sparkling wines potjies - and sticky toffee pudding 55 with caramel anglaise and toasted almonds...

Sparkling Wines Potjies - and Sticky Toffee Pudding 55 With caramel anglaise and toasted almonds served
Sparkling Wines Potjies - and Sticky Toffee Pudding 55 With caramel anglaise and toasted almonds served
Download Sparkling Wines Potjies - and Sticky Toffee Pudding 55 With caramel anglaise and toasted almonds served

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  • Potjies

    Surf and Turf 147 Chicken cubes, prawns, fragrant basmati rice, sambals and a poppadum

    Aubergine and Lentil Curry 86 Rosemary, garlic and ginger marinated aubergine, cashew nuts and balsamic lentils

    Cape Malay Lamb Curry 149 Coriander, red chili and garlic flavoured curry served with almond and raisin couscous

    Cheese Platter 150 Six local cheeses with watermelon and fig preserves, fresh fruits, chocolate pretzels and crackers

    Tapas Platter for One 85 Breadstix, marinated stuffed green and calamata olives, biltong and cream cheese dip, baked vegetable spring rolls, pork belly and a butternut, rocket and feta quiche

    Charcuterie Board for Two 148 Chorizo, parmesan croutons, camembert, paprika dukkah goats’ cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese cucumber bites, prosciutto shavings, tomato chutney, salami and a petit salad

    Sparkling Wines

    187ml Bottles

    By the Glass

    Methodé Cap Classique

    Lifestyle Mains


    75Non-alcoholic Le Domaine and/or La Fleurette

    Le Domaine 82 Naturally light, with finesse & freshness

    Le Domaine 26

    Brut 30

    La Vallee 30

    La Vallee Rosé 38

    Pinot Noir 49

    Pinot Noir Rosé 63

    Pongracz Brut 48

    La Fleurette 26

    La Chanson 26

    Sauvignon Blanc 26

    La Fleurette 82 Sweet, fruity flavours with hints of strawberry and plum

    La Chanson 82 A chic palate friendly sparkling wine

    Sauvignon Blanc 82 A refreshing crisp, naturally dry sparkling wine

    Lime Baked Cheesecake 55 With mixed berry compote

    Mango Sorbet 49 In a sugar glass with mixed berry compote

    Rosemary and Orange Crème Brûlée 57 With dark chocolate glaze and pecan nut biscotti

    Scintilla 255 A luxuriously smooth symphony of the noble Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals—an explosion of scintillating bubbles, with an ultra fine bead and brilliant gold hue

    Pinot Noir 138 Medium to full bodied with an elegant bouquet

    Pinot Noir Rosé 185 Fruity and robust, superbly balanced

    Brut 110 A blend of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, has delicate yeasty tones

    La Vallee 112 Light, distinctively off-dry, appeals to all palates

    La Vallee Rosé 115 This refreshing Cap Classique suits all palates, for those who prefer the elegance of a fine bubbly with just a hint of sweetness

    Pongracz Brut 155 Delicate, with yeasty tones and layers of toast and ripe fruit

    Pongracz Rosé 180 Imparts a wonderful foamy mouthful of black berry flavours, with a linger brut aftertaste

    Creamy Linguini Pasta 89 Calamata olives, sundried tomato, red onion, parsley, broccoli, garlic, red pepper and sweet chili aioli


    Ponzu Glazed Line Fish 162 With grilled lemon, spinach, mash potato, feta and a Ponzu sauce

    Pinot Noir Rosé

    Braised Pork Belly 142 Soy, ginger and la Vallee rose reduction, glazed apple, tender stemmed broccoli and baby onions

    La Chanson Sirloin Steak 149 With braised baby beetroot, fine beans and sweet potato with a la Chanson jus Add potato bravas

    Add mash

    Brut or Pinot Noir

    La Vallee




    West Coast Oysters 22 ea. (subject to availability)Select from the styles below

    Maldon sea salt and lemon Basil and lime pesto Bloody Mary

    ADDITIONS 18 18 22 20 20 22

    Butternut, rocket and feta quiche Petit salad Sesame beef skewer Cumberland sausage Salmon triangles Chicken Skewer

    Lamb Burger 112 With crispy bacon, pan fried onion rings, Tilsiter cheese and tzatziki served on toasted ciabatta with hand cut chips

    La Vallee

    Bubbly Beef Burger 108 With avocado, crispy bacon, smoked cheddar and a Le Fleurette infused apple and red onion marmalade



    Aubergine and caramelised onions, Emmental cheese and sweet chili & red pepper aioli on toasted ciabatta with hand cut chips

    Add chicken

    Pinot Noir

    La Vallee Rosé

    Black Mushroom Burger


    Fresh Greens

    Smoked Salmon and Cashew Salad 98 Garden greens, cocktail tomatoes, roasted cashew nuts, salmon roses, cucumber ribbons topped with a raspberry olive oil dressing

    Chargrilled Chicken, Strawberry and Bacon Salad 82 Rocket leaves, cocktail tomatoes, crispy bacon, cubed feta, strawberries, Portuguese chicken, roasted almonds and pomegranate & balsamic vinaigrette

    Caprese Salad 84 Fresh tomato, mozzarella, baby leaves, avocado, red onions, pine nuts with a pesto dressing

    Tempura Prawn, Pineapple and Sweet Chili Salad 96 Baby salad leaves, cucumber ribbons, cherry tomatoes, grapefruit segments and a lime sweet chili dressing

    Date and Sticky Toffee Pudding 55 With caramel anglaise and toasted almonds served with vanilla ice cream

    24Add chicken

  • Breakfast House Wines Hot Beverages

    Vineyard Breakfast 70 Button mushrooms, bacon, pan-fried cocktail tomatoes, mini rosti, chipolatas and scrambled eggs

    Exotic Mushroom Omelette 75 With feta, baby spinach, butternut cubes and sundried tomatoes

    Fleur du Cap Sauvignon Blanc bottle 147

    by the glass 38

    bottle 189 by the glass 47

    On the nose the wine shows aromas of gooseberry and fig leaves with asparagus and herbaceous nuances and just a touch of delicate tropical fruit. On the palate this beautifully balanced Sauvignon Blanc shows both herbaceous and tropical fruit flavours with a smooth and extremely elegant finish.

    Americano 15

    Single Espresso 14

    Double Espresso 18

    Tea 15

    Flavoured tea 18

    Cappuccino 20

    Lindt Chocolate Cappuccino 35

    Café Latte 22

    Milo 28

    Horlicks 25

    Café Mocha 30

    Hot Chocolate 25

    Breakfast is served with toast, butter and jam. Served until 11:30.


    DESSERTS 24 35 35

    2 Fruit Skewers Vanilla Ice Cream, chocolate sauce and Astros Chocolate Fudge Brownies and ice cream

    Scrambled Egg and Bacon on Toast 25

    Chicken Nuggets with Hand Cut Chips 35

    Please note that the Kid’s Menu are for children under the age of 12 only.

    Mini Beef Skewer with Chips 40

    Fish Fingers with Chips 35

    Soft Drinks

    Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Light Creme Soda Lemonade Fanta Orange Dry Lemon Tonic Water Soda Water 18

    Fresh Fruit Juice 18 55

    Glass Jug

    Still or Sparkling Water 16 25

    500ml 750ml

    Appletizer Grapetizer Red or White 28

    Lipton Iced Tea Lemon or Peach 28

    Tomato Cocktail 25

    Eggs Benedict 80 Toasted health bread with smoked salmon, fresh dill cream cheese, poached eggs and rocket, topped with hollandaise

    French Toast 79 Bacon, banana and strawberry compote, drizzled with “maple” syrup and homemade peanut butter ice cream

    Le Venue Breakfast 82 Health bread topped with cheese & ham egg cups, served with tomato & chive chutney, exotic mushrooms and a Cumberland sausage

    Health Breakfast 60 Plain Yoghurt, muesli, mixed berry compote and fruit salad

    Ask us about hosting your function, wedding or conference.

    Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon The wine is deep ruby in colour with ripe berry, cherry and chocolate aromas with traces of vanilla and spices on the nose. On the palate this wine is rich and full-bodied with ample prune and cherry flavours and a long lasting aftertaste with a good tannin structure.

    Bacon and Smoked Applewood Cheddar Omelette 79 Bacon, Applewood cheddar, peppadews and sautéed onions, drizzled with basil and lime oil

    Oreo White Hot Chocolate 35 With an Oreo cookie

    White Hot Chocolate 32 With a shortbread cookie

    Spicy Chai Tea 30 With a cinnamon stick

    Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate 35 With a caramel fudge brownie

    Marshmallow Brule Cappuccino 30 With mini pink and white marshmallows

    Vanilla Cappuccino 30 With a mini wafer cone, filled with vanilla cream

    Hazelnut Cappuccino 30 With a hazelnut wafer

    Red Cappuccino 30 With a shortbread cookie

    Ginger Biscuit Cappuccino 30 With a ginger cookie