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A short review of the plant to product journey.


  • 1. Plant to product somethoughtsDavid G. ElliottB.A. (Lon) MBA ExecutiveManagement (Hull) MCIM

2. Brand Owners in the Doldrums? Pressure from retailers restricts R&D. Without exciting products de-listing an everpresent threat. R&D typically 1% (Pharma 18%) of sales. Need to improve quantum and quality of R&D. Open Innovation P&G, Reckitt Benckiser etc. 3. Complex.Value Chains 4. What does this mean? Can be a long journey. Need for evidence trials, human studies etc. Supply should not be in one Company ideally. Some ideas more market ready than others. Skin care may be point of entry. Stamina needed. 5. Some examplesSativex is a cannabinoid medicine for thetreatment of spasticity due to multiple sclerosiswhich is also in development in cancer pain andneuropathic pain of various origins..Registered in 25 countries for MS. 6. Some examples Nivea Sea buckthorn 7. Some examples Traditional. Mature. Well known. 8. Some examples Gaviscon Long history. Many variants CE mark iflaunched today? 9. Some examples US Product Role in diabetesfoot care? 10. Must be World Class Must offer significant added value unmetneed. Some ground breaking innovations will notprove successful. World wide potential demands ability to scaleup. Open Innovation/Partnerships etc. 11. The Future Innovation likely to come from SMEs with linksto big Corporate via Open Innovation networks. The big will get stronger leveraging brandpower across multiple markets. May be need to use OI intermediaries etc. Crowd funding? Protein from algae? 12. Thank you Questions?