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Company DetailsName: Sunshine worldwide Secondary SchoolAddress: 20/1 – B, off NH 4A, By Pass Kadamba Road, Baiguinim, Old Goa-403402Email Id :[email protected] Number:0832-3290538, 9822132182

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Interviewee Details

Name: Mr. Deepak KhaitanDesignation: DirectorSunshine Worldwide Secondary School(GOA)Email Id: [email protected] Number: 9822132182

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About the company In 2003, when Deepak Khaitan along with his mother, Mrs.

Swaran Khaitan and wife, Mrs. Sapna Khaitan decided to set up his first school, he chose a Old Goa village on Kadamba Plateau, about 11 km East of Panaji.

OUR PHILOSOPHY Live life to the fullest happily To travel the path

FRANCHISEEWe have 4 franchisee at present at vasco ,ponda , porvorim and dona paula

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1. Knowledge Identification2. Knowledge Acquisition3. Knowledge Application4. Knowledge Sharing5. Knowledge Creation6. Knowledge Preservation

Knowledge Management Activities

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Why knowledge management is important Enabling better and faster decision making Making it easy to find relevant information and resources Reusing ideas, documents, and expertise Avoiding redundant effort Taking advantage of existing expertise and experience Promoting standard, repeatable processes and procedures Making scarce expertise widely available Enabling the organization to leverage its size Making the organization's best problem-solving experiences reusable Stimulating innovation and growthThese are some of the reasons why its is important for an organisation and list of benefits goes on and on

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Knowledge Management Tools

SWS uses following knowledge management tools:WorkshopsTraining materials including booklets and reference

materialPresentationsCDs and DVDs containing necessary knowledgeE-learning modulesdocumentaries

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Knowledge management assets

Major knowledge management assets that SWS has are:

Work cultureTeaching and Reference DatabasesTraining and Teaching methodologyKnowledge about methodology of recruitment and

separationKnowledge about how to deal with an individual

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QuestionOne standard Industrial Process/Methodology

which is used in your company?


To write lesson plans on a standard format.  

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QuestionWhat is the change or modification done

to the standard by you or management to get competitive advantage over others.

AnswerThe lesson plan starts with the application

of the concept to be taught with an activity rather with a definition. 

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