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Our hobbies

Lucia, Lenka, JaroslavLuciaI like dancing majorretes, playing floorball and at home I like make cakes.LenkaI like listening music and going out with my friends.JaroslavI like playing football. I like watching TV

Ivana, Monika, PeaIvana I like cycling, roller-blading, my friends, family and going to the fitness center. Monika I like listening to music, volleyball, roller-blading and my family PeaI like fitness, listening to music and go out with my friends.

Zuzka, Alexandra, MonikaZuzkaI like swiming, riding a bike , skating, listening to music, running and sometimes reading books.Saka I like playing football, listening to music, fun, going out with my friends. Monika I like running. I like listening to music and going out with my friends and reading books.

Kristna, Karolna, LauraWe like listening music, dancing, singing, learning English. We also love watching movie and spending time with our friends and families.

Nika, DominikaNikaI like voleyball. My favorite book is Ink Heard. My favorite DJ is Martin Garrix.Dominika I love books, coffee, my boyfriend of course and movies. My favourite movie is SAW and my favourite music groups are Asking Alexandria and Hollywood undead

Andrea, Terzia, IzabelaAndrealike roller-blading and riding a horse. TerziaI like riding a horse and I love firesport som much too. Izabela I like playing hockeyball, florball and ice hocky.

Rebecca,NatliaRebecca I like playing fotball. NatliaI like listening to music and learning English.

Betka, BetkaBetkaI like swimming, listening music and learning English. Betka I like learning English and reading books.

Andrea, KatarnaAndreaI like listening to music, dancing and reading books.Katarna I like going out with friends, listening music and sport.

Dvid, Filip, DominikDvidI like listen to music and playing drums. Dominik I like sporting and cooking. Filip I like playing football. I am also a member of Teplika's football team.

Dominika, Pea, MikaPea I love football. I play football 4 years. I am in football team with boys. I like listening music.Doma I like listening to music, hanging out with my friend and I love FOOD . Mika I love My chemical Romance. I listen to their music all the time. I like drawing and hanging out with my friend.