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This week's Social Media Roundup will take a more detailed look at the Facebook Pages redesign. The new design will change the way administrators manage their organization Facebook Pages. Some of the major changes to the design include: Photos at the top of the Page, the elimination of tabs, new wall settings and the ability to use Facebook as your Page. Right now, changing to the new design is optional. Admins can go to their Facebook Page and take a tour of the new design. On March 1 however, Facebook will move all Pages to the new design.


  • 1.Social Media RoundupFacebook Pages RedesignExamining Facebooks new look

2. Social Media Roundup AgendaThis weeks Social Media Roundup will examine the Facebook Pagesredesign announced Feb. 10, 2011. Introduction Layout changes Photos at top of the Page No more tabs New wall filters Facebook as your Page Other settings Why do the changes matter? Organization Page has a voice News feeds for your organization Tracking activity on the Page More exposure Managing profanity Adjusting to correct category Redesign warnings 3. Social Media RoundupFacebooks new look After redesigning profile layoutsin December, Facebooklaunched a Pages redesign onFeb. 10. The new layout will change theway administrators manage theirorganization Pages. Now, all Pages will essentiallyhave a voice. The changes willprovide more exposure for thePage while enhancingcommunication and interaction. The next few slides will examinethe changes and outline what thechanges mean for administratorsand Army organizations. 4. Social Media RoundupLayout changesPhotos, tabs, settings 5. Social Media Roundup Photos at the top of the Page Just as it did for profiles, Facebook moved uploaded photos to the top of the Page. Photos can be moved or deleted from the showcase area on top of the Page basedon the needs of the organization. Keep an eye on these photos. If you load photos to the organization albums that arenot visually interesting, remove them from the five photos at the top of the Page. Once you remove a photo from the top, it will still remain in your albums. Keep in mind these photos are the first thing visitors to the Page see. Its important tofeature dynamic photos that are representative of your organization. 6. Social Media RoundupNo more tabs The tabs at the top oforganization Pageshave changed. The tabs are replacedby navigation links onOld Designthe left side of thePage, just like on aprofile Pages. All of the tabs you hadbefore the redesignwill appear on the sideas navigation links.Your organizationsinformation wont be New Designlost. 7. Social Media RoundupNew wall settings Facebook Pages now feature twovisible wall filters. Users can seeposts from the Page and postsfrom everyone else. If you are an admin of the Page,Public Viewyou have two additional filters,Most Recent and Hidden Make sure you remember tochange your wall settings to Onlyposts by page by clicking on EditPage then Manage permissionsso your organizations contentappears first when people visit thePage.Admin View 8. Social Media RoundupFacebook as your page Admins now have the ability tointeract with other areas ofFacebook as a Page. This basicallymeans that the organization Pagefunctions in much the same way asa profile Page. This means admins can: Get notifications when fans interact with your Page or posts See activity from pages you like on your Pages newsfeed Like other Pages and feature them on your Page Make comments as your Page on other Pages Share content from other Pages on your page (much like retweeting). 9. Social Media RoundupOther settings The redesign also provides other features and various new setting controls. Admins can now receive email notifications. The emails will notify pageadministrators when people post or comment on your Page. You can also change your settings to control whether you post and comment onyour Page as your personal profile or as your Page. To change posting preferences and email notifications settings go to Edit Pageand then click on Your Settings on the left. After that, youll see the screen shotbelow. 10. Social Media Roundup Why do the changes matter?How will the changes affect the way Page admins do business? 11. Social Media RoundupSeparating personal from professional Pages One of the major changes in theFacebook redesign is that adminscan use Facebook as the Page. In the old design, organization pageswere connected to personalFacebook profiles, limiting the abilityto comment and interact as theorganization. Now admins can log in as the Pageitself, which enables them tocomment as the Page on otherPages and public user profiles. Commenting as the organizationadds credibility and increases theorganizations ability to distributeAbove is an example of an organizational pagecommenting on another organization page.information.This was not an option with the old design. 12. Social Media RoundupOrganization-specific news feed With the old design, admins had tolike other pages with their personalprofiles in order to follow otherorganizations on Facebook. Thisblurred the lines between personalFacebook use and professionalFacebook use. Now that admins can log in as thePage, they can select who to follow.Then the organizations news feed willbe populated with updates relevant tothe organization rather than a mix ofpersonal and professional updates. The news feed is a useful tool fororganizations and the new designallows multiple admins to track thesame organization feed. 13. Social Media RoundupIncreased exposure On the left side of the new FacebookPage design, admins have theopportunity to feature other FacebookPages. Each Page you like as an adminappears in this section, but you canfeature five specific Pages by checkingthe box next to the organizations icon insettings. If you choose not to feature other Pages,they will rotate randomly each time yourefresh the page. Featuring sites and allowing other Pagesto feature your organization, will helpincrease the exposure of yourorganization and help you build a largerfollowing. 14. Social Media RoundupIncreased exposure Liking and Featuring otherFacebook Pages is a great wayto establish Facebookconnections, but be mindful ofwho your organization followsand features. Do not like companies, brandsor politicians. While yourorganization may not necessarilyendorse these organizations orbeliefs, following certainFacebook Pages represents aOnce you like other Pages make sure you tag theirclear endorsement. Facebook Page when you post Be sensitive to endorsementabout their organization. You can do this by typing @issues. It is advised that before spelling out their Facebook name. Facebookorganizations just like otherwill then provide a hyperlinkgovernment the final post. 15. Social Media Roundup Managing profanityAdd words here Admins can now use the Pages profanity blocklist to select specific words they want to be blocked. When people include blacklisted keywords in a post and or a comment on your Page, the content will be automatically marked as spam. Wall posts will be moved to the Pages Spam filter, which is hidden from public view. Comments will appear in grey to admins, but will not appear to the public. 16. Social Media RoundupManaging profanity While the profanity and spam management tool is valuable, it isnt quite perfect yet. Before you delete everything on your Page that appears in a grey box, make sure you review the content. Occasionally Facebook will mistake websites and links posted by users as spam. If a useful post appears in grey, admins can unmark it as spam and the post will then become public. 17. Social Media RoundupAdjusting to correct category The old Facebook Pages designlocked users into the category theyselected when they set up the page.Many Army organizations checkedlocal business instead ofGovernment and they were unableto change it at a later date. Now, organizations can go into theirPage settings and adjust thecategory to better describe theirFacebook Page. Facebook and the Army recommendthat all Army organizations selectCompanies and Organizations inthe first drop down box, andGovernment Organization in thesecond drop down box. 18. Social Media RoundupRedesign warningsWhat to keep in mind with the new Facebook Pages design 19. Social Media RoundupKnow which Facebook page youre using In some organizations,its not uncommon forone individual to be anadmin on multiplePages. Make sure you knowwhich Facebook Pageyoure using whenposting andcommenting on otherPages. If youre not payingattention, its easy toaccidently post orcomment as the wrongorganization. 20. Social Media Roundup Redesign will soon be automatic Right now, changing to the newdesign is optional. Admins cango to their Facebook Page andtake a tour of the new design. On March 1, the change isautomatic, so all Pages willeventually take on the newdesign. If your organization is not quiteready to make the move, takethe next few days to study thenew design and prepare. Butkeep in mind, its only a matter An Upgrade for Pages - Facebook of time before the design willchange permanently, whether ready or not. 21. Social Media Roundup Summary After redesigning profile designs in December, Facebook launched a Pages redesignFeb. 10. The new layout will change the way administrators manage theirorganization Facebook Pages. Some of the major changes to the design include: Photos at the top of the Page, theelimination of tabs, new wall settings and the ability to use Facebook as your Page. The new design also provides for organization-specific news feeds, emailnotifications, profanity management and increased exposure through the featuredPages option. Right now, changing to the new design is optional. Admins can go to their FacebookPage and take a tour of the new design. On March 1, the change is automatic, so allpages will eventually take on the new design. 22. Social Media Roundup Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.2/15/2010OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON22