Sixty-Sixth Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the History of Civilization (To July 1944)

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  • Sixty-Sixth Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of theHistory of Civilization (To July 1944)Author(s): George Sarton and Frances SiegelSource: Isis, Vol. 35, No. 3 (Summer, 1944), pp. 221-278Published by: The University of Chicago Press on behalf of The History of Science SocietyStable URL: .Accessed: 15/06/2014 14:46

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    OF THE


    (TO JULY I944)

    THE latest Critical Bibliography to appear was the sixty-fifth which was published in Isis, 35, 53-94, 1944, but two bibliographies, nos. 58 and 59, are thus far unavailable to the majority of our readers because of the German invasion of Belgium. The bibliography no. 58 has actually been published in Isis (vol. 31, 49I-608, April I940), but only nine copies of the issue containing it (no. 84 of Isis com- pleting vol. 31) have reached America.

    This sixty-sixth bibliography contains about 830 items. They have been kindly contributed by the six following scholars:

    C. A. KOFOID (Berkeley, Cal.) V. F. LENZEN (Berkeley, Cal.) M. F. A. MONTAGU (Merion, Pa.) A. POGO (Cambridge, Mass.) G. SARTON (Cambridge, Mass.) C. ZIRKLE (Philadelphia).

    The sections dealing with Antiquity (sections I- 5) are especially full, as I have liquidated as much as I could of my stock of notes concerning them. I have in my drawers a large number of notes which will be published as soon as it has been possible to check them upon the originals or otherwise.

    The historical classification (Part II) contains a new section, (IV), "The New World and Africa," divided into three subsections: (a) America, (b) Oceania, (c) Africa. (These subsections have not been numbered, in order not to disturb the number- ing of sections of Part III).

    I entreat the authors of relevant books and papers to send me copies of them as promptly as possible in order that their studies may be registered in this bibliography and eventually reviewed and discussed. By so doing they will not simply help me and every other historian of science, but they will help them- selves in the best manner, for they will obtain for their work the most valuable publicity and its cer- tain incorporation into the literature of the subject.

    Most of the notes were selected by me. They were typed by Miss FRANCES SIEGEL, and the typ- ing and proofs read by Dr. A. POGO.

    GEORGE SARTON Harvard Library, I85 Cambridge 38, Mass. August 3, I944

    PART I



    Bodde, Derk. Further remarks on the identifica- tion of LAO Tzu. A last reply to Professor DUBs. Journal of the American Oriental Society, 64, 24-27, I944.

    Hughes, Ernest Richard. The great learning and the mean-in-action. Newly translated from the Chinese, with an introductory essay on the history of Chinese philosophy. xi+I76 p. Lon- don, Dent, 1942.

    New translation reviewed by WING-TSIT CHAN, Jour- nal of the American Oriental Society, 63, 291-92, I943.

    Maspero, Henri. La composition et la date du Tso tchouan. Melanges chinois et bouddhiques, I, I37-215, 1932.

    Summarizing and discussing Chinese controversies con- cerning the authenticity and date of the Tso chuan. "Les opinions sur la composition et la date du Tso tchouan se repartissent en trois groupes: la theorie traditionnelle qui fait de l'auteur un contemporain de CONFUCIUS; la th6orie revolutionnaire qui fait du livre un faux de la fin des Han Anterieurs, et le considere comme compile, interpole, remanie par le savant qui l'edita a la fin du Ier siecle avant notre ere, LIEOU HINi enfin, entre ces deux extremes, une theorie moyenne qui voit dans ce livre une oeuvre anterieure aux Han, mais notablement plus recente que l'epoque de CONFUCIUS."

    Waley, Arthur. Did BUDDHA die of eating pork? With a note on BUDDHA'S image. Melanges chi- nois et bouddhiques, I, 343-54, 1932.

    Yetts, W. Perceval. The legend of CONFUCIUS. 42 p., 13 figs. (China Society Occasional Papers, new series, no. 5). London, China Society, I943.

    IVTH CENTURY B.C. (whole and first half)

    Cornford, Francis Macdonald ( 874- 943). PLATO and PARMENIDES: PARMENIDES' way of truth and PLATO'S Parmenides translated with in- troduction and running commentary. xvii+25I p. London, Kegan Paul, I939.


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  • IVth B.C. ( ) to IInd (i)

    Kelsen, Hans. Platonic love. The American Imago, 3, IIo p., 1942.

    Morrow, Glenn R. PLATOS law of slavery in its relation to Greek law. I40 p. (Illinois Studies in Language and Literature, 25). Urbana, Uni- versity of Illinois Press, 1939.

    Robinson, Richard. PLATO'S earlier dialectic. viii+239 p. Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell University Press, I941.

    Skemp, Joseph Bright. The theory of motion in PLATO'S later dialogues. xv+123 p. Cam-

    bridge University Press, 1942.

    Stenzel, Julius (I883-I935). PLATO'S method of dialectic. Transl. and ed. by D. J. ALLAN. xliii+I70 p. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1940.

    IIND CENTURY B.C. (whole and first half)

    Wassermann, Felix M. POLYBIUS as a political educator. Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, 73, xxxii- xxxiv, 1942.

    IST CENTURY B.C. (whole and first half)

    Drabkin, I. E. POSIDONIUS and the circumference of the earth. Isis, 34, 509-12, I fig., I943.

    Leonard, William Ellery; Smith, Stanley Barney. T. LUCRETII CARI De rerum natura. Libri sex. Edited with introduction and com-

    mentary. x+886 p., 8 pls. Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, I942.

    Reviewed by CHARLES A. KOFOID, Isis, 34, 514, I943.

    IST CENTURY B.C. (second half)

    Hefrouville, P. d'(S.J.). Agriculture et astrono- mie dans les Georgiques. Les Etudes classiques, 7, 465-7I, I pl., I938.

    Riposati, Benedetto. M. TERENTI VARRONIS De vita populi Romani. Fonti, esegesi, edizione critica dei frammenti. ix+320 p. (Pubblicazione dell' Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 23). Milan, 1939.

    IST CENTURY (second half)

    Barlow, Claude W. Epistolae SENECAE ad PAU- LUM et PAULI ad SENECAM. vii+ 64 p. (Pa- pers and monographs of the American Academy in Rome, Io). 1938.

    Dubs, Homer H. The history of the former Han dynasty, by PAN Ku. Translation, volumes I and 2. First division, The Imperial Annals, chapters I-X. A critical translation with annota- tions. With the collaboration of P'AN LO-CHI and

    JEN T'AI. xiii+339 p., map; ix+426 p. Balti-

    more, Waverly Press, I938-44 ($9.00). These two volumes contain the text and translation,

    with abundant notes, of chapters I-X (out of twelve) of the Imperial Annals (Ti-chi) which constitute the first division of the Ch'iez Han-shu, or history of the Earlier Han, the second of the Dynastic Histories of China (Introd. I, 264). A third volume will contain chapters XI-XII, and two additional volumes, the prolegomena, index and glossary. The full value of DuBs' work will appear only when those five volumes are published. In the meanwhile the importance and earnestness of the undertaking are clear enough, and we should be very grateful to the author and his sponsors, the ACLS and the LC. I do not know of any other effort comparable to it except EDOUARD CHAVANNES' translation of the Shih-chi of SSU-MA CH'IEN (II-2 B.C.), but CHAVAN- NES' work (5 vols., Paris I895-1905) does not include the Chinese text. CHAVANNES lived until 1918 but for some reason he never completed the task he had begun so well. We wish Dr. DUBS better luck. He has taken the pains to prepare an explanatory introduction to each chapter and has added a number of astronomical append- ices wherein calendars, conjunctions, and eclipses are dis- cussed. Other appendices deal with weights and meas- ures, the sacred field, the establishment of year-periods (a Han innovation), the study of the classics, the nature of clerkly writing (shih-shu), the victory of Han Con- fucianism, etc. A reference to coal occurs under date 25 B.C., this being probably the earliest account of a coal seam on fire. This fact is quoted among many others which will not be truly available before the publication of the index and glossary. The value of the Ch'ien Han- shu need not be underlined; this translation will make that Chinese treasure available to the Western Republic of Letters; its publication is especially opportune at this time, for it is a welcome sign of good will to the Chinese nation which shares our war burden and has displayed so much heroism in its resistance to the Japanese invaders.


    IIND CENTURY (whole and first half)

    Caster, Marcel. Etudes sur ALEXANDRE ou le Faux Prophete de LUCIEN, these complementaire. lxv+-102 p., I pl. Paris, Les Belles-Lettres, I938.

    Reviewed by CH. P., Revue archeologique, 13, 305- o6, 1939. Apropos of the famous impostor, ALEXANDER OF ABONOTEICHOS, in Paphlagonia, of whom LUCIAN has given an amusing account. G. S.

    Knox, John. MARCION and the New Testament. An essay in the early history of the canon. ix+ I95 p. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, I942.

    "May I sum up the conclusion of this book by saying that although various apostolic and pseudo-apostolic


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  • lind (i) to IXth (z)

    writings were known generally among the churches of the early second century and were held in high esteem in the several communities, they were not, except by the 'heretics,' at first regarded as having the value of Scrip- turei that the impulse toward a distinctively Christian canon was given largely by MARCION; that the organi- zation of the new canon followed the general pattern of the Marcionite Scriptures with its twofold organization as 'Gospel and Apostle'; that the method of the anti- Marcionite churches was in general to accept MARCION'S Scriptures and to enlarge them; that this method was followed in the case both of the 'Apostle' and of the 'Gospel'; that Luke-Acts, itself a 'Gospel and Apostle,' stands somewhere between the 'Gospel and Apostle' of MARCION and the 'Gospel and Apostle' of the catholic New Testament; and that the four-fold Gospel is in part to be explained by MARCION'S use of a single Gospel."

    IIIRD CENTURY (whole and first half)

    Eberhard, W.; Miiller, R. Contributions to the

    astronomy of the San-kuo period. Monumenta Serica, 2, I49-64, 3 tables, I936-37.

    "In this study we have considered a text whose con- tents are astronomical, and we have discussed whether it is really of the date attributed to it-the 3rd cent. A.D. The tests made use of were the data for the in- clination of the ecliptic and the position of the winter solstice. Each calculation completed and confirmed the other. According to these tests the text must have been worked over in the 4th century A.D. At the same time a dubious book, the I-ssu-chan attributed to a certain LI CH'UN-FENG, was also tested, and it was likewise shown that it must have been worked over. We have also discussed the practicability and exactness of these methods of investigation and the possibility of their application to other texts."

    Olmstead, A. T. The mid-third century of the Christian era. Classical Philology, 37, 241-62, 398-420, 1942.

    IVTH CENTURY (whole and first half)

    Daube, David. Collatio 2. 6. 5. Essays in hon- our of the Very Rev. Dr. J. H. HERTZ, I I 1-29, London, 1942.

    "The great mystery of the Collatio legum Mosaicarum et Romanarum can be regarded as solved: it has been convincingly shown that the work was written early in the fourth century by a Roman Jew, whose object it was to prove to his pagan compatriots that not only was Jewish Law quite compatible with Roman Law, but the principal rules of the latter were all anticipated bv MOSES. It is the purpose of this note to examine a pas- sage of the Collatio which, as it appears in the manu- scripts (all medieval), is obviously corrupt."

    Feifel, Eugene. Pao-p'u tzu. Nei-p'ien, chapter I-III. Translated and annotated. Monumenta Serica, 6, 113-211, I94I.

    The Pao-p'o-tzu is traditionally ascribed to Ko HUNG (IV-I), for whom see my Introd. I, 355. G. S.

    IVTH CENTURY (second half)

    Keenan, Mary Emily. ST. GREGORY of Nyssa and the medical profession. Bulletin of the His-

    tory of Medicine, 15, 150-6I, 1944.

    VITH CENTURY (whole and first half)

    Bark, William. THEODORIC vs. BOETHIUS: vin- dication and apology. American Historical Re-

    view, 49, 4I0-26, I944.

    Swift, Emerson H. Hagia Sophia. xvii+265 p., 46 pls., 34 figs. New York, Columbia University Press, I940.

    VIITH CENTURY (whole and first half)

    Ch'en Yuan. The Ch'ieh yiin and its Hsien-pi authorship. Translated by YING TS'IEN-LI. Monumenta Serica, I, 245-52, 1935-36.

    Apropos of the earliest extant Chinese phonetic dic- tionary, completed in 60o by Lu FA-YEN (Introd. I, 486). G. S.

    VIIITH CENTURY (second half)

    Estey, F. N. CHARLEMAGNE'S silver celestial ta- ble. Speculum, 13, 112-17, 7 figs., I943-

    Johnson, Rozelle Parker. Compositiones va- riae, from Codex 490, Biblioteca Capitolare, Lucca, Italy. An introductory study. I16 p. (Illinois Studies in Language and Literature, 23, no. 3). Urbana, University of Illinois Press, I939.

    Reviewed by D. B. HARDEN, Journal of Roman Studies, 29, 259-60, 1939.

    Mackinney, Loren C. An unpublished treatise on medicine and magic from the age of CHARLE- MAGNE. Speculum, 18, 494-96, I pl., I943.

    Apropos of the Epistula vulturis, a short text includ- ing 17 medical and magical recipes compounded from portions of vulture and other substances. See very im- portant addition to this article by G. L. DELLA VIDA (Speculum, 19, 364, 1944). G. S.

    IXTH CENTURY (whole and first half)

    Dunlop, D. M. MUHAMMAD B. MMUSA AL- KHWARIZMI. Journal of the Royal Asiatic So- ciety, 248-50, I943.

    Lichtenstiidter, Ilse....


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