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  • SOMMER Aluminium Window

    You need

    low-maintenance aluminium windows

    that retain their attractive finish for years.

    energy-efficient aluminium windows, con-

    sistent with the latest energy conservation

    regulations (EnEV).

    ... a window which is easy to use even in lar-

    ger dimensions.

    ... a window which allows you design free-


    We offer

    a proprietary profile system - SOMMER


    patented constructions.

    through the modular design of our sys-

    tems, security requirements such as burglary,

    fire and blast resistance are met.

    Your advantage

    ... a comprehensive profile system.

    ... excellent stability in all dimensions with

    simultaneous convenient operation.

    conceptualised and optimised for your

    building project - whether a new construc-

    tion, reconstruction or renovation.

    ... valuable and durable elements.

    SOMMER References

    Goethe-University Frankfurt

    State Office for Central Police Services

    (LZPD II) Duisburg

    Alpha-Rotex Frankfurt

    Brooktorkai Hamburg

    Office building CR16 Hamburg

    Lufthansa Training and Conference Centre


  • Contact

    SOMMER Fassadensysteme - Stahlbau -

    Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    Industriestr. 1, 95182 Dhlau

    Sales Department

    Tel. +49 9286 60-810




    System of thermally insulated aluminium profiles for faades, window and door construction. Our profiles allow customised profile geometries. Even the most difficult requirements can be realised with SOKALTHERM. Self-developed special sections allow the implementation of creative ideas even with challenging structures, building physics or static requirements. Naturally the profiles are in different widths, available with internal or external reinforcement, as well as with visible or con-cealed wings. The flexible profile system allows different filling thicknesses for specific functional glass or panel assemblies. The SOKALTHERM profiles are characterised by high stability and torsional rigidity.

    Additional options: Burglar resistance (window) to RC5

    Bullet resistance to FB7

    Blast wave repression

    Profile Cross Section of the SOKALTHERM Series G78

    Technical Data:

    heat transfer coefficient DIN EN ISO 10077-2

    Uf Values: 1.2 to 2 W/mK

    Profile Cross Section of the SOKALTHERM Series G78B


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