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Smart Phone Apps

Presentation by Reshma Gaikwad

Smart Phone Application

What is Smart phone ? A mobile Phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically have a touchscreen interface, internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps.

What is Mobile Apps/Smart Phone Apps? Smart Phone Apps - is a software application designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones & tablet , rather than laptop & desktop computers.

Basic InformationSmart phone Application can be designed for different platform like Android APK, Apple IOS, Windows, etc.Apps are meant to give more convenience to the customer and to the owner.

Customer/User as they can access anywhere provided internet connection or some of the apps to which internet is not required e.g. Online shopping apps ( Internet based) & gaming apps Owner they can reach customer 24/7

Benefits are numerous. Firstly it increases brand awareness. The quicker and better app developed will publicize you brand in a better way.And few other benefits are:Customer interaction- The newer developments will only make all types of business communication more pleasant & appealing to all your customers.Customer Loyalty is also established through app development as people find it easier to interact with you companyAdvertisement the other way of generating income.Competitors you can get a good edge over your competitors Generating revenue etc.

Benefits of Smartphone Application

Process Developing


Client has different definition for the app and developer has different ideas and logic which he makes use in developing the app

Concept development is the process whereby concepts are developed for a new product.There are many aspects to consider when a concept is developed, depending upon product, aim, potential customer etc., and the importance of this aspect they should consider in the concept and integrated in the resulting product.Design it is just a blue print.Concept development & Design

DemandSupplyTesting & Deployment

House Help APP This was the very first application we had developed it was a try and which turned out well. House help App was developed for In house and it was only for Android users.

We all buy milk on daily basis in form of packet or in the form of litre and different type of milk ,we use laundry for ironing our clothes so we have to maintain the records daily in a paper and then we have to calculate.

Also in ironing shirt, pant and sari different type of clothes have different price so, to reduce all these work we had developed application called House App to calculate Milk and Laundry Calculation in easy way.

Purpose House App

Updating - APPThere are 2 ways:

Updating DATA Change in price , adding more information etc.

Updating Features Change in coding like fixing a bug, adding new design etc.

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