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  • Stress & DiseaseHealth Psychology

  • Physiology of StressA. Nervous Systemperipheral nervous systemautonomic nervous system = controls organs (involuntary, automatic)sympathetic nervous system = mobilizes body for actionparasympathetic nervous system = maintains & ____________________

  • B. Neuroendocrine Systemneuroendocrine glands = controlled by nervous systemrelease hormones that travel through blood & act on organs_________________ releases many hormones, acts on adrenal glandsadrenal glands = secretes catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine)epi & norepi increase sympathetic stimulation ^ heart rate ^ blood pressure (bp) ^ breathing rate blood sent to muscles

  • Consequences of StressHealth habits^ smoking^ alcohol use^ drug usev ____________v sleep

  • Health behaviorsv chance of seeking care^ delay in seeking carev ______________unclear symptom profile

    Physiological effects^ lipids^ bp^ hormonal activityv immunity

  • Infection & the Immune SystemInfection = ___________ invade & grow in body

  • 3 Factors Determining InfectionNumber of organismsVirulence of organism______________ = ability to resist bodys defensesToxigenicity = ability to produce poisonsBodys defensive power

  • Types of InfectionPrimary = initialSecondary = 2nd infection, when bodys resistance is lowered from fighting primary infection w vulnerableoften ________ than primary infectione.g., pneumonia

  • Immune SystemTissues, organs, & processesProtects from foreign invasionBacteriaVirusesFungiRemoves damaged or _____________

  • Immune System Function________________ Responses = attack any invaderAnatomical barriers = prevent entry (e.g., skin, nose & mouth mucous membranes)Phagocytosis = attack foreign particlesSpecific Responses = recognizes & attacks specific invaders, immunity

  • Creating ImmunityVaccination = introduce weakened or dead bacteria or viruses

  • Immune System DisordersAcquired Immune Deficiency Sydrome (AIDS) = immune system destroyedAllergies = _____________ immune systemAutoimmune disorder = immune sys attacks bodys own cells

  • Stress & DiseaseInfection______________Cardiovascular DiseaseComplex relationshipAsthmaArthritisDiabetesHyperthyroidism


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