Superland Book Worksheet (1) have got + to be + present simple

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Primary 4 Superland Book Pamphlet (1) Class: Ms Sawsan Fawzi Student Name: .. Verb to be: I am He/ She / It is You / We / they are Not: am not is not = isn't are not = aren't Exercises: He .. a man. She . a girl. They students. No, I .. happy. We students. You are sad. Salma .happy. Rawan . nice. Shahd .. nice. Samir and Layla bad. They .. girls. We boys. No, you ..good students. No, it a nice cat. They muslims. It .. a big dog. You . a good girl. You .. good girls. It .. a blue book. I Mona. Ali .. a boy. Sami a good student. Marwa and Ali .. students. Ali and Ahmed .. boys. Shahd and Rawan girls. The cat . nice. Exercises: Add (am is are) I .. good. He bad. She . sad. They . happy. We .. sad. You .. nice. They not nice. It . easy. The lesson . easy. The lesson not easy. Hisahm and Salwa . fine. I . not fine. Add (not): I am happy. You're sad. . It's easy. .. It's funny. . Salwa is here. .. Ahmed is fine. They are boys He is clever. She's lazy. We're smart. Verb to be Yes/ No Questions: Yes, I am happy. Are you happy? Yes, he is fine. Is he fine? Yes, Ahmed is fine. Is Ahmed fine? Yes, she is nice. Is she nice? Yes, Marwa is nice. Is Marwa nice? No, it isn't a cat. Is it a cat? Yes, this cat is nice. Is this cat nice? Yes, they are happy. Are they happy? Yes, Ahmed and Mona are happy. Are Ahmed and Mona happy? No, we aren't happy. Are you happy? Exercises: Make questions: Yes, this dog is big. .? No, Lobna isn't happy. .? No, we aren't sad. ..? Yes, I am fine. ..? No, they aren't good students. ..? Have got: He / She / It (has got) I / You/ We/ They (have got) Not: Have got havent got Has got hasn't got Exercises: Add (has got/ have got/ hasn't got/ haven't got) He a nose. She . eyes. They feet. No, we.classes. It .. a tail. You .. books. I .. a bag. It . ears. I . a car. She a car. We .. a nice house. They . an exam. This cat . legs. No, that bird a tail. Sami . a desk. Rania 7 books. My teacher a pen. Rawan and Shahd .. an English class. Sami and Ali .. a math class. Sami and Layla an art class. My dad a car. No, Rawan and Shahd ...dolls. No, my mum a car. Have got Yes/ No Questions Yes, I have got a car. Have you got a car? Yes, he has got a car. Has he got a car? Yes, Ahmed has got a book. Has Ahmed got a book? Yes, she has got a notebook. Has she got a notebook? Yes, Marwa has got a pencil. Has Marwa got a pencil? No, it hasn't got a tail. Has it got a tail? No, this cat hasn't got wings. Has this cat got wings? Yes, they have got classes. Have they got classes? Yes, Ahmed and Mona have got a car. Have Ahmed and Mona got a car? No, we haven't got balls. Have you got balls? Have got Wh Questions I have got a car. What have you got? He has got a car. What has he got? Ahmed has got a book. What has Ahmed got? She has got a class at 3 o'clock. When has she got a class? Marwa has got 3 pencils. How many pencils has Marwa got? It has got a tail. What has it got? This cat has got ears. What has this cat got? They have got classes. What have they got? Ahmed and Mona have got a car. What have Ahmed and Mona got? We have got balls. What have you got? Exercises: Make questions: Yes, Marwa has got a doll. .? No, this bird hasn't got wings. ..? Yes, Ahmed and Mona have got a house. ..? No, we haven't got chairs. ..? Ahmed has got a book. (What) ..? This cat has got ears. (What) ? Ahmed and Mona have got friends. (What) ? We have got toys. (What) .? Present Simple Verb to have: It/ He/ She has He has a dog. The dog has a tail. She has a cat. I/ You/ We / They have I have a book. You have a notebook. We have a car. They have a house. Present Simple: Other verbs: It/ He/ She verb + s It runs fast. He runs fast. She runs fast. I/ You/ They/ We (inf) verb I run fast. You run fast. They run fast. We run fast. Exercises: He . a story. She .. a book. The dog a bone. They sandwiches. We water. I milk. You juice. You . a car. They .. HW. The bird . a baby. Mona . HW. Sameh .. a class. Present Simple (not) It/ He/ She doesn't + verb It plays. It doesn't play. He works. He doesn't work. She works. She doesn't work. She has HW. She doesn't have HW. I / You/ They/ We don't + verb I read. I don't read. You read. You don't read. They play. They don't play. We play. We don't play. We have a car. We don't have a car. Exercises: Add not: (don't/ doesn't): Ahmed .. study. Mona . play. This mouse .. eat. He . A car. They HW. The students .. write. You .. read. I .. like this. We like this. Present Simple Yes/ No Questions: It/ He/ She Does + subject + (inf) verb? Yes, it plays. Does it play? Yes, he works. Does he work? No, she doesn't work. Does she work? Yes, she has HW. Does she have HW? I / You/ They/ We Do + subject + (inf) verb? Yes, I read. Do you read? Yes, they play. Do they play ? No, we don't play. Do you play? Yes, we have a car. Do you have a car? Present Simple Wh Questions: It/ He/ She Question word + does + subject + (inf) verb? It plays football. What does it play? He works hard. How does he work? She reads at night. When does she read? She has HW. What does she have? I / You/ They/ We Question word + do + subject + (inf) verb? I read a story. What do you read? They play on Fridays. When do they play? We play in the club. Where do you play? We have a car. What do you have? Exercises: Make Wh or Yes/ No Questions: 1) My cat plays basketball. What ..? 2) Hany works in a factory. (Where) ....? 3) Sally likes this book. (What) .? 4) She has a class today. (What) ? 5) She has a class today. (When) ..? 6) I watch a programme. (What) .? 7) Ali and Soha do their HW. (What) .? 8) Ali and Soha do their HW after lunch. (When) ...? 9) We like art because it is nice. (Why) ...? 10) We have lessons today. (What) .? 11) My dog has a tail. (What) ....? 12) Yes, we have a big house. ...? 13) No, they don't have a car. ....? 14) Yes, she has a dog. ? 15) No, it doesn't have a wing. .? 16) Yes, I do my HW in the evening. ..? 17) No, you don't read well. ..? 18) Yes, we play football at the beach. ..? 19) Yes, my bird has wings. ..? 20) Yes, my sister plays music. ..? Adv frequency Exercises Spelling rules Uses Spelling rules: V. + (o/ x/ ch/ sh/ ss) + es. Ex: goes / fixes/ watches/ finishes/ passes V. ends with a consonant + y: y ies. Ex: cry: cries dry: dries V. ends with a vowel+ y: s Ex: plays prays sprays Add (s) Do . Go . Catch Watch Teach . Finish . Brush . Crash . Pass Dismiss .. Fix .. Cry . Dry . Pray .. Spray . Lay .. Stay