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Evolve your spore from single-cell creature to space-faring race with tips and strategies from the experts. Prima's exhaustive parts catalog covers every part of Spore including stats and tips for their use. Our modeling tips will help you create bizarre creatures, fantastical buildings and unique vehicles. Turn to the guide for insight on all of the five stages as well as achievements and badges.http://www.primagames.com/features/spore


<p>space stage</p> <p>Spore Update: Space Stage The Fifth and Final FrontierOnce youve conquered the world, theres nowhere else to goexcept to another one! In the Space Stage of Spore, you create a spaceworthy vessel and set about exploring the known and unknown universe. Seek out new life and new civilizations, and ally yourself with them or reduce them to cosmic dust. Your goal is up to youconquer all other spacefaring races, form a galactic alliance, become a collector of rare artifacts, or journey to the mysterious center of the galaxybut your adventure doesnt stop there. The Space Stage is open-ended, which means that your journey is never truly over!</p> <p>Your SpaceshipNow that youre a spacefaring race, all of your interactions with other empires, creatures, and environments will be done from the security of your spaceship. Maintaining and upgrading your ship is a must if you want to have any success in your galactic explorations.</p> <p>Health and EnergyHealth</p> <p>The two most important things to keep an eye on are your spaceships health and energy, represented by green and blue bars in the lower right corner of the screen.</p> <p>The green bar is your spaceships health. It is reduced by enemy re, environmental hazards like meteor showers and ice geysers, and traveling through a wormhole without a Wormhole Key. If the bar is completely depleted, your spaceship explodes. But thanks to advances in cloning technology, you reappear in an identical ship at the last colonized planet under your control that you visited. You dont lose any ship upgrades or items from your cargo hold either. Your spaceships initial maximum health varies depending on the diculty level that youve chosen. Four ship upgrades, in addition to the Basic Health upgrade that you start with, increase your maximum health capacity. Once you purchase a higher level health upgrade, you cant go back to a lower level one.</p> <p>Health UpgradesIcon NameBasic Health Small Health Medium Health Large Health Extreme Health</p> <p>DescriptionIncrease your spaceships health capacity. Increase your spaceships health capacity. Increase your spaceships health capacity. Increase your spaceships health capacity. Increase your spaceships health to maximum capacity.</p> <p>RequirementsNone (Initially Equipped) Conqueror 1 or Colonist 1 Conqueror 2 or Colonist 2 Conqueror 3 or Colonist 3 Conqueror 4 or Colonist 4</p> <p>The blue bar is your spaceships energy, which is consumed when you travel to another star system or use a weapon or tool that requires energy. If you run out of energy, you can no longer use weapons and tools that require energy to function. You can still travel between star systems, but each jump to another system consumes 200 health. If you dont have 200 health, your next jump will cause your spaceship to explode. Like its health, your spaceships initial maximum energy is dependent upon the diculty level of the game. You can upgrade your initial energy storage up to four times to increase its maximum storage capacity. Higher level upgrades replace lower level upgrades.</p> <p>Energy</p> <p>primagames.com 3</p> <p>PRIMA ocial game guide</p> <p>Energy UpgradesIcon NameBasic Energy Storage Small Energy Storage Medium Energy Storage Large Energy Storage Extreme Energy Storage</p> <p>DescriptionIncrease your spaceships energy capacity. Increase your spaceships energy capacity. Increase your spaceships energy capacity. Increase your spaceships energy capacity. Increase your spaceships energy to maximum capacity.</p> <p>RequirementsMissionista 1 or Colonist 1 Missionista 2 or Colonist 2 Missionista 3 or Colonist 3 Missionista 4 or Colonist 4 Missionista 5 or Colonist 5</p> <p>end of this guide for more information). Without earning the right badges, you absolutely cannot purchase a tool or upgrade that requires them. Once youve earned the proper badges, the tool is unlocked for purchase at your own colonies, as well as the colonies of neutral or friendly empires. Here are a few things to keep in mind when upgrade shopping: You can buy all unlocked tools and upgrades at your colonies, but theyre very expensive. Other friendly empires oer better deals on tools and upgrades, but their selection is limited. Every colony in an empire sells the exact same tools and upgrades at the exact same prices, so theres no need to visit multiple star systems under the control of the same empire.</p> <p>Spore Update: Space StageAs you scan a planets ora and fauna, the circles that represent them in the planets Food Web (located in the Terraforming window in the screens lower right corner) ll in. Empty circles mean that the corresponding plant or animal has not been scanned yet.</p> <p>Abduction BeamContrary to its name, the Abduction Beam allows you to transfer items from a planets surface to your cargo hold, as well as beam items from your cargo hold down to the planet. To pick up a plant, animal, sentient creature, spice crate, treasure, terraforming tool, or rare item, click on the Abduction Beam icon in the Cargo tab of your spaceships inventory, and then click and hold the beam on the object until it appears in your cargo hold. You can hold only as many dierent items as there are spots in your cargo hold, and you can hold only 99 of each item. If there is no room in your cargo hold, the object drops back down to the planetary surface once it reaches your ship.</p> <p>RadarYour radar can be toggled on and o with a click of its icon on the Main Tools tab of your inventory. When it is turned on, it guides you toward items of interest on the planetary surface:</p> <p>Refueling and Repairing</p> <p>There are two ways to refuel and repair your spaceship: by visiting a neutral or friendly colony, or through the use of items. To refuel and repair at a colony, simply contact the colony and click the Repair and Recharge buttons. Your spaceship will be repaired instantly and fully, but keep in mind that there is often a cost associated with this: Neutral colonies charge the most for refueling and repairs. Friendly colonies give you a better deal. Your own colonies will refuel and repair you on the cheap. Repairs and refueling are always free at your homeworld. You can also buy four items to repair your spaceship and replenish its energy. These are stored on your Weapons tab and each is a single-use item, so once you use it, its gone. If you have multiple items of the same type, the count in the upper right corner of its icon decreases by one when you use the item</p> <p>Single-Use vs. Multi-UseSome tools and upgrades, such as Repair Packs, are single-use items. Theyre identied by a number in the upper right corner of their icons in the purchase screen. When purchased, the number in the icons upper right corner represents how many you have in your inventory. Clicking the icon consumes one item of that type, and its inventory number decreases by one. If a tool or upgrade doesnt have a number in the upper right corner, its a multi-use item. That means that you only need to purchase one, and it is never consumed when used. However, multi-use items require your spaceships energy to activate them, and the more powerful multi-use items will drain your ships batteries quickly. Once you start acquiring multi-use items, be sure to also stock up on Energy Packs and Energy Mega Packs so that youre never caught short of juice at a critical moment.</p> <p> If the planet emits a yellow signal from the star system view, the radar guides you toward the rare item or terraforming tool responsible for the signal. If a destroyed enemy spaceship drops treasure, the radar points toward the treasure item. If you click on a plant or animals circle in the Food Web, the radar indicates the nearest example of the species. The angle of the radar beam points toward the object it has detected. The frequency of the pings emitted by the radar tells you how close you are to itthe closer you get, the faster the pinging becomes.</p> <p>Treasure seized from destroyed enemy ships does not require you to have a free spot in your cargo hold. Its instantly deposited into your Sporebucks account once you pick it up.To beam objects from your cargo hold down to the planetary surface, click the objects icon in the Cargo tab and click and hold the Abduction Beam on the area where you want to send the item. Plants, spice boxes, and rare items can be dropped from a great height without a problem, but animals and sentient creatures must be beamed all the way down to the surface, or they will not survive the fall. Although the Abduction Beam itself cannot be upgraded, there are three levels of cargo hold upgrades. Each one increases the number of spots in the cargo hold:</p> <p>SETIYour SETI device (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) helps you detect the presence of other spacefaring empires in a star system. If you mouse over a star system on the starmap and it emits a blue signal, that means that SETI has determined that another race has evolved to the Space Stage and colonized at least one planet in that star system. Visit the star system to make contact with the race, or avoid it if youre not interested.</p> <p>Repair and Refuel ItemsIcon NameRepair Pack Repair Mega Pack Energy Pack Energy Mega Pack</p> <p>Cargo Hold UpgradesIcon NameBasic Cargo Hold Medium Cargo Hold Large Cargo Hold</p> <p>DescriptionRestores some of the health to your spaceship. Instantly repairs your spaceship to pristine condition. Recharge a portion of your spaceships energy. Recharges your spaceships energy to full.</p> <p>RequirementsMissionista 2 or Trader 2 Missionista 4 or Trader 4 Missionista 1 or Trader 1 Missionista 3 or Trader 3</p> <p>DescriptionIncrease your spaceships cargo capacity so you can t more loot in your boot. Increase your spaceships cargo capacity so you can put more junk in your trunk. Increase your spaceships cargo capacity so you can haul the most of all.</p> <p>RequirementsCollector 1 or Merchant 2 Collector 2 or Merchant 3 Collector 3 or Merchant 4</p> <p>Common Tools</p> <p>There are dozens of weapons, upgrades, and tools to purchase for your spaceship, but here are four that you will be using constantly throughout Space Stage. All four are given to you during the tutorial at the start of Space Stage and do not require purchase. None of them can be upgraded.</p> <p>Tools and Upgrades</p> <p>ScanScan is used to gather information about plants or animals on a planet and upload that data to your Sporepedia. To use it, just click its icon in the Main Tools tab of your inventory, and then click on the plant or animal you want to scan.</p> <p>Launching your spaceship into orbit might have seemed pretty impressive at the end of Civilization Stage, but youll quickly nd yourself outclassed in Space Stage unless you upgrade its hardware. But theres more to purchasing upgrades than just forking over a wad of Sporebucks. Most upgrades need to be unlocked for purchase by earning badges (see the Badge Appendix at the4</p> <p>Because you can colonize only uninhabited star systems, SETI is a useful tool for nding uncolonized systems ripe for colonization.</p> <p>Consequence Abilities</p> <p>As in the Creature, Tribal, and Civilization Stages, you earn special Consequence Abilities for each stage you play through on your way to Space Stage. If you skip any or all of these stages, you dont get any Consequence Abilities for those stages. All of these abilities are passive abilities, which means that theyre active at all times, so you dont need to do anything to use them.PRIMA ocial game guide</p> <p>primagames.com 5</p> <p>Cell Stage</p> <p>Depending on whether you nish the Cell Stage as a Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore, you earn one of three Consequence Abilities for Space Stage.</p> <p>Tribal Stage</p> <p>Spore Update: Space Stage</p> <p>Carnivore: Power MongerThis ability boosts your spaceships maximum energy capacity. Upgrades to your energy capacity result in even higher maximums than youd have without this ability.</p> <p>The Tribal Stage oers another three potential Consequence Abilities for Space Stage. Depending on whether you nish Tribal Stage as Aggressive, Industrious, or Friendly, you get one of the following.</p> <p>Planetary</p> <p>Aggressive: Arms DealerThis ability reduces the cost of every weapon in Space Stage. Consider it a dental plan for arming yourself to the teeth.</p> <p>Omnivore: Gentle GeneralistThis reduces the cost of certain spaceship upgrades across the board. Upgrading your energy, health, and cargo hold capacity is much cheaper if you have this ability.</p> <p>Industrious: Colony CrazeColony Craze reduces the cost of all colonization tools, including Colony Incredi-Paks, Spice Storage, and Uber Turret. For a complete list of all colonization tools, refer to the appendix at the end of this guide.</p> <p>Herbivore: Social SuaveWith this ability, the cost of all socialization tools (Happy Rays, Embassy, Monolith, etc.) is signicantly reduced. For a complete list of all socialization tools, see the appendix at the end of this guide.</p> <p>Friendly: Gracious GreetingThe Gracious Greeting ability gives you an automatic +10 relationship bonus to all other empires except the Grox, who are less impressed by it. This helps to prevent declarations of war and makes it easier to form alliances and trade routes.</p> <p>Creature Stage</p> <p>The result of your journey through Creature Stage (Predator, Adaptable, or Social) gives you another of three possible Consequence Abilities in Space Stage.</p> <p>Civilization Stage</p> <p>Predator: Prime SpecimenThis ability raises your spaceships maximum health. As you upgrade your health capacity, your maximum health remains above and beyond what it would be without this ability.</p> <p>Finally, depending on whether you completed Civilization Stage as a Military, Economic, or Religious civilization, you earn another Consequence Ability for Space Stage.</p> <p>Military: Pirate-B-GoneThis ability signicantly reduces the frequency of pirate raids on your colonies, preventing spice loss and structural damage that would otherwise result.</p> <p>Adaptable: Speed DemonThe Speed Demon ability increases the maximum distance you can travel between star systems on the starmap. It also boosts your speed when ying above a planetary surface, making it easier to ee from pursuers and harder for retreating enemies to get away from you.</p> <p>Economic: Spice SavantWith this ability, all of your colonies produce spice at a faster rate, making it faster and easier to earn a fortune in Sporebucks.</p> <p>Religious: Green KeeperThe Green Keeper ability reduces the frequency of eco-disasters on your colonized planets, preserving the Food Web and terraforming score of your planets without requiring as much intervention from you.</p> <p>At the planetary level, the Space Stage looks a lot like the Civilization Stage, and your spaceship feels like a souped-up air vehicle. Cities and colonies dot the surface of settled planets, and the mini-map in the screens lower left corner displays the same types of information. Each colony is managed like a city from Civilization Stage, with two big exceptions: You dont have to microma...</p>