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<ul><li> 1. Best Promises for a Successful Marriage <br />Many People wonder Whatit Takes to build a successful marriage!!?Marriage is not just about helping each other emotionally and financially, and accept a functional division of responsibilities in the house to make the relationship successful!It is about understanding and respecting your other half more, by overlooking on the Inconsistencies.Check out the following pointer tips to know the successful elements in a Marriage created from the shelves of ABP team. <br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Promise 1 :- Begin each new day with a wide smile.<br /></p> <ul><li>Reason is simple, Our smile affirms our awareness and determination to live in peace and joy with our partner. The source of a true smile is an awakened mind.That first smile can set the shape and tone of your partner.</li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 3. Promise 2:- . Wear your wedding ring at all times.<br /></p> <ul><li>Wearing your wedding ring means, You remember your partner and care for them.</li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 4. Promise 3:- Accept differences and try resolving it.<br /></p> <ul><li>This helps in minimizing Ego Clashes and Misunderstandings a lot and makes the marriage a firm successful pillar.</li></ul> <p><br />8 June 2010<br /> 5. Promise 4:- Try being Polite, Gentle, Empathetic and Courteous.<br /></p> <ul><li>You are the best judge for analyzing the above tip.</li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 6. Promise 5 :- Gift them their favorite things frequently and Promise them about being a part of their dreams.<br /></p> <ul><li>Believe us, This is the best trust builder and bonding factor associator, wherein your better half will discuss freely with you their Ideas, Opinions and Viewpoints.</li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 7. Promise 6 :- Select a Song that can be Our Song".<br /></p> <ul><li>Mobile service providers know this well and are more than happy to provide this service , The main reason being to initiate the Bonding factor. </li></ul> <p> 8. If a music geek, You can create wonders taking the above tip into consideration.<br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 9. Promise 7 :- Listen and Encourage them and try doing things the other person wants before they even expect it. <br /></p> <ul><li>This is the most successful factor in a successful marriage. The wife taking care of the monthly savings plan and helping him with money in case of an dire emergency is the best example. </li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 10. Promise 8 :-Try Fixing your partners breakfast once in a while.<br /></p> <ul><li>This goes out to all Men out there, This is the best solution for creating the zing factor in your partner and your married life.</li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 11. Promise 9 :- Go for drives/walks regularly to de-stress and have a long talk.<br /></p> <ul><li>Sometimes new places, Journeys help in bringing out the new plans, ideas for leading a better life or to discuss something personal in case of a joint family. </li></ul> <p> 12. Walks, drives, trekking, camping activities brings about the family association factor more.<br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 13. Promise 10 :- Last but not the least Trust and respect your partner <br /></p> <ul><li>End of the day, we are Human beings and have imperfections, inconsistencies in us. Never try making a issue about it in front of your partner , rather Trust and respect them, The marriage shall be a great phenomenal success.</li></ul> <p><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 14. The Successful Marriage Equation!!!<br /><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 15. Marriage Solutions Simplified <br /></p> <ul><li>If its about Online Matrimony and finding the perfect match Its at</li></ul> <p>Your soul mate is just a click away<br /><br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /> 16. Find Us at :- <br />!/profile.php?v=wall&amp;ref=ts&amp;id=100000873999915<br /><br /><br />Thank You !!<br />Design by RWS<br />8 June 2010<br /><br /></p>