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  • St Liborius Parish

    VISION: We, the St Liborius parish Community, seek to support each other in growing together in faith and sharing this faith with the wider community.

    St Augustines (Myers Flat), St Stephens (Raywood) Communities Growing Together

    30th july, 2017 - SEVENTEENTH Sunday in ordinary time, year a

    Next Weeks Readings Daniel 7:9-10,13-14 2 Peter 1:16-19 Matthew 17:1-9

    Gospel Acclamation Alleluia, alleluia! Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth; you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom. Alleluia!

    Responsorial Psalm Lord, I love your commands.

    Papal Prayer Intentions for July 2017 Lapsed Christians That our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of the Christian life.

    When we need help, let us turn to the Father who always looks on us with love and never abandons us. 23rd July

    The Word Today Kings 3:5,7-12 Romans 8:28-30 Matthew 13:44-52

    GOD TURNS EVERYTHING TO OUR GOOD Its not possible to go through life without some painful things happening to us. Some of these things we bring on ourselves (e.g. an addiction). Others are things we suffer at the hands of others (e.g. a betrayal). And others are things that happen through nobodys fault (e.g. an accident). We tend to write off these experiences as being worse than useless. That nothing can be salvaged from them. That everything has gone down the river and is irretrievably lost. This is where St Paul comes to our rescue. He says a wonderfully consoling thing. He says that God can turn everything to the benefit of those who love him. This is not to say that God wills bad things to happen to us. No. But when bad things do happen to us, God helps us, not only to pick up the pieces, but also to reap a harvest from the wreckage. There was a king who owned a very valuable diamond. One day an accident happened and the diamond got deeply scratched. The king consulted experts to see if anything could be done to save the diamond. But they told him that even if they were to polish it, they would never be able to repair the wound it had suffered. So the king locked the diamond in his vault where it lay hidden and useless for years. Then one day a very famous diamond cutter arrived in the capital. At the kings invitation he undertook to examine the diamond to see if anything could be done with it. After examining it carefully he said Your Majesty, I will make the diamond look even more beautiful than it was before the accident. On hearing this the other diamond cutters laughed. But the king was delighted, and gave him permission to work on the diamond. Bringing all his artistry to bear on it, he proceeded to engrave a beautiful rose on the diamond, using the deep scratch as the stem of the rose. When the king and the diamond cutters saw what he had done they were filled with admiration. It wasnt just a clever cover-up. He had taken the diamonds fault and transformed it into something beautiful. In the same way, God can help us to transform our worst misfortune into a blessing. God can bring good out of anything - even out of our mistakes, failures, sorrows, wounds, and tragedies. Even our sins can be part of our fumbling attempts to love. Our mistakes belong to our journey to the truth. The story of redemption is a great symphony that embraces all our errors and false notes, and in which beauty finally triumphs. It is not that God wipes out our wrong notes, or pretends that they never happened, but that he finds a place for them in the musical score that redeems them. When we look back over our lives, we see that the things that hurt us and the things that helped us cannot be separated from each other. We must try to see the guiding hand of a loving God in all that has brought us to where we are now. Not all that happens to us is determined by Gods will, but all is encompassed by his love. Through Gods goodness and mercy, our mistakes, our fumbling's, yes, even our sins, become part of the

    process that leads to fruitfulness. Thus our troubles can bring us closer to God. From painful experiences and difficult times we learn that God is faithful to us. And if the difficult times should return, we will remember what God has already done for us, and we will not lose heart. STORY Once there was a farmer who owned a small farm of land. The land was stony but he worked hard, and for a while was blessed with happiness and contentment. But then he began to feel that something was missing in his life. There must be more to life, he thought. One evening a stranger arrived and asked for a nights lodgings. The farmer was only too glad to take him because he was pining for company and excitement. Around the fire that night the stranger talked about diamonds. He told the farmer that if he could find a diamond the size of the nail of his little finger, he would never have to work again. Next day the stranger departed leaving the farmer unhappy and restless. As the days went by he got more and more restless. He began to neglect his farm. Finally, he sold it cheaply, and went off roaming the country in search of diamonds. He travelled far but found none. Meanwhile, the man who brought his farm was working hard. One day while out ploughing, the plough turned up a stone that shone in the sunlight. It turned out to be a diamond. When he went back to the spot he found lots more. It turned out to be one of the richest diamond mines ever found in South Africa. While we cannot but feel sorry for the farmer, we have to say that he was a very foolish man. Had he persevered with what he had, he would undoubtedly have found the mine himself. There are many people like that. Its not that they are afraid of hard work and sacrifice. Its that they dont know what is important. They pursue the wrong goals. They look in the wrong places, and end up selling their birthright. REFLECTION Jesus compared the kingdom of Heaven to a net cast into the sea which catches all kinds of fish. When it is full, the fisherman hauls it ashore, and sorts out the good fish from the worthless fish. The good he keeps, the worthless he throws away. In a sense, all of us are fishers. Each day we cast our net into the sea of life. And at the end of the day we have a catch. sometimes small, sometimes large. May we take time to sift through that catch. And may you, Lord, give us the wisdom to know what to keep and what to throw away. New Sunday & Holy Day Liturgies, Flor McCarthy SDB

  • With St Liborius, St Stephen & St Augustine, let us be a spiritual benefactor to each other in prayer, especially for the health and well-being of:

    Pray for our seminarians: Dean Klayford Bongat, Adi Indra, Jackson Saunders, Nathan Verallo & DJ Suguitan.

    May they rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.

    In faith and hope let us pray for those who have gone before us and those whose anniversaries occur around this time.

    Theresa McGuinness, Elizabeth Liz White, Alfred Latus, Florence Earthy Dorothy Martin, Aloys Rijken, Frank Gyger,

    Laurence Selkrig, Daniel Keogh, Ethel McCall, James Crameri, Joseph Benbow


    Recently Deceased: Kevin Tobias, Marie Fitzgerald

    As we gather to worship, we acknowledge the Traditional owners and custodians of this land- the Jaara Country we are standing on- the Jaara people of the Dja Dja Wurrung community and their forebears who have been custodians of this land for centuries.

    Ted Verryt, Mary Furlong, Russell Milikins, Bryan Keogh, Zoey Lovejoy, Gerald Smith, Len Fitzgerald

    Patricia Schultz, Marie Casey, Teresa Brandreth, Marianne Cuskelly, Mary McAdam, John Haugh Yvonne Holland

    Maureen OKeefe, Christine Longmire Bert Youla Patricia Ennor Alan Surplice Charles Naughton


    Rosters for Lectors, Commentators and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are available to be picked up

    from the back of the church.


    Bishop Les Tomlinson will be officiating next weekend (5/6 August) the Confirmation/Euchar ist Sacraments at

    St Liborius. We wish all the very best to the students who are involved in our sacramental program. They have been working hard

    on their faith journey and will celebrate the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. And we thank all those involved in the

    preparation of the students for this wonderful occasion.


    O God, who chose the Apostles to make disciples of all

    Nations, and who by Baptism and Confirmation has called

    us to build up your Holy Church,

    We implore you to choose from among us, your children, many priests and religious who will

    love you with their whole hearts and will gladly spend their lives to make you better

    known and loved by all.

    Through Christ our Lord.


    FEAST OF ST CLARE On St Clares feast day, 11th August, members of the Catholic Womens League will visit the Poor Clare Sisters in Kennington. It is customary for us to have afternoon tea with them and give them a donation. If anyone would like to come with us or give a donation please contact Mary Haugh 54467049 or Maureen Bourke 54468821.

    TRANSITUS OF ST. CLARE The Transitus of St. Clare will be held When: Thursday 10 August Where: the Poor Clare Monastery, Edwards Road, Kennington, Time: starting at 7.30pm. The invitation is open to all