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March 07, 2012 edition of the Sooke News Mirror


<ul><li><p>BUSINESS AWARDS The Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce gave out the </p><p>awards for 2011. </p><p>Page 19</p><p>OFF-ROAD COME BACK Island Rock Crawler member </p><p>hopes for compromise.Page 27</p><p> Your community, your classi eds P24 75Wednesday, MARCH 7, 2012</p><p>Editorial Page 8 Community Page 19Sports/stats Page 27</p><p>Agreement#40110541</p><p> SOOKESOOKE NEWS 2010 WINNERM I R R O R</p><p>Fire ravages home used for grow op</p><p>Sharron Ho/Pirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror</p><p>An investigation into the home destroyed by a fire, containing a marijuana grow-up, on the 3000-block of Otter Point Road on Feb. 28 has resulted in the arrest of a Sooke resident. </p><p>There was remnants of </p><p>a marijuana grow-op, but it could be a medical mari-juana grow-op, were still looking into that, said Steve Wright, RCMP staff sergeant. </p><p>Police then made stan-dard inquiries to nearby residences, resulting in the arrest of a Sooke resident, after a smell of marijuana </p><p>was found emanating from the home. </p><p>A search warrant exe-cuted and police found large quantities of cash and mari-juana in the residence. </p><p>Were not saying the two houses are related or that the fire is related, Wright said. </p><p>No one was in the house </p><p>at the time of the fire and police have not located resi-dents of the fire-ravaged home. </p><p>The Otter Point Volunteer Fire Department attended the fire when it broke out in the early morning. </p><p>The fire started in the upper level and completely destroyed the upper level </p><p>and extended a little bit down into the lower level, said John McCrea, Captain of the Otter Point VFD. </p><p>We went defensive on it, said McCrea. We played it safe and cleaned it up.</p><p>The Otter Point FD was assisted by the Sooke Fire Department with a water tender and the Rapid Inter-</p><p>vention Team.McCrea said the cause </p><p>of fire could not be deter-mined due to the amount of destruction. </p><p>The house, assessed at $535,000, was destroyed</p><p>An investigation into the fire is still being conducted by the police and fire depart-ment.</p><p>Marijuana odour leads police to neighbouring residence, arrest madeSharron Ho photo</p><p> 250.642.6361 Shelly Davis </p><p>Only wide curving boulevards, mature plantings, spacious sidewalks, attractive streetlights &amp; up-scale homes. This superb custom home has too much too list but some features include 3 garag-es, gourmet kitchen, polished concrete touches. &amp; dramatic views in a light drenched interior . Work-shop, games room, &amp; study in addition to 3 BRs + 2BR legal suite. Spacious 19,000 sq ft lot with underground sewer, water, natural gas &amp; high speed internet. $775,000. </p><p>No Small Lots Here! </p><p>Call me for a private viewing. </p><p>Spacious Lots Priced to Sell !!! </p><p>*** OPEN Saturday 2-4pm *** 2160 Erinan Boulevard </p></li></ul>