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Eco & Ethical Fashion. Stephanie Breeze. Inspiration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Eco & Ethical Fashion

Eco & Ethical Fashion Stephanie BreezeInspirationThe inspiration for this service came from the idea that most of us sat in this room will have at least one item of clothing in our wardrobe we have never worn for one reason and another. I wanted to design a service which made use of these clothes before they inevitably would get thrown away.

Concept For The ServiceGot an old item of clothing which you dont wear any more or does it even still have the label on? Cant bear to throw it away? Bring it to us and well give it the make-over its been waiting for.Meet a team of designers and seamstresses for a short consultation to discuss ideas to customize, adjust, modify your garments into this seasons must have! Leave it with them and your could have a whole new dress a few days later.Trends change so quickly from one season to the next, so much money is wasted on garments that are only in for one season and out the next. Why not alter something that you already have and know you wont wear any more into the dress everybody wants! Retail Facts

85% of recyclable clothing is thrown away each year worldwide.

Over 800,000 metric tonnes of clothing and shoes were thrown away in the UK in 2006.

The average woman has around 10 pieces of unworn clothing in their wardrobes worth about 140.

There is around 2.7 billion worth of unworn clothes in the UK alone.

Almost 22% of women in a pole of 3000, admitted to buying an outfit just because it looked good on their favourite celebrity, rather than because it suited their body shape.

Women who shop online are twice as unlikely to return unwanted clothes than those that are bought in store.

Market SegmentationGeographicTo begin with service will be available in citys that have large Universitys as I feel students will be my biggest customer.Southern regions in and around London will be the first to have this service and if its successful I would move it further up northThis will only be available in a high street shop and not online as its hard to consult about alterations and sizes over the internet.

DemographicThis service is not gender specific but I feel that female customers will use the service more as they generally more fashion/trend conscious.Age range will be from 18-25 mainly students and young professionals as they will be the most likely to be followers of fashionSo they are likely to be at the beginning of the life cycle. So she is single, no children on a part time or low salary if any. No commitments or a house with bills.

BehavioralThis customer is a follower of fashion. Buys a fashion magazine every couple of weeks. She will always find a bit of cash to buy a new accessory or top for a night out with her friends. Hates to be seen in the same thing twice. Tries to walk or get the bus whenever she can. Loves to socialize. Her favorite shops are Topshop.She would probably purchase something every week or fortnight and would roughly spend around 40 on average. She knows where to look for a bargain. Impulse buyer for cheaper items but takes a few days to decide on more expensive items. Will buy something with a fault if its cheaper and fix it.

Marketing Mix Product (service)

Potential Product:Discount off a return visit for regular customers or a loyalty scheme. A 24-hour service or a weekend service.Core Benefit:To change an old item of clothing into something wearable and on-trend.

Basic Product:A service that is on your high street where a team of designers and seamstresses work to change your unwanted item into what ever you want.

Expected Product:Consultation between customer and designer. A professional looking item which can be worn again and again. Provided at a reasonable price in reasonable time frame. Augmented product:Any embellishments that have been added, spareHave been provided.Easily accessible shop on your high street that has a nice atmosphere& friendly service.

Marketing Mix ContinuedPlace: The service will be available in University City's up and down the country. The shops will be in the areas surrounding the high street for ease of access for the potential customer e.g. The students.Price: The pricing, because of the nature of the service, needs to be cost plus. Each of the items will be different in the way that each customer will have different requirements. Some items will need more attention than others. Quotations will be made after consultations. Therefore cost plus is the right method to use. I have to keep prices profitable to make the service work as a business. Also because I have no competition I can afford to do it. Promotions Mix

My target customer is 16-25 mainly females. So the advertising will need to reflect this.

Advantages to express in the promotional material:*Piece of clothing that youve never worn can be revived*Unique designs that are well fitting*Simple or as extravagant as the customer wants*Saves you searching the shops for something that everyone else has*There is no other service that offers alterations and customizations to itemsyou already have.*Its eco friendly everyday people throw out clothes they dont wear. For this new service I would use :*Direct mail (leaflets through letter boxes in surrounding areas)*Magazine Advertising*Website with contact details/store location/profiles.*Marketing stand at the local fresher fairs or the clothes show live or in and around the university city centers.*Sales Promotions in appropriate magazines. For example 20% off your first visit.


Logo and Tag-Line

The maroon colour is unisex and good for the brand image to not exclude men, the font was chosen because its young and modern but still legible. I added the needle to give people an inclination Into what the service offers. The tag line Gives people a little bit more information, but not all so it makes them want to enquire. Magazine AdvertAn idea for promotion in magazines. Or for flyers at fresher's fairs.

Thank you for listeningAny questions?