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The Official Pokmon Platinum Strategy Guide is the most complete collection of Pokmon Platinum game information available. It includes a walkthrough of the entire game with maps of all areas and charts of when and where to encounter the Pokmon in this version. Plus it covers all the mini-games of the Underground and Battle Frontier as well as a detailed Pokdex of every Sinnoh region Pokmon and a full Pokdex of all 492 available Pokmon.http://www.primagames.com/features/pokemon/


<p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p>STRATEGY FOR WINNING BATTLESMaster the Pokmon typesPokmon can be divided up into different types, such as Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, and many others. There are 17 types in all, and all Pokmon belong to at least one. Types play a huge part in determining the outcome of battles, so make sure theyre working for you instead of against you.</p> <p> 17 Pokmon types in allNORMAL FIRE WATER GRASS ELECTRIC ICE FIGHTING POISON GROUND</p> <p>for example:</p> <p>POKMON TRAINER PRIMER</p> <p>Bidoof</p> <p>Chimchar</p> <p>Piplup</p> <p>Turtwig</p> <p>Shinx</p> <p>Snover</p> <p>Riolu</p> <p>Croagunk</p> <p>Hippopotas</p> <p>FLYING</p> <p>PSYCHIC</p> <p>BUG</p> <p>ROCK</p> <p>GHOST</p> <p>DRAGON</p> <p>DARK</p> <p>STEEL</p> <p>Chatot</p> <p>Mr. Mime</p> <p>Burmy (Plant Cloak)</p> <p>Sudowoodo</p> <p>Duskull</p> <p>Gible</p> <p>Houndour</p> <p>Bronzor</p> <p>Both Pokmon and moves have a typeMoves and Pokmon both have types. For instance, this Piplup is a Water-type Pokmon, but like most Pokmon, it can learn other types of moves as well.</p> <p> Move type affects attackPiplup attacks the enemy Bidoof with a Flying-type move. Attacks with Peck</p> <p> Example: PiplupPokmon typeWATER</p> <p> Pokmon type affects defensePiplup is hit by a Normaltype move from the enemy Bidoof. Hit by Headbutt</p> <p>Peck move type isFLYING</p> <p>STR ATE GY FOR WINNI NG BATTLES</p> <p>Hit your enemys weakness for an upset victoryAll types are strong against some types and weak against other types. Its like a big game of rock-paper-scissors: Water is strong against Fire but weak against Grass. When you compare the type of the attacking Pokmon and the type of the defending Pokmon, its called a type match-up. A good type match-up will deal twice as much damage as normal.</p> <p> Good type match-upsChimcharFIRE</p> <p> A good match-up deals twice the damage!Attacks with a Grass-type move</p> <p> A bad match-up deals half the damage.Attacks with a Grass-type move</p> <p>TurtwigGRASS</p> <p>TurtwigGRASS</p> <p>Turtwig PiplupWATER GRASS</p> <p>PiplupWATER</p> <p>The attack deals double damage since its a good match-up.</p> <p>The damage is halved because its a bad match-up.</p> <p>ChimcharFIRE</p> <p>21Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p> Twinleaf Town, where young leaves utter on the breeze</p> <p>Twinleaf TownStory</p> <p>After watching the television special "Ask Professor Rowan!" you head downstairs to nd that your mother has a message for you. Your friend and rival showed up earlier, so you should head over to his house to see what he wants.Route 201 (to Lake Verity)</p> <p>Moves needed for completion</p> <p>Surf</p> <p>Items Once youve been to Route 201 Running Shoes After getting the Pokdex</p> <p>Rivals House</p> <p>Journal Parcel</p> <p>Main character (boy)</p> <p>Water surfacePokmon</p> <p>SINNOH WALKTHROUGH</p> <p>Your House</p> <p>Psyduck Golduck</p> <p>FishingRod Old Good Great Pokmon Magikarp Magikarp Goldeen Gyarados Seaking</p> <p>Main character (girl)</p> <p>Step</p> <p>1</p> <p>Your rival visits your house</p> <p>Television special "Ask Professor Rowan!"Jubilife TV broadcasts this program nationwide. On your journey, youll even get to visit Jubilife TV, an exciting opportunity for a dedicated fan like you!</p> <p>TWINLEAF TOWN</p> <p>Once you nish watching TV, your rival pops in, giddy with excitement. Professor Rowan has invited both of you to his lab to choose a Pokmon! After chatting a bit, your rival will head back home to get ready for his trip.</p> <p>Step</p> <p>2</p> <p>When Trainers collide</p> <p>A Wii video game consoleThe video game console in the heros room is a Nintendo Wii! Wonder what kind of games the hero likes to play?</p> <p>When you walk up to your rivals door, he bursts out, turns back for something he forgot, then takes off again! Just talk to his mother to nd out where hes headedRoute 201.</p> <p>Step</p> <p>3</p> <p>Head for Route 201</p> <p>After youve been Get the Running Shoes from your mom to Route 201 Go home and tell your mom what happened on Route 201. If youve already received your Pokmon from Professor Rowan, Mom tells you to thank him. After you do that, shell give you the Running Shoes. These stylish kicks let you dash when you press the B button.</p> <p>Route 201 is north of Twinleaf Town. Its a short walk to where your rival waits, wondering what took you so long to nd him.</p> <p>34Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Lakefront Twinleaf Town Route 201 VerityGud</p> <p>After youve been Follow your rival to Route 201 to Route 201 After you have the Running Shoes, head to your rivals houseexcept hes not there. His mom will tell you he headed back to Route 201. He never really stays in one place long, does he? Dont get left behindhead after him!</p> <p>Focus on the flickering TVTune in to a blinking television to get the skinny on shops, institutions, and what other Trainers are up to. Talk to the reporter in Jubilife City and even youll get some airtime.</p> <p>After you get the Pokdex</p> <p>Get the Journal from your mom</p> <p>Information everywhereThere are plenty of places to read about Pokmon basics check out the PC on your desk, other PCs you encounter, and even posters on walls.</p> <p>Once you get the Pokdex from Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town, go talk to your mom. Shes thrilled youve been given such an important job, and in celebration shell give you a special giftthe Journal, which records everything that happens on your journey.</p> <p>After you get the Pokdex</p> <p>A Parcel for your rival</p> <p>Get schooled about PokmonBefore you leave, check the PC on the desk in your rivals room for essential information like "The X Button opens the menu!" and "Record your progress with SAVE."</p> <p>Once your mom gives you the Journal, your rivals mom shows up with a gift for her own kid. Unfortunately, he already left on his journey, so shes counting on you to bring it to him in Jubilife City.</p> <p>SINNOH WALKTHROUGH</p> <p>After you get the Pokdex</p> <p>Follow your rival to Jubilife City</p> <p>Jubilife City is north of Sandgem Town. On the way youll run into a lot of wild Pokmon and Pokmon Trainers xing for a battle. Prepare for the journey by talking to your mom at home to get your Pokmons HP and PP replenished rst.</p> <p> The road connecting Twinleaf Town, Lake Verity, and Sandgem Town</p> <p>Route 201 Verity LakefrontTWINLEAF TOWN ROUTE 201 VERITY LAKEFRONT You and your rival start walking along Route 201 to see Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town, but just as youre about to enter the tall grass, the Professor himself appears behind you.Story</p> <p>Lake Verity</p> <p> Route 201</p> <p>Sandgem Town</p> <p>StarlyNORMAL FLYINGAbility Keen Eye</p> <p> Verity Lakefront</p> <p>Twinleaf Town</p> <p>Tall grass Items After Lake Verity PotionPokmon Starly Bidoof Kricketot X M A N</p> <p>KricketotBUGAbility Shed Skin</p> <p>35Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>Route 201 Verity Lakefront</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p>Step</p> <p>1</p> <p>Receive a Pokmon from Professor Rowan</p> <p>The assistants genderIf you choose the boy as your main character, Professor Rowans assistant is a girl named Dawn. If you choose the girl, the assistant is a boy named Lucas.</p> <p>Rowan will ask the two of you if you like Pokmonanswer yes, and his assistant Dawn/ Lucas will open up his suitcase so you can pick your rst Pokmon. Choose wisely!</p> <p> You receive one of these Pokmon from Professor Rowan</p> <p>Turtwig Lv5GRASSAbility Overgrow</p> <p>Chimchar Lv5FIREAbility Blaze</p> <p>Piplup Lv5WATERAbility Torrent</p> <p>SINNOH WALKTHROUGH</p> <p>Step</p> <p>2</p> <p>Your first Pokmon battle</p> <p>Return home if youre injuredIf your Pokmon are injured, go home and have your mom heal them. If every single one of the Pokmon in your party is fainted at the same time, you lose some of your money.</p> <p>Your rival is thrilled to receive his starter Pokmon, and he just cant wait to try it out! He challenges you to a battlethe rst of many showdowns with him to come. Its possible to win this one, but dont break a sweat if you lose. It doesnt really affect the game.</p> <p>Battle with your rival! If you chose TurtwigChimchar[ Lv5FIRE</p> <p>1Piplup[ Lv5</p> <p>Your rival is so excited about getting a Pokmon from Professor Rowan that he wants to battle you. If you chose PiplupTurtwig[ Lv5GRASS</p> <p> If you chose ChimcharWATER</p> <p>ROUTE 201 VERITY LAKEFR ONT</p> <p>After getting the Running Shoes</p> <p>Check out the Legend at Lake Verity</p> <p>Use items on PokmonSometimes your Pokmon will be low on HP or affected by status changes when theres no Pokmon Center nearby. So always keep certain items in your Bag to use on your injured Pokmon in these situations.</p> <p>The two of you might hang out at Lake Verity often, but your rival says theres also a Legendary Pokmon hidden there! The two of you decide to catch it for Professor Rowan, so head left along Route 201 to get to Lake Verity.</p> <p>After Lake Verity</p> <p>Raise strong Pokmon</p> <p>The Pokmon that Professor Rowan gave you is your rst Pokmon, so youre going to depend on it a lot. Make it stronger by walking into the tall grass and battling wild Pokmoneach battle will earn Exp. and your Pokmon will eventually level up.</p> <p>36Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p>Pokmon Battle Seminar</p> <p>1</p> <p>Raise Powerful Pokmon1 Choose Pokmon with high statsHigh AttackWhen the Attack stat is high, moves like Fire Punch really pack a wallop.</p> <p>Raise Pokmon you can depend on in battleWork hard to make your Pokmon strong, and they'll be ready for any battle, whether it's casual matches with friends, or the tricky battles of the Battle Frontier.</p> <p>POKMON BATTLE SEMINAR</p> <p>Pokmon Raising Technique</p> <p>The stats of individual Pokmon will vary from others of its kind, so you might want to catch several and compare their stats for the best results. For example, a Pokmon with high Speed will be faster than other Pokmon in battle. Stats are affected by Nature and personality, which are also listed in the Pokmon's summary.</p> <p>High Sp. AttackWhen the Sp. Attack stat is high, moves like Flamethrower are highly dependable.</p> <p>See p. 545 for a detailed list of Pokmon Natures and personalities.</p> <p>Pokmon Raising Technique</p> <p>2 Use items to raise the EV of battle stats EV-lowering ItemsEffect Raises HP EV Raises Attack EV Raises Defense EV Raises Sp. Attack EV Raises Sp. Defense EV Raises Speed EV Berry Pomeg Berry Kelpsy Berry Qualot Berry Hondew Berry Grepa Berry Tamato Berry Effect Lowers HP EV Lowers Attack EV Lowers Defense EV Lowers Sp. Attack EV Lowers Sp. Defense EV Lowers Speed EV</p> <p>Each of a Pokmon's 6 battle stats contain points called Effort Values, or EVs. The higher the EV, the more that stat will increase when the Pokmon levels up. If there's one particular stat you want to raise, you can encourage it with certain items. These items are most effective on a recently-caught Pokmon that has not yet been sent into battle.</p> <p> EV-raising ItemsRAI SE POWE RFUL POK MONItem HP Up Protein Iron Calcium Zinc Carbos</p> <p>Pokmon Raising Technique</p> <p>3 Strengthen your Pokmon by battlingBidoofRaises HP EVPrimary Location Route 201</p> <p>You need to raise a Pokmon's EVs to maximize its stat growth. You must enter battles to do thisthe more foes you defeat, the more your Pokmon's EVs will grow. Seek out as many lower-level Pokmon as you can, and choose your opponents carefullythe stats that go up are determined by the Pokmon you battle.</p> <p>GastlyRaises Sp. Attack EV</p> <p>Primary Location Old Chateau</p> <p>MachopRaises Attack EV</p> <p>Primary Location Route 207</p> <p>TentacoolRaises Sp. Defense EV</p> <p>Primary Location Pastoria City (Water surface)</p> <p>GeodudeRaises Defense EV</p> <p>Primary Location Oreburgh Mine B1F</p> <p>StarlyRaises Speed EV</p> <p>Primary Location Route 201</p> <p>186Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>Welcome to the Battle FrontierBattle Tower Battle Hall Battle Factory</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p>Pokmon Scratch-Off Corner</p> <p>Battle Castle</p> <p>Exchange Service Corner</p> <p>Battle Arcade</p> <p>Have fun at ve different battle facilitiesBattle Frontier is home to ve facilities devoted to the art of Pokmon battlingstart at any one you like. Defeat the Frontier Brains to receive commemorative printsa Silver Print for your rst win, and a Gold Print for your second.</p> <p>Part 2</p> <p>Let the Judge appraise your Pokmon's potential</p> <p>He's not really a judge, but they call him that anywayin the lobby of the Battle Tower is a man who can appraise one of your Pokmon by looking at its stats.1</p> <p>About Pokmon stats could be . . .decent above average outstanding relatively superior</p> <p>2</p> <p>"I see, I see... This Pokmon's potential is all around. That's my judgment, and it's final."</p> <p>The most striking stat</p> <p> could be . . .HP Attack</p> <p>3</p> <p>The value of</p> <p>2 could be . . .rather decent very good fantastic can't be better</p> <p>"I would say the best potential lies in its stat."</p> <p>Defense Sp. Attack Sp.Defense Speed</p> <p>"It's in that regard. That's how I judged it."</p> <p>200Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p>Part 1</p> <p>Save up BP to get items</p> <p>Defeat the Pokmon Trainers and Frontier Brains at each facility to receive Battle Points (BP). You can use BP inside the Battle Frontier to pay for useful items and TMs. Use them to rene your Pokmon's skills and continue your trip through the Battle Frontier.Prizes at the left counter Protein Calcium Iron Zinc Carbos HP Up Power Wrist Power Belt Power Lens Power Band Power Anklet Power Weight Toxic Orb Flame Orb BP 1BP 1BP 1BP 1BP 1BP 1BP 16BP 16BP 16BP 16BP 16BP 16BP 16BP 16BP Prizes at the left counter White Herb Power Herb Bright Powder Choice Band Focus Band Scope Lens Muscle Band Focus Sash Choice Scarf Razor Claw Razor Fang Rare Candy TM06 Toxic TM73 Thunder Wave BP 32BP 32BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 48BP 32BP 32BP Prizes at the left counter TM61 Will-O-Wisp TM45 Attract TM40 Aerial Ace TM31 Brick Break TM08 Bulk Up TM04 Calm Mind TM81 X-Scissor TM30 Shadow Ball TM53 Energy Ball TM36 Sludge Bomb TM59 Dragon Pulse TM71 Stone Edge TM26 Earthquake BP 32BP 32BP 40BP 40BP 48BP 48BP 64BP 64BP 64BP 80BP 80BP 80BP 80BP</p> <p>B ATTLE FRONTIER WALKTHROUGH WELCOME TO THE BATTLE FRONTIER</p> <p>Part 3</p> <p>Win rare berries with a Scratch-Off CardPrizes Nugget 1 Qualot Berry 3 Tamato Berry 3 Wacan Berry 3 Chople Berry 3 Coba Berry 3 Pomeg Berry 3 Hondew Berry 3 Occa Berry 3 Rindo Berry 3 Kebia Berry 3 Payapa Berry 3 Kelpsy Berry 3 Grepa Berry 3 Passho Berry 3 Yache Berry 3 Shuca Berry 3 Tanga Berry 3 Charti Berry 3 Colbur Berry 3 Kasib Berry 3 Babiri Berry 3 Haban Berry 3 Chilan Berry 3* Ditto acts as a wild card.</p> <p>Pokmon Scratch-Off is a game you can play for just 1 BP. You get 3 cardsscratch off 3 silver squares on each, and if you uncover 3 of the same Pokmon, you win! The prizes include rare berries and the high-priced Nugget.</p> <p>201Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.</p> <p>D wno de ie o la Gud</p> <p>Link for FunPlay with your friends using wireless and Wi-Fi Conn...</p>