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Presented By:- Suraj SharmaEnrolment No.:- 14BSPDD0115 MBA III sem

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CONTENTS Company profile

About Retail Industry in India.

Objectives. Flat Structure at Big bazaar.

Work done in SIP.

Finding and Limitations


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ProfileType HypermarketFounded 2001Headquarters Jogeshwari, MumbaiIndustry RetailProducts Department, Grocery storePromoter Mr. Kishore BiyaniParent Pantaloon Retail India

LimitedPunch line ‘Making India Beautiful’

Currently 214+ outlets More than 36,000 employees

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About Retail Industry in India fastest growing market in the world.

One of the top five retail market in the world by economic value.

Revenue rs.110 billion(US$ 1.7 billion).

Contributes 17 to 18 per cent in India GDP.

Market will grow at 12% per annum.

Organized Market share 9-10% approx.

Provide employment 40 million people.

Organized market grow @ 20% Unorganized Market grow @ 10%

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Learn Corporate working culture.

Understand retail operation in Organized Sector.

Learn how practically work to be perform in real working environment.

Implementation of theoretical knowledge in working environment.

Learn retail management skills, technique and technical terminology used in retail store.

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Work Done at SIP

Know the how to requirement process work at Big bazaar.

learn to generated offer latter.

Allocation of human resource in different department.

To know the various source and method of recruitment at Big Bazaar.

Know the how managed actives at organization.

know the different section how they work and how to achieve target.

know the how to make relationship between employee's.

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Finding and Limitation

Finding o Difficult to recruit a good employee.

o Difficulty to full filament of organization need.

o Lower level employee dissatisfied with there pay scale.

Limitationo Every day have to learn different types of work.

o As per company rules many information was not disclosed.

o Some time we have to work manually. • Maintain attendance. • leave day in month.• tracking to employee shift .

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CONCLUSIONAccording to my analysis Big bazaar (future group) should use Campus placements as a source of recruitment.

Company mainly focuses on internal sources which has its own limitations. By focusing on Campus Placements Company can attract qualified personnel for vacant jobs in the organization. It can facilitate the infusion of fresh blood with new ideas in to the enterprise. This will improve the overall working of the enterprise.

For the selection of the candidate for a vacancy company should first conduct written test and on the basis of the result of the test score interview should be scheduled for the selected candidate.

According to the analysis company should evaluate the candidates on all the factors (experience, qualification and family background) however greater importance should be given to the experience and then qualification should be considered.

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Extra Activity Team Building

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