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<ul><li> 1. If you were given a chance would you? to do something for your country</li></ul> <p> 2. You dont have tojoin the army All you have to do is You dont have towear only khaki You dont have togive up pizza 3. tep Take a small 4. N Say to throw-away plastic bags 5. You might ask why? Why go through the trouble of replacing them? Plastic bags arecheap What difference would it make? easily available handy 6. This is why 7. It is estimated that India alone generates5600 tonsof plastic waste daily. Discarded plastic bags litter our streets and our fields. It is a hazard to our environment and all who live in it. 8. Think about it We do have a choice. 9. is an initiative to promote a more environmentally and socially just world. Our first step is to promote a responsible alternative to plastic shopping bags. 10. Instead of accepting throw-away plastic shopping bags Carry your ownre-usable bag Its a simple step you can taketo protect the environment.Think about it 11. we have a compact cloth shopping bag specially designed for you. Andif you want to do it in style 12. Compact Portable Practical Cloth bag 13. Back pack All bags in asmallpouch Shopping bag 14. Our compact design allows you to carry your own bag anytime anywhere. 15. TenmillionHand crafted bags distributedaround the world for a cleaner environmentcreating1000 jobsin the villages Bags bring jobs empowering women 16. Our project aims at inspiring people to accept a responsible alternative to plastic whenever possible. To take this first small step, we need active participation at every level, starting with the individuals conscious choice. 17. Be a little bagAmbassador help us carry the message&amp; Spread awareness for the environment Join Us 18. Be a little bagGuardian Join Us For Bangalore chapter please contact Mr.Arun Kumar (Small Step Ambassador) +91 9886132507[email_address] Sponsor a bag 19. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step Lao Tseu</p>