Six parts of Tragedy Charecter , Tragic hero and Hamartia

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<ul><li><p>Character in six part of TragedyPresented by Megha B TrivediSmt.S.B.Gardi Department of English MKBUPresentation Topic Character in six part of Tragedy , Tragic Hero and HamartiaPaper No 3 Literary Theory &amp; Criticism: Western 1M.A Sem 1Roll No 25Batch 2016-2018Email Id meghatrivedi666@gmail.comEnrolment No - 2069108420170030</p></li><li><p>Definition of Tragedy Tragedy is an imitation of an action, serious, complete and of a certain magnitude in a language beautified in different parts with different kinds of embellishment, through action and not narration, and through scenes of pity and fear bringing about the Catharsis of these emotion.Aristotle Tragedy show rather than tells.</p></li><li><p>Six part of Tragedy</p></li><li><p>Greek namePlot FableCharacter EthosSpectacle OpsisMelody / Songs MelosDiction LexisThought - Dianoia</p></li><li><p>CharacterCharacter will support plotImportant qualities of characters in tregedy</p><p> Good or fine Fitness of character True to life Consistency (true to themselves) 5) Necessary Or probable6) True to life and Yet more beautiful </p></li><li><p>Tragic HeroHero of tragedy or protagonist1) A good man coming to bad end2) A bad man coming to good end3) A bad man - coming to bad end4) A rather good man coming to bad endEx:- Hamlet, Othello, Faustus etc. </p></li><li><p>HamartiaThe term Hamartia derives from Greek hamartanein, which means to miss the mark or to err. Hamartia is an error or a mistake that a tragic character does which becomes at the end the cause of his own downfall.</p></li><li><p>Tragic hero and his Hamartia</p></li></ul>


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