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<ul><li> 1. To start off with I first created a colorful background for the poster. I did this using the program Sumo Paint<br />2. Iselected the size the background was going to be, which in this case as it would be a magazine advert would be A4.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. I then selected the gradient of colourswhich I chose various shades of pastel like purples and blues as I thought this would be visually striking but still allow the images on the poster to stand out:<br /> 3. I then selected the spiral effect and pulled the spiral out so that it would swirl the distance of the page:<br /> 4. The finished background looked like this:<br /> 5. I now needed the lettering and images for the poster, the next step was importing all the photos &amp; screenshots we had taken from filming into power point. These images were all our original photos and screenshots from our media product:<br /> 6. I then selected the images and applied the effect Bevel Perspective Left, White to give the photos a frame and make them three dimensional to stand out against the spiral background.<br /> 7. I now needed a font for the heading and phrases on the poster, I chose to use Alba Superas I felt this had similar aesthetics to various 80s album covers and looks slightly like grafitti lettering.<br />Alba Super<br /> 8. I made the letting white and added an orange glow so that it would stand out against the pastel colours of the posters background:<br /> 9. All that was left now was to add some stars and quotes from journalists:<br /> 10. After this I just arranged all the fonts and pictures on the poster on Photoshop to look neat and professional and the poster was complete:<br /></p>