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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA & INSURANCE Following customers into social media
  • 2. A COMMUNICATIONS OPPORTUNITY Communication has been democratized The Lifestream Age Consumer generated content Age of the digital camera Wifi & broadband Facebook Doubled since 9/08 Twitter Doubled since 3/09
  • 3. WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? More messages in more places Attract rather than detract Build communities not databases Communicate with instead of at Economy of a million niche markets
  • 4. WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA Google loves social media 24/7 access Connect directly with decision makers Build frequency more efficiently and dynamically
  • 5. BUT HOW CAN I USE IT? Be interesting Build awareness Generate relationships Show passion Demonstrate honesty Create discussions Listen, listen, listen
  • 6. MAIN CONTENT TYPES Social networking (Facebook) Blogs (Wordpress) Microblogs (Twitter) Reference tools (Wikipedia) Peer to Peer Sharing (YouTube) Research (Google Alerts) Peer to Peer Reviews (Yelp)
  • 7. WHAT DO YOU USE IT FOR? Recruiting Branding Call to action Market research Entertainment Networking
  • 8. BUILDING A PLAN P.O.S.T. Method People Objective Strategy Technology
  • 9. PEOPLE Who is your audience? What do they like and dislike? What motivates them? What do they talk about? Obsess over? What are their demographics?
  • 10. OBJECTIVE Who are the stake holders? What is the end goal? What will your audience do if youre successful? Will you organization be more valuable for having started the campaign? Which verbs are important?
  • 11. STRATEGY Which analytics and data will show you reached your objective? What resources (time, labor, financial) are available? Who will have ownership? What are competitors doing?
  • 12. TECHNOLOGY Which technologies are important? Video, picture, audio sharing Per-to-peer networks vs. Blogging When and how will content be generated? Who is the caretaker and observer?
  • 13. ROI Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein
  • 14. ROI Measure Awareness (Web Traffic) Measure Acquisition (Conversion rates) Measure Retention (Reputation management) Qualities (Trust, Influence, Coolness factor)
  • 15. TIPS Have a personality, a perspective and passion Define your audience Listen more than you talk Have a plan and keep the end in mind Make a schedule and budget time
  • 16. TIPS Engage in conversations by being helpful and by giving more than you take Consumers will share their opinions whether or not you want to hear them Concentrate on building word of mouth by delivering interesting and relevant content Build trust and add value first. Bring wine to the picnic
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  • 22. @insuranceanswers Keith Wainauski, Farmers WHO IS USING SOCIAL MEDIA?
  • 23. State Farm Agents WHO IS USING SOCIAL MEDIA?
  • 24. WHAT ARE THEY DOING? Toe dipping Educational content Video, links Staying top of mind Branding as the experts Developing relationships Retweeting, replying, interacting
  • 25. BEST TACTICS Focus on relationship building between people Twitter search conversations Interject value into conversation Use social media tools to be a catalyst for real, in person interaction
  • 26. BEST TACTICS Create an internal platform facilitate sharing of information and creativity Comment, reply, retweet, forward information that adds real value to people Dont be that guy
  • 27. MEASURING EFFECTIVENESS Number of new relationships Traffic to website Increased revenue Decreased expenses Conversion rates
  • 28. TIPS Focus on consultative selling Be educational Watch what you say Walk before running Prove communicate enhance repeat
  • 29. NEXT ACTIONS Develop content and distribute Teach three agents to be experts Evaluate, find successes, repeat
  • 30. NEED HELP William Crozer 702.339.3002