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OCS Blended Applied Science Unit 6 Lesson 2 Notes


<ul><li>1.StaticElectricityOCS Applied Science1</li></ul> <p>2. U6 L22 OCS Applied ScienceStatic ElectricityThe build-up of electric charge in one place 3. OCS Applied ScienceAtoms Allmatter is made of atoms Atoms are too small to be seenwith our eyes Parts of atom Protons have positive charge Neutrons have NO charge Electrons have negative charge 4. Location of Parts Nucleus Protons and Neutrons Outside Nucleus Electrons 5. What creates Static Electricity? Static electricity is created when thepositive and negative charges are notbalanced Most of the time , atoms have the samenumber of positive and negative chargesso they are neutral, meaning they are notpositive or negative. 6. Moving Electrons = charge Since the protons and the neutrons are inthe nucleus, they do not move aroundtoo much The electrons jump all over the place 7. Static shock! As you walk across the carpet, electriccharge builds up on your body. Whenyou shuffle your feet you pick up electronsfrom the carpet When you reach for a doorknob, thecharge is released. This causes you to get shocked 8. 8 9. How this works Oppositecharges attract The negatively charged electrons want tomove to the positively charged door Like charges repel So electrons want to move awayfrom each other 10. Static Electricity and Winter You see more static charge in the wintersince the air is dry Example Hair sticking up after taking off a hat Hair builds up negative charge Negatives repel 11. 11 March 13, 2012Static Electricity Electrical charge can begiven off in the form of sparksStatic cling is the build-up ofstatic electricity in materialslike clothing. Lightning is caused by thebuildup of charges betweenthe clouds and ground. Electrons build up in cloudsand jump to the ground,causing a spark 12. Safety Tips Static electricity canbe dangerous Never get back into your car while pumping gas Dont use your cell phone when pumping gas You could build up charge and create a spark Sparks can cause gasoline to catch on fire! 13. Safety tips Stay inside duringthunderstorms ifpossible (thunder is the soundof lightning) Avoid contact withmetal Avoid water If you are outside, seeklow lying areas awayfrom trees 14. 14 March 13, 2012 </p>