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As the leading youth marketing and career development solutions provider, Student Village conducted unpromted survey research among a selected, high campaign rotation 5 campuses, investigating brands and campaigns that stood out in 2011.


  • 1. 100% in field responses (429)Ages 18-24 yearsMale and Female5 Universities

2. 2011 Universal Themes Keep the message Simple Make sure the message is Relevant Social Media is important to me Not ALL celebrities are celebrities to me I want the reward NOW Youve got my attention while Im eyeing that gadgets I want discounts 3. And the winner is video 4. Media Support Media on Campus 5. Winners OMG Award: MTN Best GRP Advert: Unilever Eye-catcher Award: CK One Shock WTF Award: Just Juice Out of the Box Award: PPC Social Media Superstar: Levis Curve ID Most Aspirational GRP: Unilever Best 360 Campaign: BlackBerry