strengths based leadership great leaders, teams and why people follow

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Strengths Based Leadership Great Leaders, Teams and Why People Follow. Findings : The most effective leaders always invest in strengths. The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people. The most effective leaders understand follower needs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Strengths Based Leadership Great Leaders, Teams and Why People Follow

Strengths Based LeadershipGreat Leaders, Teams and Why People FollowFindings:The most effective leaders always invest in strengths.The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people.The most effective leaders understand follower needs.

Executing!Influencing!RelationshipBuilding!StrategicThinkingAchieverArrangerBeliefConsistencyDeliberativeDisciplineFocusResponsibilityRestorativeActivatorCommandCommunicationCompetitionMaximizerSelf-AssuranceSignificanceWooAdaptabilityDeveloperConnectednessEmpathyHarmonyIncluderIndividualizationPositivityRelatorAnalyticalContextFuturisticIdeationInputIntellectionLearnerStrategicThe Four Domains of Leadership Team StrengthPage 4-10What moves you to do things?What annoys you?What do you most need to complement your dominant domain?Draw an image reflecting how you feel others primarily view you based on your dominant domain.Corner ActivityLife is a matter of perspectiveYour ViewYour

You BuyerYour Lender

Your AssessorYour Appraiser

How did you feel when reading your report?Any surprises?What did you learn?What questions have been raised?Reflections Page 4-11Investing In Strengths Drives EngagementGallup ConsultingEmphasis on StrengthsGallupLeader Positivity Impact on Differences and AttitudesLow Leader PositivityHigh Leader PositivityLeader Positivity Effect on Objective Outcomes/SolutionsLow Leader PositivityHi Leader Positivity*P = RB b(i) + S X E + H *P=Positive Frame of MindRB = Your right brainb(i) = Brain Influencers S = Strengths E = Measure of happinessH = Hope

THE MAGIC FORMULAPositive BiographiesHandwritten autobiographies from 180 Catholic nuns, composed when participants were a mean age of 22 years, were scored for emotional content and related to survival during ages 75 to 95

A strong inverse association was found between positive emotional content in these writings and risk of mortality in late lifea 2.5-fold difference between the lowest and highest quartiles. Positive emotional content in early-life autobiographies was strongly associated with longevity 6 decades later (Danner et al., 2001).

Did you smile in your yearbook photo?

Harker and Keltner of the University of California-Berkeley found that positive emotional expression in college yearbook pictures correlates with the self-reported personality traits of affiliation, competence and low negative emotions across adulthood, even when controlling for physical attractiveness and social desirability.

11Trust- honesty, integrity, respectCompassion- caring friendship, loveStability-security, strength, support, peaceHope-direction, faith, guidance Follower NeedsPage 4-14Conflict doesnt destroy strong teams.Prioritize whats best for the organization, then move forward.Committed to personal lives as well as to work.Embrace diversity.Magnets for talent.Characteristics of Strong TeamsPage 4-13Relentless focus on strengths identification, education, guidance and development.Be Positive!Build balanced teams with complementary Strengths.Attend to the follower needs.Strengths Based LeadershipStrength Based Leaders Radiate Possibility



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