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  • If you have aspine, visit our complete

    brand guidelines

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    Contents.4. A conversation.

    12. What is Skype?

    14. Our mission.

    16. Words we like/dont like.

    18. Who are our users?

    26. Our tone of voice.

    28. Our logo.

    30. Our colours.

    32. Our typefaces.

    34. Logo dos and donts.

    38. Our strapline.

    42. Our speech bubbles.

    46. Applying the speech bubbles

    to printed material.

    48. Applying the speech bubbles

    to online material.

    50. Giving our users a voice.

    52. Using photography and illustration.

    56. Partner activities.

    58. Partnering logos with the ampersand.

    60. Applying partnered logos.

    62. The end bit.

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    Yeah, imagine if peoplecould send doughnutsthrough the internet.

    The nearly exact conversation that led to Niklas and Janus creating Skype.

    Wouldnt it be nicei f people could transferstuff between themselves

    other than files.

  • 76

    Mmm, doughnuts........... Mmm, doughnuts...........

  • 98

    What i f people couldtransfer their words - like a

    phone without the phone.And without the phonebill.

  • 1110

    That would be anice thing to do. So we should do it.

  • 1312

    What is Skype?

    Its a bird!Um, no its a bit

    of software.

    Skype is a piece of software that allows peoplearound the world to talk to each other for free.

    Sure, weve heard this all before. As a company,were all used to that notion. But then Mister Wu,Smith and Blanc arent. They may know nothingabout Skype. For all we know, they may thinkthe name is some sort of sexually transmitteddisease, pyramid scheme or a car made in deepest,darkest Bohemia.

    So once again, Skype is for the people. Skype iseverything that a teleco is not: generous, interestedand proactive. We allow people to talk each otherand the world for free.

    That will always be news.

  • Our mission.

    Find people who chargefor basic things like talkingand peeing, and give them a

    kick in the shins.


    Make stuff simplerand easier, because theresenough useless buttons in

    the world already.

    Give the whole world theability to make beautiful,lovely, clear and free calls.

    Share!thats why

    we exist.Say hello

    to someone you dontknow at least once aday (even if theyre

    really miserablelooking).

  • Words we like.







    Words we dont like.





  • 18

    Who are our users?


    There are millions of Skype users, and the numbersare growing exponentially.

    To reach our potential we have to know ourcurrent users and seek out new ones. The applicationsfor Skype are infinite. Take a moment to thinkabout who else could use Skype.

    If you have an idea, tell someone. Sharing ideas iswhat makes us unique.

    Im 16. I spend a good80% of my lifeshooting holes in my online

    friends heads. I like Skype

    because now I can put a voice

    to my kill.

  • Im 38 and am what youd call aheavy user. No fat jokes please. I run a

    medium-sized business. Ive got all my staffon Skype and am converting my clients too.

    I like Skype because it saves me money.Saving money makes me happy.


    Im 73. I got thehang of email a few years back

    and now there is no stopping me. I like Skype because it lets me keep

    in touch with my daughter in Uganda.The hard part is converting

    my grandkids.

  • Im 25 and lovediscovering new things beforemy friends do. I like Skypebecause they are like theunderdog in a sea of big,

    stinky labradors.


    Im 42. I downloadedSkype a few months back

    because a friend abroad nagged me.I tried it once but I couldnt get thesound settings working. He reckons

    I need a pair of headphones.I havent quite got

    Skype yet.

  • Skype is downloaded298 times per minute.

    (Thats 156,428,415 a year*in case youre wondering. )

    Its likeyoure inthe nextroom.



    isnt it?

    *Correct at time of print but bound to be laughably inaccurate by now.

  • 2726

    For instance You could think of us as thatoverly generous Aunt who always insists you havea third helping. We prefer to think of ourselvesas a big group hug, even a present. Yes thats it,were a present but without the ribbon.

    The Skype tone of voice is unique. As a companybuilt around our users, the Skype voice is alwaysplain-speaking and human.

    Our products are always explained in the simplestterms. If your mum couldnt understand what isbeing written, then its not the Skype voice.

    Humour is an important part of the Skype voice.We dont tell one liners, but employ a gentle wit toengage our users.

    Our tone of voice.


    hehe Idontget it.

  • 2928

    Our logo is our most valuable asset. We must treatit nicely. Never abuse our logo, it doesnt have armsso it cant fight back.

    There are two logo variations that cover allpossible applications. One is a simple version forprinted material. The other is a more embellishedversion for online usage.

    Our logo. Printed material

    Online material

  • 3130

    Our colours.

    Pantone Process Cyan CCMYK 100/0/0/0RGB 0/175/240HEX 00AFF0


    Pantone 376 CCMYK 55/5/100/0RGB 135/200/10HEX 87C80A


    Pantone 254 CCMYK 55/100/5/0RGB 140/40/140HEX 8C288C


    Pantone 116 CCMYK 0/10/100/0RGB 255/205/0HEX FFCD00


    Pantone 151 CCMYK 0/60/100/0RGB 255/115/0HEX FF7300


    You canonly reproduce

    the Skypelogo in this


  • 3332


    Akbar is our handwritten fontthat is good for telling more detailedstories in speech bubbles.Chaletbook

    The Chaletbook type family is our corporate font. Not that

    any of us wear suits too often. Chaletbook must be used

    outside of speech bubbles.

    Chaletbook is a nice, simple font good for anything from

    headlines to text. If in doubt, use Chaletbook.

    Chaletbook also comes in bold. Its called Chaletbook Bold.

    Our typefaces.

  • 3534

    Always leave the logo some space to breathe.

    You wouldnt wear one blue sock and one orangesock. Take a moment to think about how you applythe Skype logo.

    Were not a rules and regulations kind ofcompany, nonetheless here are some examples ofwhat we think is cool and what should be punishableby red-hot Skype poker to the buttocks.

    Logo dos and donts.

    Dont sit the logo on yucky colours.

    Use white or neutral backgrounds.

  • 3736

    Do not reverse the logo from backgrounds that are too lightor cluttered.

    If its unavoidable to sit the Skype logo on a colour (we preferSkype blue) or photo, use the negative logo.

  • 3938

    The whole world can talk for free.

    This is our strapline. To the uninitiated, it is a clearexplanation of the Skype offering.

    Wherever possible, the Skype logo should appear with the strapline.

    The logo has been set in a number of differentformats. Pick the one that best suits the usage.

    Our Strapline.

    The strapline is set in our

    house font - Chaletbook Bold. is a 50% shade of

    Skype blue. Never recreate this

    line in another font.

  • 4140

  • 4342

    As a company that enables people to talk forfree, the speech bubble is a potent and uniquesymbol to Skype. We will own the speech bubble.

    Skype is a frenetic, energetic brand that isconstantly moving. The speech bubbles must reflectthis energy by always being handmade. Draw them,paint them, just dont computer generate them.Feel free to add to the ones weve supplied.

    Our speech bubbles.

  • 4544

    Speech bubbles like this are pretty but need to be in one ofSkypes five colours.

    Computer generated speech bubbles look rigid and lifeless.Unlike Skype.

  • 4746

    Main Skypemessage alwaysappears in solid blue speechbubble.

    Secondary speech bubble text is always the same colour as the bubble.On printed material, whenever there is a main

    message from Skype, it should appear in white typereversed out from a solid Skype Blue speech bubble.

    The shape of the speech bubble is optional - usewhatever shape that best serves the space you aretrying to fill.

    Secondary messages should appear in outlinebubbles in one of the five Skype colours.

    Applying the speech bubblesto printed material.


    from here.



    dogs canuse it.

  • 4948

    Call anywhere in the world free. Whatsthe catch?


    Whatsthe catch?

    Really?I smella rat.


    No rats, no catches, just free calls.

    For online material, the main Skype message shouldalways appear in a solid blue bubble. Again the shapeof the bubble is completely open.

    Secondary messages, or the voices of our usersalways appear in outlined speech bubbles in one ofthe five Skype colours.

    Applying the speech bubblesto online material.

    The whole world can talk for free.

  • 5150

    This story came from the Skype forum. Re-told on a piece ofadvertising with the Skype name attached, it is a fascinatinginsight into our community.

    Skype is all about words and communication betweenpeople. Real people. Lets celebrate this.

    Wherever possible, lets show the real stories of Skype.There are loads of good stories out there. Find them and re-tell them through the speech bubbles.

    Lets provoke dialogue amongst the Skype community.Use our fans as evangelists and let them help spread the word.

    Giving our users a voice.

    Chat up a stranger atthe pub. 7000 miles away.

    We now have a Skype phone on the bar at the RobbieOconnells Irish Pub in Daytona, Florida. So if you wouldlike to talk with our patrons give us a call. But beware,

    they have been known to solicit pints from peopleon the internet with homemade signs and pathetic pleas.

    Skype me! robbieoconnellspub

  • 5352

    Skype uses images that are warm and quirky.

    The speech bubble should be at the heart of allSkype communications, but there will be times whenwe need to introduce additional elements likephotography and illustration.

    The brief for any commissioned work should be inline with the way we apply speech bubbles. We shouldlook for energetic, fresh, fun styles, rather thantight, contrived and overly formal styles.

    Using photography and illustration. The day the BBC nearly had no news.I'm the Technical Director for the BBC World Service Bureau in Boston, USA.

    We were recently trying to do an interview with a reporter in Baghdad butwere unable to establish a connection via our usual communications links so Ihad him initiate a Skype call to us through his PC. It worked really well.The sound was usable and we aired it to 180+ public radio stationsin the US, and almost 2.5 million listeners nationwide.

    Skype me! bbcman-in-boston

  • 5554

    Yikes! Speech bubbles are for words, not pictures.

    The whole worldcan talk for

    I joined the mile high club.I was flying between Tokyo and London. Somewhereover Siberia, using the new wireless service provided,I was able to phone both a colleague in London PCto PC and my wife back in Japan on our landline.Not bad considering the phones on board cost $7.80a minute.

    Skype Me! bugablog

    Full bleed images, should complement thespeech bubbles.

  • 5756

    Our partners help bring our message to a wideraudience. We love working with other excitingcompanies, because we get to do even cooler stuff.

    Its important that co-branded work bring aclear offering to our customers. Its not about who gets their logo biggest but rather communicatingthat the partnership is happy and fruitful.

    Partner Activities.


  • 5958

    The hand-drawn ampersand is the device that bringsour logo together with our partners. It creates arelationship which is strong, yet relaxed and fluid.

    Always allow the width of the Skype s between theampersand and the Skype logo.

    Partnering logoswith the ampersand.


  • 6160

    The Skype logo should always be positioned to thebottom right of the page in all instances.

    When applying partnered logos in online situations,the Skype logo can appear without the strapline.

    Applying partnered logos.Skype

    someonefrom here.



    dogs canuse it.


    Tell me more.

    On stand-alone printed material the Skype logoshould always appear with the strapline in place.

  • 63

    Dont make me come after you with my 40 cm wooden ruler.

    Check out our complete brandguidelines at skype, Password: br4nd

    or Skype me! Malthe


    Skype is a rapidly expanding brand. Each daybrings new challenges and opportunities.

    We must apply a consistency to our many andvaried communications now. By following these basicrules we present a unified voice to our users.

    The end bit.

    What if Idont?

    Oh Im so scared.

    Malthe Sigurdsson - Skype Creative Director (identity obscured for his own protection).

  • What are you looking at?

    Im a book worm OK? I dont have a computer,

    or a voice,or even fingers.

    This book has been printed on paper manufactured using 100% chlorine-free woodpulp, from sustainable,managed plantation forests. This paper has been awarded the Nordic Swan environmental product label.