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St. Louis, MO. “The Gateway to the West” by Emma Greene. Dr. Pepper? This will make sense in a minute…. There will be QUESTIONS! Pay Attention!. History of St. Louis. St. Louis is called “The Gateway to the West” because it was the last place settlers could stop before heading west. 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


St. Lous, MO

St. Louis, MOThe Gateway to the Westby Emma GreeneDr. Pepper?

This will make sense in a minuteThere will be QUESTIONS!

Pay Attention!History of St. LouisSt. Louis is calledThe Gateway to the West because it was the last place settlers could stop before heading west.2

HistorySt. Louis was settled by the French in 1764.1It was originally a fur trading outpost.2In 1803 President Jefferson purchased St. Louis as part of the Louisiana Territory.1,2

HistoryIn 1904, St. Louis hosted the Worlds Fair and the Summer Olympics.1,2,4

62 countries brought exhibits for the fair.1

An estimated 20 million people visited the fair. 2,4 That is 6 times as many people that live in Mississippi right now!6


Many foods were first sold to people at the Worlds Fair. These foods were made popular1:Cotton CandyHotdogsHamburgersIced TeaDr. PepperWaffle conesSt. Louis TodayToday St. Louis is a great place to visit. Here are six major attractions you wont want to miss:

The St. Louis ArchThe St. Louis ZooSix Flags Theme ParkHome of the world famous Clydesdale HorsesProfessional Sports

8The ArchThe gateway arch is there because St. Louis is known as the gateway to the west.

It is part of the Jefferson Memorial. The gateway arch is more than 630 feet tall.2 You can even go in an elevator to the top!!!!!!

St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis zoo is totally Free to anyone that comes!9The zoo is over 100 years old. 9If you visit you can see over 18,000 animals! 9

Six FlagsSix flags in St. Louis, MO opened in 1971.1

It has 11 rollercoasters. 10

There are 9 rides just for kids.10

Clydesdale HorsesThey were originally work- horses from Scotland used for farm work. 1

You can visit the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses at Grants Farm in St. Louis. 8

Professional Sports

St. Louis has three professional sports teams:Cardinals BaseballRams FootballBlues Ice hockey

Review QuestionsWhat is one of the foods made popular by the 1904 Worlds Fair?Wheres your favorite place in St. Louis?


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