresh vanilla blended with bananas and fudge brownie


    Pint $4.20 add topping 1.00Quart $6.47 add topping 2.00Pies $13.99Cakes-round $24.90Cakes-1/4 Sheet $34.99

    Themedor Custom!Ask for

    details andpricing

    Single Dip Cone/Cup $1.50

    Kid Creations $2.50Teddy Bear: Oreo & Gummy Bears

    Confetti Sundae: Vanilla Custard topped with Hot Fudge or Hersheys Chocolate syrup and Sprinkles

    Small $2.58

    Regular $3.45

    Large $4.20

    FRUIT TOPPINGSBananasRaspberryStrawberry

    BlueberryMarachino Cherry

    CANDY AND CAKE TOPPINGS Oreo CookiesButterfingerCheesecakeChocolate ChipsCookie DoughEnglish ToffeeFudge BrownieGummy Bears

    M&MsPretzelsReeses CupsRoasted AlmondsRoasted PecansSnickersSprinklesTwix

    SYRUPS AND SAUCESButterscotchCrme de MentheEspressoHot Caramel

    Hot FudgePeanut ButterMarshmallowHersheys Syrup

    Jumbo $5.20

    Large $4.59

    Regular $3.99

    One topping included

    Custard CupsItalian Ice, and Cones





    Large $5.50 Regular $4.90 Small $4.43


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