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Dr. Chris HealyHLG 253482-5476healy@louisiana.eduOffice HoursMWF 10:0011:00MW 1:002:30 and by appointmentStudies inChaucer(ENGL 513-001)Spring 2018 MWF 11:0011:50 a.m. HLG 135COURSE MATERIALSChaucer, Geoffrey. The Wadsworth Chaucer. 3rd ed. Ed. Larry D. Benson. Boston: Houghton,1987.Other materials will be available either online or on reserve in the Edith Garland DuprLibrary.COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course examines selected works by Geoffrey Chaucer, grounds students in MiddleEnglish, and acquaints students with the profession. Starting with Chaucers Wordes untoAdam, His Owne Scriveyne and moving into such works as the Knights Tale, the Wife ofBaths Prologue and Tale, and the Shipmans Tale, we will consider the Canterbury Tales as awork still in progress. Further, we will question how interpretation also remains in flux.Students will take an active role in teaching literature, developing their own ideas, turningideas into presentations, and converting a conference presentations into a publication-qualitypaper. OBJECTIVES Familiarize students with Chaucers worksThe works of Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English literature, remain vital six centuriesafter his death, and we will explore those writings. Ground students in Chaucers languageSince Chaucer chose to write using his vernacular, the dialect of Middle English that isthe forerunner of standard Modern English, a familiarity with that language is vital tostudents hoping to read other Middle English dialects or to grasp the history of theEnglish language. Acquaint students with the professionPart of graduate education gaining is an initiation into the types of work involved inacademe: teaching literature, generating ideas, presenting papers, and writing articles.ASSIGNMENTSRecitation 3%Oral Reading 7%Textual Decision 1 10%Textual Decision 2 10%Bibliographical Essay 20%Syllabus Project 15%Paper 35%All of the assignments just mentioned will be explained more fully elsewhere.Each of the above grade categories is a part of the course requirements. Therefore, a grade ofzero for any of the categoriesa failure to meet minimum requirementswill necessitatefailure for the student in the course, not for that particular category alone.I reserve the right to add, change, or delete assignments, which can result in a change topercentage values.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONStudents are expected to keep up with the readings, which denotes having read the materialscheduled for discussion at each class meeting. The length of readings will vary, but shorterreadings can frequently represent more difficult material. Students should simply follow theschedule to keep current, unless/until they are informed of a change.All cellular telephones and pagers should be turned off before class to avoid disturbance.Students needing to communicate with the outside world should unobtrusively leave for theday, forfeiting credit for attendance.When attempting to communicate with me outside of class, students must include the course inthe subject line of any e-mail sent to me, and they must also provide their names in the body oftheir messages and be clear about their questions/concerns, for I will not respond toanonymous or vague e-mail messages.Visit the course Web site ( Thesite has not only t his current information, but also links to related supplemental pages.I suggest that you join the CHAUCER List( The list is a valuable insight intowhat contemporary Chaucer scholars discuss. Be advised, however, that the list is quite active,so expect frequent bursts of e-mail. ACCOMMODATIONSStudents needing academic accommodations for a disability must first be registered with theOffice of Disability Services (ODS) to verify the disability and to establish eligibility foraccommodations. Students may call 337-482-5252 or visit the ODS office in the ConferenceCenter, room 126. Once registered, students should then schedule an appointment with theprofessor to make appropriate arrangements.EMERGENCY PROCEDURES University Police are the first responders for all emergencies on campus. Dial 911 or 482-6447 to report any emergency. The Emergency Information Floor Plan is posted in the hallways for every building. Thisdocument includes evacuation routes and other important information. Please familiarizeyourself with this document. Students who might need assistance should identifythemselves to the teaching faculty. In the event that the building fire alarm is sounded, please exit the building immediatelyand notify University Police. Do not use the building elevatorlook for the illuminatedExit Signs to direct you to safety. During times of emergency, information may be available on the Universitys EmergencyHotline: 482-2222. This number is printed on the back of your ID card. The university utilizes a text message service to notify its students and employees ofcampus wide emergencies. To subscribe to this service, log on to If you have a disability, special needs, or a medical condition that might render youincapacitated during class, please make this known to your instructor as soon as possible,including any emergency contact information for your next of kin or similar person.


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