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<ol><li> 1. WWW.XTRAICE.COMRINKS </li><li> 2. WHY AN ICE RINK? </li><li> 3. Our specialized staff willmaximize your revenueAn Xtraice Success Story:A 500m2 ice rink installed at ashopping mall in Bolivia: 100,000tickets sold in one year at $4.50.Our Client recovered theirinvestment in just 6 months. Witha low operating cost and a 12 YearWarranty remaining, your largeprofit margins are guaranteed!PROFITABLE </li><li> 4. We are only limitedby your imaginationXtraice can offer you a wide rangeof shapes, sizes and colors that aresure to be the perfect fit for yourproject.VERSATILE </li><li> 5. Xtraice rinks are an appealing,original and progessive ideaOur rinks are fun and engaging andprovide a unique experience foryour customers.AUTHENTIC </li><li> 6. We are committed to you andto the environmentOur ecofriendly product does notrequire energy or electricity tooperate.ECOLOGICAL </li><li> 7. WHY XTRAICE? </li><li> 8. Youll never walk alone.With an international teamfrom more than 20 countriesour experts have the necessaryknowledge of cultural trendsand can service you in alllanguages.EXPERTS </li><li> 9. Over 1,000 references in morethan 75 countries.Join the Xtraice Club! Theworldwide leaders with globalreferences!LEADERS </li><li> 10. Take your Xtraice project, from adream to a reality.Well be with you every step ofthe way, from the 3D design ofyour rink to providing you an Appto manage your operation andmaximize efficiency.GLOBAL SERVICE </li><li> 11. Now, you can surprise yourclients by being differentDiversify and personalize yourbusiness by adding the mostunique attraction in your city.PROGRESSIVE </li><li> 12. Prestigious international brandstrust Xtraice.The most renowned brands inthe world have chosen to workwith Xtraice.RECOGNIZED </li><li> 13. Xtraice does not sell underother brand names.Xtraice is the exclusivedeveloper and manufacturer ofthe unique Xtraice synthetic ice.MANUFACTURERS </li><li> 14. WWW. X T R A I C E . C O Minfo@xtraice.comN. America: +1 (651) 447 5497 Europe: +34 955 110 357Asia: +852 8173 6151 S. America: +562 2570 9495 </li></ol>