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Store SEO Webinar. “Make More With Your Yahoo! Store”. Yahoo! Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rob Snell Snell Brothers December 1, 2006. Here’s why I obsess over SEO:. Search Engine Optimization works for free Web traffic. NUTSHELL: 60 Second SEO Webinar. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Store SEO WebinarYahoo! Store SEO(Search Engine Optimization)Rob SnellSnell BrothersDecember 1, 2006Make More With Your Yahoo! Store

  • Heres why I obsess over SEO:Search Engine Optimization works for free Web traffic

  • NUTSHELL: 60 Second SEO WebinarStart with a SE friendly foundationCollect converting keyword phrases (CKWP)Put CKWP in TITLE tags and body textUse internal links (CKWP in anchor text)Get off-site links (CKWP in anchor text)Write unique content in CAPTION textGet more links than the other guy

  • FOUNDATION: Unlock Parking Brake1) Pick your main domain2) Redirect Yahoo! Store URLS (301) 3) Create custom error pages (404)4) Use free search engine tools 5) Turn on XML feeds6) Fix the WWW / non WWW problem

  • FOUNDATION: Pick Your Main DomainUse one domain per storeUse main domain as Store Entry PointLink consistently on the siteSet the Google WWW / non-WWW Switch

  • FOUNDATION: Redirect Yahoo! URLSYahoo! Domain Redirect Settings Use the Y! URL 301 RedirectAll store URLS >>> to your main domainSo becomes link popularityFixes the CART / SEARCH problem

  • FOUNDATION: Create custom 404sYahoo: Page Not Found Handling (404s)YUCK: Default error page redirects to your homepageMake a whoops.html pageUse Apple.coms 404 as a modelTurn Custom 404 on under MGR: Preferences

  • FOUNDATION: Turn on XML FeedsFree Shopping Engine TrafficGoogles Froogle,, etc.Allows some 3rd party XML export tools to workMonitus tools,, visualfuture.comYUCK: Folks can steal your storeClient example, scrapers will anyway

  • FOUNDATION: Search Engine ToolsMGR: Create a Google Sitemap for Your Store Authenticate with Yahoo! Site ExplorerUse SE Advanced to see pages to see back links

  • FOUNDATION: Fix the non WWW problemOne URL for every

    I use BASE HREF Fixes links off the pageConsolidates link popularityRTML hack for lack of non-www 301 redirectMost RTML folks can do this

  • Optimize your online storeProfit from your product knowledge Work your most valuable Web pages (MVPs)Create a self-optimizing store with templates Collect converting keywords

  • 1) Retailers: You are an expertShow your expertiseWrite relevant copyTell me what to buy

  • Collect your expert contentHarvest product Q&A from your sent emailsRecord & transcribe customer phone callsAsk customers if they have product questionsAdd this product info to your product pages

  • Pump up your product pagesRewrite manufacturer product descriptionsPlay 20 Questions with each productUse competitors ideas (both retailers and manufacturers)Use other manufacturer content: Press releases, Product sell sheets, Owners manuals, Catalogs & brochures.

  • 2) Optimize your most valuable pagesHome pageInfo page Top 15 Section pagesTop 100 $$$ Products

  • Optimization starts at homeBrandingMerchandisingNavigationWISMO?Load speedSEO

  • HOME PAGE: SEO PowerhouseTitle tag - Use 10-12 words Meta description - Company info SERPS snippet.Body copy - Keyword-loaded. 500+ wordsText link navigation - Keywords in sidebar / footerEmbedded links - 100 votes

  • HOME PAGE: MerchandisingProduct SPECIALSManufacturerPage LinksProduct shotwith text + links

  • HOME PAGE: NavigationShop by manufacturerFeatured productsText linknavigationEmbedded linksSearch

  • HOME PAGE: Customer serviceUtility linksContact information

  • Get the 411 on INFO PagesMore than 50% of folks who order view our info page

  • Use FAQ style links

  • Show me how I can contact you

  • Who you are & where you arePhotos of ownerShow map

  • SEO SECTIONS (Category pages)

  • PRODUCTS: Start with best-sellers

  • 3) TEMPLATES: Self-OptimizeCreate a self-optimizing store by using RTML templatesBuild SEO elements right into your store pagesTITLE tags, META DESC, H1 headlines, linksUse SMART RTML for better SEOAutomate marketing messages with RTMLFree shipping, you save, mfg logos, free gifts

  • Create automatic TITLE tagsCUSTOM TITLE TAG = Name + price + savings

  • Create automatic Meta Descriptions

  • Add FREE SHIPPING text (detail)

  • Show manufacturer logos

  • Build in links for good navigationLink to PREVIOUS, UP, NEXT producAnchor text gives SEO benefits Makes easier browsing / editing

  • 4) Cash in on Converting KeywordsCOLLECT: Converting keywordsOPTIMIZE: Store product and section page text/linksTRACK: Search engine rankingsADVERTISE: Buy paid search adsRinse and repeat

  • COLLECT: Converting keywordsUse your Yahoo! Store stats: Emails. Orders. Reports. History.Get third party analytics Monitus + Google Analytics; Indextools, ClickTracksUse PPC conversion tracking dataGoogle Adwords / Yahoo! Search Marketing

  • Converting keywords case study200,000 unique keyword phrases194,305 phrases did NOT convert5,695 phrases DID convert4,758 unique terms with one order each1,150 unique terms with 2 1000 ordersObsess over the $$$ money terms

  • OPTIMIZE: Product / section pagesBroad match: keywords on pagePhrase match: exact phrase on pageFind Most Relevant Page on Your SiteIf not, create a Landing PageLink to most relevant page in CAPTIONS

  • TRACK: Search engine rankingsTRACK: Your top 200 $$$ converting keywordsWatch your Top 1000 Converting KeywordsDont ignore your more obscure words #1001 - 6000ENGINES: Google, Yahoo, MSN, FroogleTOOLS: Bruce Clays SEO Toolset + Web Position Gold

  • ADVERTISE: Buy paid search adsGoogle Adwords IMPROVED!Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) -- NEW!MSN AdCenter -- NEW!

  • So now you know what to do!Pimp your product knowledge and profit Work product by product, start with your best-sellers Build in the basic SEO and conversion elementsCollect your converting keywords and cash in

  • And now, Mr. Michael tools for Yahoo! Store owners

  • Store SEO WebinarYahoo! Store SEO(Search Engine Optimization)Rob SnellSnell BrothersDecember 1, 2006Make More With Your Yahoo! StoreTHE END

    Double digit growth. Happy customers. Lots of repeat business. PPC costs in line. SEO seems to be doing ok. Profits are up. Everythings coolIm a retailer and a developer

    Double digit growth. Happy customers. Lots of repeat business. PPC costs in line. SEO seems to be doing ok. Profits are up. Everythings coolIm a retailer and a developer

    Double digit growth. Happy customers. Lots of repeat business. PPC costs in line. SEO seems to be doing ok. Profits are up. Everythings coolIm a retailer and a developer

    20 percent increase. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars of increased sales from the SAME trafficTHE Steve Snell < StarstruckHey, hes just like me.As many dogs as he wants. Whatever gear he wants.He goes hunting almost every day from now until March and its workWarhammer contestGoogle will like it. AND your customers will like. That means your ACCOUNTANT will like it.You dont have to be creative to paraphrase.Its even better if its not on the Web Best opportunity to move the needleBiggest possibility of completely screwing things up

    Popular! More page views than any other pageMost folks will see it at least onceMultifunctional: Branding, merchandising, & customer serviceSEO most powerful weapon. Rank for popular keywordsMany people return to it for navigation.

    TITLE - 66 charactersMETA DESC -- Control the SNIPPETI like abstracts with links to section pages(Headers, HTML mark-up, internal anchors, alt tags on images, titles on links, file names, etc.)100% increase in conversions when featured on the homepageROTATE: Best seller. Most profitable. Loss leader. Featured new item.

    Second most popular page of CUSTOMERSContact us, shipping info, WISMO, FAQ,Confidence. Go or no go.As much info as you need but no moreI added a UPS Zone ship chartTon of content on a page, use FAQ

    Grab my dog and get my truck and come see yallSame stuff as the home page Links to more infoText with product information12 Thumbnails per page ~50K max file size33% of sales from top 20 items66% sales from top 10080% from top 200Title tags, meta descriptions. Meta keywords, breadcrumb navigation, previous/up/next linksGreat for data feeds of thousands of products that change on a very regular basisOverride with PAGE-TITLE field when I want absolute controlSometimes fly in FREE SHIPPINGProbably not the best SEO, but gets more clicksProduct description + nameSNIPPET CONTROLOverride when I want to with ABSTRACT field50% SALES DROPIts a slide show. NEXT works on sections AND product pages. Fashion show. More they see, more they buyNo drill down, back button, click next product, click the back buttonNEXT is so nice I do it twice: 1) breadcrumbs 2) at the bottom of each page.4.1 Collect Converting KeywordsCollect from your log filesPaid search free conversion tracking toolsThird party analytics