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<p>STORYTELLING AND DIGITAL STORYTELLING IN ACADEMIC SETTING</p> <p>STORYTELLING AND DIGITAL STORYTELLING IN ACADEMIC SETTINGBY</p> <p>NIMA FOTOVATI</p> <p>Multimedia University, Malaysia </p> <p>AimStorytelling provide deep learning;Identify the benefits of storytelling in the mind of learners and instructors;And to find out the hindering criteria in implementing storytellingCopyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>ObjectivesTo find out the benefits of using storytelling in the mind of students;To discuss the hindering criteria in implementation of Storytelling with postgraduate students;And to discover possible resolutions that it can be solved with.</p> <p>Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Why stories are Important?Convey a permanent messageDeeper effect on individuals Recalling is easierHelp people in defining their relationshipsGreat source of language experience Are very interesting, easily understandable, and truly motivating</p> <p>Harris &amp; Barnes, 2006Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Thesis Outline</p> <p>Introduction: author motivation, definition about storytelling and digital storytelling, and the research questions.Literature review: benefits of Digital Storytelling and the obstacles in implementing it by going through other studies findings; also discuss about the possible solution to overcome those problems.Methodology: method and strategies for data collection, the research population, sample, scope, the design and the implementation.Analysis: the result will be collected, categorized, and analyzed to be concluded in the next chapter.Conclusion: concludes the research and tries to answer the research questions using the information presented in the literature review and results of the questions.Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Research questionsWhat are the benefits of using Storytelling in the mind of students and lecturers?What are the hindering criteria in implementation of Storytelling with postgraduate students, and how they can be solved?</p> <p>Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>StorytellingStorytelling is a uniquely human experience that enables us to convey, through the language of words, aspects of ourselves and others, and the worlds, real or imagined, that we inhabit.</p> <p>Alterio &amp; McDury, 2004Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Digital StorytellingRoots is in 1980s Center of Digital StorytellingCenter for Digital Storytelling, 2010</p> <p>FormsVideo; Podcast;Animation; Slideshow;And even a PowerPoint presentationAmy Cox, Morgan Watson, Lindsey Quinlisk, and Yong Kim, 1999Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Some BenefitsResearch skillsWriting skillsTechnology skills Presentation skillsInterview skillsInterpersonal skillsAssessment skills</p> <p>Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Methodology DesignCopyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>MethodologyQuantitative method MKM &amp; MELSimple Random SamplingOnline Survey (Webpage &amp; Facebook)SPSS analysis40 out 100!</p> <p>Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>ConclusionSo far so good!Agreed provide deep learningAgreed encourage and motivate to shareImprove reflections skillsStay longer in mindNeed more trainingAn appropriate tool in learning</p> <p>Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>ConclusionImprove communication skillsLack of confidence Cultural differencesCopyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p> <p>Thank You</p> <p>Any Questions?Copyright Nima Fotovati, 2012</p>