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  • South American Chocolate Cake By: Siddharth Mangalore

  • Ingredients Chocolate Biscuit 2.64 oz (75g) Egg Yolks 0.88 oz (25g) Trimoline (DGF 8301) 4.40 oz (125g) Egg Whites 2.29 oz (65g) Granulated Sugar 5.29 oz (150g) Luker 70% Arauca Dark Chocolate (LUK D120) 4.40 oz (125g) Butter, cubed 2.11 oz (60g) Pastry Flour 1.23 oz (35g) Brazil Nuts, Chopped

    Chocolate Bavarian 3.52 oz (100g) Milk 3.52 oz (100g) Cream 2.25 oz (64g) Yolks 1.19 oz (34g) Sugar 2 Sheets Gelatin, Bronze (DGF 8252) 8.46 oz (240g) Heavy Cream 3.52 oz (100g) Luker 70% Arauca Dark Chocolate (LUK D120)

    Crunchy Feuillatine Base 14.00 oz (74g) Luker Claro de Luna 37% Milk Chocolate (LUK M206) 21.00 oz (357g) Hazelnut Praline Grand Confiseur Paste (DGF 2230) 0.70 oz (170g) Royaltine Crushed Biscuits (DGF 2450)

    70% Arauca Chocolate Whipped Ganache 5.29 oz (150g) Luker 70% Arauca Dark Chocolate (LUK D120) 7.93 oz (225g) 35% Heavy Cream 1.05 oz (30g) Softened Butter

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    Chocolate Bavarian 1. Bloom gelatin in cold water. 2. Whip cream to soft peak stage (similar

    consistency as a milkshake). 3. Make an anglaise with the milk, cream, yolks

    and sugar cooking to 185 F (85 C). Pour onto the chocolate and stir until it dissolves.

    4. Add the bloomed gelatin to the hot liquid and stir until dissolved.

    5. Cool on an ice bath and then fold in the whipped cream.

    6. Use immediately by pouring into a prepared quarter sheet tray.

    7. Freeze.

    Crunchy Feuillatine Base 1. Melt the milk chocolate and add the

    praline paste. 2. Add the royaltine crushed biscuit flakes. 3. Spread a thin layer between 2 Teflon sheets

    and freeze.

    Directions Chocolate Biscuit

    1. Melt chocolate and add cubed butter. Stir until it melts. The cake works best when the chocolate butter mixture is melted but room temperature

    2. Whip the yolks and trimoline until light, fluffy and pale.

    3. Whip the whites and sugar to form a medium stiff peak. Fold yolks into whites. Fold in melted chocolate. Lastly fold in flour.

    4. Spread onto quarter sheet trays and sprinkle with chopped Brazil nuts.

    5. Bake in a 300° F (149° C) convection oven for 15 minutes.

    6. Invert onto sugared parchment to cool.

    South American Chocolate Cake Continued

  • South American Chocolate Cake Continued

    70% Arauca Chocolate Whipped Ganache 1. Heat the cream to a scald. Pour onto the

    chocolate and stir until dissolved. 2. Add the softened butter and chill. 3. Whip on medium speed until soft peak stage.

    Assembly 1. Place the quarter-sized sheet of frozen crunch

    layer onto prepared chocolate biscuit. Top with the second sheet of biscuit.

    2. Spread a layer of whipped chocolate ganache and top with remaining layer of biscuit.

    3. Top with the frozen chocolate Bavarian cream layer.

    4. Melt DGF Glacage Cocoa (DGF 2375) and spread in a thin even layer on the cake.

    5. Slice into squares using a hot knife or guitar. 6. Pipe the 70% ganache on top of each square.

    Garnish with a toasted, sliced Brazil nut and a chocolate Wave decoration (96211).