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  • spress yourself Espress yourself Espress yourself Espress yourself Espress yourself Espress yo
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  • In 1895 a young entrepreneur named Luigi Lavazza opened a grocery store in Turin, Italy, where he sold coffee, specialized in roasting and experimented with different mixture 115 years later, the group that bears his name is nothing less than number 1 on the Italian coffee market, and is one of the five biggest companies in the sector worldwide Lavazza's tradition of devoting special attention to the development of new techniques and products make the Company both uniquely dynamic and sensitive to the customer's requests. Using tradition, skill, and advanced technologies, Lavazza transforms green coffee into the optimum product that is a cup of espresso. Careful and systematic control over the entire processing cycle, from the harvest to the moment that the coffee reaches the consumer, assures the high standard of quality for which Lavazza is known around the World. Avintage Lavazza cart in Turin, circa 1950 Luigi Lavazza Lavazza shop
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  • The facts in figures A turnover of 1.121,6 million in 2008 2,000 employees worldwide. Lavazza is present in over 90 countries around the world - 9 subsidiary - 80 distributors Over 2 million bags ( of 60 Kg each) of green coffee imported per annum from 50 different countries 14 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed in one year worldwide 44 training centers, from Europe to the Americas, Africa, the Far East and Australia. Lavazza launched the first worldwide individual capsule machine in 1990 Lavazza is an undisputed leader in Italy with 48% market share in retail Lavazza achieved an ISO 9000 for its outstanding quality consistency.
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  • Four plants Turin factory (Settimo Torinese), the largest coffee factory in Europe and perhaps the world as it includes 73,000 sq. meters of space. Turin produces all the sales requirements for the Italian and overseas markets representing 350 tonnes per day of roasted coffee, 300 SKUs covering 50 products. Storage capacity is 11,000 pallets of finish product. 20 roasters assure a consistent quality at the plant The Guttinari factory is dedicated to making cartridges and capsules. With 55,000 sq. meters. The factory's current annual product is of two billion units. In Verres, north of Turin, Lavazza maintains a specialized factory for R&G. It has a yearly production of 17,000 tons. Lavazza's Pozzilla factory is specifically and only for decaffeinated products. Last year it shipped out 7,200 tons of packaged decaf.
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  • Lavazza high tech production Once the coffee arrives at the Lavazza plant in Turin, it is cleaned (to remove foreign bodies) and is color-selected (to eliminate inferior beans). Lavazza in order to eliminate these defective beans use an electronic optical scanner. Each scanner at the plant is able to process about 300 single beans per second. For the roasting process, Lavazza uses particularly sophisticated roasting equipment that favors the maximum development of the properties of brewed coffee. These roasting machines operate so that the coffee beans do not come into direct contact with the heat source, but are heated by a powerful temperature-controlled hot air blower. Each bean literally "floats" in the superheated airstream and roasts perfectly even without touching the scorching metal of the wall of the more common rotating drum roasters. For the grinding process, Lavazza uses large, multi-roll mills which can be regulated electronically. This highly technological machine enables Lavazza to maintain the proper grinding degrees determined by Lavazza's laboratory and tasters. Samples taken after grinding are examined by using air sieves to measure grain size. Both particle size and quantity can be rapidly determined by use of laser beams.
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  • A unique packaging The most sensitive phase of the production process is packaging. Coffee is perishable and should be kept from coming into contact with light, moisture and above all, oxygen that exists in the atmosphere. Lavazza coffee beans are packed into vacuum-sealed packages immediately after roasting..a valve is bonded in the bag, which lets CO2 escape, but prevents oxigen from entering. The roasted and packed blends, both beans and ground coffee, are checked periodically by consumer panels. The panels, aided by laboratory staff and market research experts, meet regularly. The aim of these tests is to verify that the sensory characteristics of Lavazza products remain consistent over time
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  • Lavazza the cult brand Since 1991 Lavazza has produce the Lavazza calendar featuring artistic fashion photography from some of the worlds leading photographer. The calendar main goal is to highlight the classiness of Italian culture as well as the sophistication of gourmet Italian coffee The Lavazza calendar play an important marketing tool as it encourage and inspires all the initiatives, events, promotions and material which will be used during the next year. Lavazza with its genuine Italian Authenticity and sophisticated advertising has built over the year a sexy, trendy, stylish image which give it the edge over other espresso company. Lavazza has alter the image of coffee in general, by creating a new image specifically for Italian espresso and draw in a new generation of consumers Lavazza, the stylish & glamorous brand of Europe, has been nominated by the UK Brand Council as one of the 'COOL'brands for 2004 for its innovative calendar campaign. Lavazza has been re-voted as one of the 'COOL brands again in 2005.
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  • Retail to Foodservice Lavazza, is now Irelands favorite roast and ground coffee brand (Nielson Scantrack) MAT July 2009., and shows the level of recognition the brand achieves in Ireland To be the leader in retail means that while customers are offered a wide range of coffee in supermarkets, they pick Lavazza. -Customers will replicate this trend from retail to the out of home market. -Lavazza has a strong brand awareness in Ireland -,
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  • Primary % (Base: All main grocery shoppers 562) Branded Goods Bought Most Often Beer (69%) Tea/Coffee (95%) Baby products (36%) Chocolate/sweets (88%) Yoghurts (92%) Soft drinks (88%) Breakfast cereal (95%) Butter/spreads (95%) Bread (96%) Toiletries (94%) Juice drinks (92%) Biscuits (96%) Tinned/frozen food (92%) Milk (97%) Household cleaning products (97%) Toilet tissue/kitchen towel (95%) * New Question( ) = % of grocery shoppers who buy products Secondary Of those who buy beer., tea/coffee and baby products, over 4 in 5 buy branded goods.
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  • What can Lavazza do for you? Grow sales and maximise profit. Promote brand awareness and customer loyalty. The best experience any coffee can offer Customer satisfaction Quality Training Flexible
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  • How can we do this? Within our Lavazza Portfolio we will find a blend to match your requirements. Staff will be trained in all aspects of hot beverage presentation, machine hygiene and product management. Full training will be given either on location or in our training centre by our Lavazza trained Barista Paul White. Alex Dutier Batchelors coffee company Area manager Mobile:086 821 30 31 Mail: [email protected]