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<ul><li><p>Student-Centered Teaching in Large Classes with Limited ResourcesBy Susan Renaud, Elizabeth Tannenbaum, and Philip Stantial</p></li><li><p>SettingHaitiPublic Secondary School78 StudentsSmall classroom with poor light conditions and ventilation. There is no electricity.The students have no textbooks.A blackboard and chalk as main resources</p></li><li><p> A large class According to these authors, the average perception of a large class is around 50 students to 80 students. </p><p>This article discusses some useful techniques reported by teachers who have managed to teach successfully on classes with similar characteristics to the ones shown previously.</p></li><li><p>Advantages of large classesEnough students for interactionIn heterogeneous classes, more proficient students may help others.Students must develop strategies to help themselves and their classmatesFoster an atmosphere of collaboration</p></li><li><p>Chanllenges/Issues of large classesThe major challenges are:Managing the classroom,Using Pair and group work to encourage cooperative learningTeaching with limited resourcesMotivating students in heterogenous classes.</p></li><li><p>Managing the classroomDiscipline problems: regarding this issue, the article shows the following techniques: *Set classroom rules*Plan varied activities that appeal to different learning stylesstudents*Have advanced students help others</p></li><li><p>Using pair work to encourage cooperative learningHave students work in pairsGive students clear instructionsRotate group members on each activity.Establish routinesSet goals</p></li><li><p>Teaching with Limited ResourcesUse dictation instead of copiesHave the students bring objects from their houses touse them as Realia.Use pictures from magazines</p></li><li><p>Motivating students in heterogenous classes.Talk about the importance of EnglishAdapt materials according totheir level, interests, etc.Tell the students the goal of each activity they do.Develop sequential avtivitiesMake activities success-Oriented.</p></li><li><p>ConclusionAll teachers want to teach in well equipped classrooms with maximum 20students. This article tries to encourage teachers to find other ways rather than lecturingwhen teaching a language tolarge groups in an succesful way.</p></li><li><p>SourceStudent-Centered Teaching In Large Classes. Forum MagazineVolume 45 Number 3 (2007)</p></li></ul>


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