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  • Sunset News

    Volume 58, Issue 8 April 2012


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    April 2012 I just returned from great professional learning in sunny Seattle. The best of the

    best educational researchers and trend

    watchers were there. What an inspiration!

    A few things I learned:

    When professional learning goes away so

    does improvement. This inspires our

    staff to continue learning, as we want to

    improve our craft to enrich students.

    Sunset staff is on the cutting edge in

    beliefs, actions, instruction, innovation,

    and educating the whole child.

    A team is defined as: A group of people

    working interdependently to achieve a

    common goal in which all members are

    mutually accountable. I believe we have

    great teams at Sunset; I encourage us

    to continue developing our teams

    including parents and students.

    Innovation is: disruptive, experimental,

    focused, local, associated with error.

    Stress is bad for the brain! Brains must

    have an activity & then recover from it

    to have healthy brain stress responses.

    Repeated hits of stress or trauma on

    children cause impulsivity, terrible short

    term memory, and an inability to predict

    what will happen if(the future). A

    child responds with impulsive, popcorn

    actions or sits back, unengaged. Either

    way, the child is not learning. There is

    true ADHD, but a stressed child has

    many of the same behaviors.

    I am glad to be back home with my Sunset

    family and my own family; but the trip was

    worth it. Thanks to the great staff and

    students for working hard on PAWs and

    classwork while I was away.

    I hope you each have plans to have fun,

    relax, de-stress, and even do some learning

    with your own families during our upcoming

    break April 6 through April 15.

    Mrs. Farmer, Principal

    Tues. April 3 3:30 pm

    Sunset Garden Meeting

    Tues. April 3 630 pm

    K1 Bugz Musical

    Weds. April 4class


    Thurs. April 5 One Day

    Without Shoes event

    Fri. April 6No School

    April 913 Spring Break

    Mon. April 16 Back to

    School at 8:10 am please!

    Tues. April 17 4:30

    7:30 pm Family Fun & Food

    Nite at McDonalds

    Weds. April 1811:30 am

    PTA meeting

    Fri. April 20 730 am

    Donuts with Dads

    Tues. April 24 5 am

    Lifetime Channel show

    Thurs. April 26 Last

    Newsletter deadline

    Mon. April 30 Title 1





    Meeting &




    Spring BreakNo School



    Title 1

    Survey Due

    One Day



    Bell rings

    at 8:10 am


    with Dads


    Food & Fun




  • Attention all gardeners and self proclaimed green thumbs, Mr. Krubeck here, 4th grade teacher at Sunset Elementary, and I am very pleased to announce the creation of the Sunset Elementary school garden. The goal is to raise organic produce that will be served to our students in the cafeteria. Your help is needed in the planning, securing materials, and implementation of this amazing, engaging, and healthy school project. There will be a school garden meeting Tuesday, April 3, at 3:30pm in the art/science room. If you would be willing to help, lend your expertise, or are just curious, please plan to join us for this meeting. See

    you there.

    Cody High School Student

    Council is raising money for

    Make-A-Wish week for

    Landon. He is a six year old

    from Basin with a congenital

    heart defect. They are

    putting the money towards a

    Buddy Bike for Landon. They

    are selling blue bracelets

    for $1 each that say CHS

    2012 Landons Wish. See

    Mrs. Meyer to get yours and

    support this worthy cause.

    Sunset 4th & 5th

    grades invite all

    Sunset students,

    staff & guests to

    go without shoes

    for one day on

    Thursday, April

    5th. This is to raise awareness of the

    impact a simple pair of shoes can bring to a

    childs life. Permission slips with more

    information went home last week. They are

    also asking each person in the school to

    donate just 25 to help buy shoes for needy

    children in Cody. Look at this

    website with your family for

    m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n :

    The Sunset All

    School Title 1

    Survey will be

    going home in the

    Monday folder on April

    23rd with the youngest

    or only child. Please

    fill it out and send it

    back to school by April

    30th. Each family will

    have a chance for one

    of the three

    Kindles well

    be giving

    away. Thank


    C l a s s r o o m

    pictures with

    Bill Blake on

    April 4th.

    O r d e r i n g

    details will

    be sent home at a later


  • Our next Parent-Teacher

    Association meeting will be held on

    Weds. April 18th at 1130 am in

    the K-1 Boardroom. Bring a lunch!

    All parents and staff are invited and

    encouraged to attend.

    Elections for PTA Executive will be

    held in May, please

    consider President,

    V i c e - P r e s i d e n t ,

    S e c r e t a r y o r


    Sunset Elementary School PTA

    Sunset School Parent-Teacher Association


    From the Handbookplease review with

    your children

    BICYCLES: If a student rides a bicycle to

    school, they must park it in the racks

    provided. Students are to push their

    bikes once they reach the schools

    sidewalks. No bike riding is allowed after

    the student gets to school. It is the

    responsibility of the

    student to provide

    bicycle chains and locks.

    (Your PTA recommends

    you also wear a bicycle


    SCOOTERS: If a student rides a scooter

    to school, they should fold it up as soon as

    they reach the schools sidewalks. There

    is to be no scooter riding on the school

    premises. Scooters are to be stored in

    your classroom or locked at the bicycle



    Skateboards and roller blades are not to

    be used at school.


    Students walking to school should use the

    sidewalks and obey all traffic rules and

    crossing guard. Please respect the private

    property of others at all times.

    TRAFFIC SAFETY: Be sure that your

    child is able to cross the street properly

    and safely, paying attention to the traffic

    lights and marked crosswalks.

  • Page 4 Sunset News

    Olson, Davis & Foley

    The first grade reading challenge is off to a great

    start! Students have been challenged to read 40,000

    minutes by May 4th and they have already reached

    over 13,000! When students meet their 40,000

    minute mark we will have a fun reading celebration.

    Other news in first grade-:

    First graders have been enjoying guest writing

    teacher rotations as the first grade teachers rotate

    into different classrooms to teach writing. First

    graders are participating in various writing activities

    including how to books, letters to Mrs. Briggs, silly

    sentences and much more. Be sure to ask your first

    grader about this new writing adventure.

    Mrs. Hill

    Happy Spring! Well, I can't believe that Spring Break is

    just around the corner! Time flies when you are having

    fun, which is exactly what is going on in Mrs. Hill's

    classroom. :) Along with all of this fun, we will be

    studying time to the nearest minute,

    length to the nearest half inch and

    money combinations! We are also

    starting an exciting poetry unit which is

    sure to bring out the amazing creative

    minds in our classroom! Looking

    forward to a fantastic April!

    Kindergarten Registration: If your child turns 5 by

    September 15, 2012, register for Kindergarten on

    Wednesday, April 4, from 8:00 AM. 4:00 PM at

    the Stock Activities Center at Cody High School on

    Beck Avenue. Please bring your childs immunization

    records and birth certificate. Make an appointment for

    the Kindergarten Screening and enroll in the

    Kindergarten Readiness Camp.

    Kindergarten Screening: All incoming Kindergarten

    students will need to be screened. Screening is by

    appointment only and appointments are made at

    registration. Screening will be on Wednesday, May 9,

    from 8:00 AM 4:00 PM at the Stock Activities

    Center at Cody High School on Beck Avenue. This

    standardized readiness screening will take

    approximately 45 minutes. The results from this

    screening will help determine readiness levels specific

    to Kindergarten and will help answer questions if there

    are concerns that a child may need another year to


    Kindergarten Readiness Camp: KRC will be June 11

    June 21, Monday Thursday, 8:00 AM 12:00 PM at

    Sunset Elementary School. The Kindergarten Readiness

    Camp is going to