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"Monetizing Windows Phone Apps" is the presentation i've done at the Microsoft Student Champs Meeting. Its about what business models are available to earn revenue in Windows Phone ecosystem.


  • 1. Monetizing Windows Phone Apps Kasun Kodagoda ICT Undergraduate @ RUSL

2. Overview First Steps of Monetization Business Models What can you do? Demos Q&A 3. First Steps of Monetization High App Revenue Select Best Business Model Market the App Publish the App Optimize the App Develop App Select the widest audience Learn from Feedback & Performance Learn for Next App 4. Business Models Paid Apps In-App Purchase Mobile Ads 5. Mobile Ads Show mobile ads in your WP app Select the right app to display mobile ads Good business model for apps that are Used Frequently Used for many hours per day Use Microsoft Ad Control There are many third party ad providers 6. Mobile Ads Third party Ad Providers 7. Mobile Ads Best Practices Dont be intrusive Dont compete with the content of the app Make the ad a part of the design One ad per page Set to AutoCollapse Use auto or manual refresh Trap exceptions and display your ads 8. DEMO Using Mobile Ads 9. Paid Apps Traditional model. Can have paid+trial Over 90% of the highest grossing apps have trial capability enabled. Average conversion rate is 1-5 % If you are doing over 10% you are doing great. 2 ways of implementing trial experience. Feature limited trial Time limited trial 10. In-App Purchase Only available in Windows Phone 8 Best business model in WP8 for higher revenue Sell digital items inside the app Call Freemium Model Publish the app in Free section of the store Adds value through IAP 2 types of digital material Consumables Durables 11. In-App Purchase Consumables Durables Digital items that you buy, they consume when used. Digital items that you buy once and own forever E.g.: Game Credits Weapon Ammo Game Hints E.g.: Maps Game Characters Weapons Game Levels Sound Tracks 12. In-App Purchase Best Practices Design the app with IAP in mind Give some functionality to the user Can offer multiple versions of the app Give descriptive details about what user is buying 13. Free+IAP vs. Paid+Trial Paid+Trial App shown in Managed by Options Support Paid App Section Operating System (Little development work) Trial Only WP 7 & 8 Free App Section (more users) By App (Developer has more work) Many (multiple versions, consumables, durables) WP 8 Free+IAP 14. DEMO Implementing Trial Experience 15. What can you do? Keep it simple as possible Not very complex input operations Get it done in fewer taps Create great user experience 16. What can you do? Modern is good, but dont limit your self Stick to the guidelines Use high res images, quality audio Create cool UI 17. What can you do? First 2 lines of the description is important List out features of the app Add update details Upload good screen shots Create an attractive icon Dont forget to upload a background image Attractive marketplace details 18. What can you do? Rating, Feedback prompts But, DONT nag them Crash reports Entice the user to give feedback Implement feedback mechanisms 19. What can you do? Add features Fix bugs and crashes Update often Test your app on multiple devices if possible Use Nokia RDA (Remote Device Access) Monitor and react to feedback 20. What can you do? Live tiles Lock screen notifications Lock screen images Toasts etc. Use what WP has to offer 21. What can you do? Reach a bigger market Speak to users in their own language Very easy to implement E.g. Multilingual Toolkit from Microsoft Localize your app 22. DEMO Localizing your WP App 23. What can you do? Facebook pages, tweet Post on WP groups on Facebook If people are talking about your app, reach out to them Drop the price once in a while Get in to dev communities like Nokia Dvlup Do promotion of your app 24. Q&A Kasun Kodagoda 071-7673839 25. See Ya!!! 26. China Latin America US & Canada Germany, France, UK Europe India Other App Downloads English Mandarin Spanish Russian Italian Others Primary User Languages Some Important Stats * For the calendar year of 2013