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  • Sustainability / Date: 04/16 / Surviving a zombie apocalypse

    Case study

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    Amec Foster Wheeler 2016

    Surviving a zombie apocalypse STEM challenge

    Amec Foster Wheelers engineers helped promote civil engineering by developing a brand new zombie apocalypse themed activity. Three of our engineers worked alongside the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and others to build a new under-19 activity based on the walking dead and disaster relief concepts.

    The event was organised to highlight the under-19 age group activities in North East England for the ICE Presidents regional visit in April 2015, with the aim of engaging schoolchildren in this subject in a new and exciting way. The committee wanted to showcase the wide range of civil engineering disciplines, as well as the role that civil engineers play in everyday life across the world. The activity also introduced the idea of engineering in developing countries and disaster relief.

    The volunteers created an activity where the students were tasked with surviving a zombie apocalypse utilising different skill sets to meet the various tasks.

    The day started with students using their map-reading skills to evaluate natural resources and land features, then planning a route to a safe haven for a night of camping. The students were then required to barter at the zombie shop using food items from their team rucksack to purchase materials in order to create a water filter to clean green zombie infested water. The creations were assessed based on the students understanding of the materials properties, budgeting and the presentation of their ideas.

  • Sustainability / Date: 04/16 / Surviving a zombie apocalypse

    Case study

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    Amec Foster Wheeler 2016

    Students then had to cross a zombie-infected river to reach their final destination by constructing a scale sized (13m long) cable stayed bridge. Finally, at their safe haven, the students were asked to construct a platform upon which they could safely pitch their tent for the evening. The shelter activity required the students to solve a problem logically and to understand the principles of surveying, setting out foundations and putting together a structure, just as graduate engineers would do on a construction site.

    The day required excellent team work, problem solving, and careful planning from the students, although they were encouraged to ask questions.

    The idea behind using a zombie apocalypse was to capture the imaginations of the young people involved. They were encouraged to step into a fictional world and immerse themselves in the challenge. Its hoped that by creating a fun learning environment the students would see STEM related fields in a positive way.

    Surviving a zombie apocalypse STEM challenge


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