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  • Inspiring Excellence through PRIDE Principal: Mr Peter Hickey Vere Street South Grafton NSW 2460

    T: 02 6642 3388 F:02 6643 2065

    Last week we received the new return to face-to-face learning guidelines which started on Monday with many additional activities being able to recommence. These activities will still operate under the previous COVID guidelines including relevant hygiene, distancing and safety protocols and demonstrated compliance with health and safety requirements. One of these activities is our outstanding music program and I know our students were very excited to be back attending these lessons.

    Further activities will be allowed from the beginning of Term 3 and specified activities are still under consideration from Term 3. These activities were outlined in the guide for parents and carers which was emailed to our community last Thursday. These guidelines can also be found on our website - https://sthgrafton-p. sthgrafton-p/2020/notes/Face_to_Face_Learning_ Guidelines_for_Families_2020.pdf.

    As mentioned last week our staff are working very hard on this semesters student reports. They will be distributed on the last day of term. We are hoping with the new guidelines to arrange parent/teacher interviews early next term if you require one. We are also happy for you to contact the school and a phone interview can be arranged.

    Last Thursday we held a Student Leadership training day for our Captains and Prefects. Mr Zacek and Mrs McIntyre who coordinate our Student Leadership Program provided an excellent range of leadership activities for our students to participate in. The training day was an outstanding success and our thanks to Mrs McIntyre and Mr Zacek for organising this opportunity for our students.

    We recently purchased four new mobile netball posts for our students to use in the Primary campus during break times and at sport. We have also ordered new cricket pants for our girls and boys cricket teams which we will showcase when they arrive.

    South Grafton Public School Newsletter We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work

    and pay our respects to the Elders both past and present

    Term 2 Week 8 - Thursday 18th June 2020

  • Inspiring Excellence through PRIDE Principal: Mr Peter Hickey Vere Street South Grafton NSW 2460

    T: 02 6642 3388 F:02 6643 2065

    We are very excited our Infants Breakfast program will be beginning early next term. During the holidays we will be renovating the small office area next to the canteen so it may then be used to support this program. Mrs Shorrock will be running this program and she will coordinate with Mrs Dodd who runs our Primary Program. These two programs are extremely valuable to our school and the wellbeing of our students.

    Please remember to practise social distancing when picking up and dropping off your children, particularly on our Infants campus. Please ensure your child has a drink bottle as our bubblers are closed for individual drinking.

    As we move into the cooler months I would like to thank all of our students who have been wearing our school uniform. We are very proud of our uniform. We have had a new delivery of school trackpants and now have size 4 available. Please do not wear generic items. If you require assistance with uniforms please contact myself or the office. Have a great week Mr Peter Hickey Principal SRC - Jelly Bean Guessing Competition

    Don’t forgot our SRC are running a jelly bean guessing competition during the last 3 weeks of Term 2. Students will be able to enter each day at the Primary Campus and each Wednesday at the Infants Campus during lunch time breaks. The cost to enter the competition is 20c per guess. The winners will be announced on the last day of term. Opportunity Class placement for 2021

    Our school has a State funded Opportunity Class known as the OC Class which is provided for students in Years 5 and 6. Each year, students in Year 4 have the opportunity to apply for the following Year 5 class placement. The online application opened for this class and will close Friday 26th June 2020. You will need to access the online application at schools/selective-high-schools-and-opportunity-classes/ year-5. The Opportunity Class Placement Test will take place on Wednesday 16th September 2020. If you require any additional information please contact Mr Zacek. Student Banking

    Student banking will resume on Tuesday 21st July.

    Marvellous Maths with Mrs McGrath Our Investigating in Mathematics groups have been very busy this week creating spreadsheets and graphs that we are using to communicate our findings with the school community. We have been investigating spaces in our playground that can be utilised to add some improvements and additions. This Year 6 group was really surprised to find that even small nooks in our playground take a lot of space. We have been busy with measuring tapes, using the area model and working out different ways to make the most of our playground space. They have also been surveying the entire primary campus in order to gain a better understanding of the types of activities teachers and students want to have. The results are interesting!

    Our traffic controllers have collected all their data regarding travelling home safely from school. We would like to share a couple of graphs with you which we have found interesting. The first is the number of people who use the Vere Street gate in total compared with the number of students that cross the road on Vere Street independently.

    The second graph is the number of students who use the Bent Street gate in total compared to the number of students that use the zebra crossing and those that cross Bent Street without an adult. Now we are discussing some strategies that we can put in place that will reduce this number to 0.

  • Inspiring Excellence through PRIDE Principal: Mr Peter Hickey Vere Street South Grafton NSW 2460

    T: 02 6642 3388 F:02 6643 2065

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